Stephan Toque Massage Therapy

Stephan Toque
Massage Therapist in London

Hi there... My name is Stephan and I provide clinical hypnotherapy as well as holistic therapeutic massage, Indian head massage and abdominal sacral massage at the Helios Foundation in London.

Labelled as holistic therapeutic massage, my treatment is, in fact, much more than a massage. It is a fusion of different techniques tried and tested over many years of practice. It is very comprehensive and involves breathwork, mindfulness (a focus on the "here and now"), energy healing and a rebalancing of the seven major chakras, known to play a key role in overall health and well-being. This treatment also incorporates movements associated with Indian head massage: the face as well as the top of the head will be touched if it is not considered too invasive or intrusive by the client. The overall experience has been consistently described as being very relaxing, inducing a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Consistently good feedback and reviews have been given about the treatments I provide. Feel free to have a look at the "Reviews" section of my profile on this website.

Introducing mindfulness and energy work within the treatment helps clients to feel a lot more present in their bodies. I truly believe in treating a person as a whole and these unique sessions are tailored to each client's individual needs. By drawing on a combination of different techniques, a deep state of relaxation and connection with the self is reached. Clients feel supported and nurtured from the inside out.

Prior to the first massage, an initial session will be arranged and will enable us to pinpoint what the client's main issues are in terms of physical and mental health - thus underlining the strong link there is between mind and body (the mind-body connection - if you can spare the time, you can read the article I published about this particular topic on this website).

Background & Massage Therapy Qualifications

I am fully qualified and insured to practice in both massage and clinical hypnotherapy.

I qualified in London with an accredited trainer / school and was awarded my diplomas in therapeutic - clinical massage and Indian head massage with credit in 1999 as evidence of competency.

As far as hypnotherapy is concerned, I qualified in Bristol at the Clifton Academy where I was awarded a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2011.

I haven't looked back since, setting up a successful practice in London.

My Specialisms

Helping you to get back in control by dealing holistically (= in a way that treats the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a condition) with:
- Anxiety related issues (there are all sorts of issues related to anxiety).
- Stress management issues / Inability to relax, to let go.
- Energy imbalances affecting the chakra system known to play a key role in overall health and well-being
- Physical tension or/and pain issues.

Approach to Massage Therapy & How I Work

Physically hands on in terms of treatments, I use massage to understand the subtle needs of the human body to bring it back into balance. My treatment is much more than a massage in so far as it is a fusion of different techniques tried and tested over years of practice. By drawing on a combination of different techniques, a deep state of relaxation and connection with the self is reached. Massage provides a great range of physical and mental health benefits. I'd like to point out the mental health benefits of massage as they are often undervalued. Studies have found that regular massage can help reduce stress levels, improve mood, enhance sleep quality, increase relaxation, improve cognitive performance (especially memory), reduce anxiety levels, and even boost the immune system. In other words, massage therapy is not just a treat (still too often seen as an indulgence) but an important part of taking care of yourself mentally and physically.
Regular massage could be one step closer to becoming healthier both inside and out. So..., why not give it a try? After all - who doesn't love getting pampered?

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person £80 per 60 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £60 per 60 minutes
Indian Head Massage In Person £30 per 30 minutes
Abdominal Sacral Massage In Person £60 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Further information on hypnotherapy sessions - How much does it cost? All sessions last 1 hour and the cost of each session is £80. Prior to the first hypnotherapy session, we will meet for an initial consultation (about 25/30 minutes - I offer the initial consultation free of charge either on-line or face-to-face in central London). The initial consultation will give you a much better understanding of how the brain works and how to get back in control. It will also give you a greater awareness of your thought patterns. If you have any questions about hypnotherapy (whatever they might be), I will be more than happy to answer them. Hypnotherapy sessions are booked at your convenience on a > session-by-session basis (usually on a weekly basis).


Jayraj JR Sisodiya on 12/10/2023

"I have been coming to see Stephan TOQUE for massage treatment for several years now he is the best for my mind body and soul he manages to relax me too. In addition to the breathing techniques during the massage which make you feel up lifted , he has magic in his hands and I can't wait for my next massage with you. jr "

Alicia Lischinsky on 12/10/2023

"Stephane is an extremely professional and wonderful therapist. He is very knowledgeable and he creates a very calm and comfortable environment.
He has been treating me over many years and has always managed to ease my pain and leave me a lot more relaxed.

I would strongly recommend Stephan to anyone in need of massage therapy."

Mahmood Malik on 12/10/2023

"I have seen Stephan TOQUE for massage treatments for years and I have found him to be very professional at all times. He is very caring and always manages to make me feel comfortable. His treatments are extremely relaxing and tailored to my needs as he focuses on the areas that show more tension. I very much enjoy the mindfulness and breathwork techniques he incorporates within his treatments. It's just brilliant and I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone. I will definitely go back to see him very soon."

Franz on 12/10/2023

"I very highly recommend Stephan , if you are looking for a deep relaxation massage, with good all over body massage, combined with breezing exercise and mindfulness visualisation , its certainly a very different approach which I gratefully experienced on quite a few massage sessions over a few years,.
He is consistently very good, and he also takes his time to get to know what might affect your well being; he never rushes and has a very calming personality
Can't rate him high enough, I am always very much looking forward to have a good massage treatment with him."

Ashley on 13/10/2023

"Over many years I've had a great deal of bodywork from many practioners. Stephan gives one of the best massages I've ever had. His intuitive approach and integration of simultaneous breathwork, obviously developed over many years of practice, is extremely effective and I do not hesitate in highly recommending him."

Benjamin on 13/10/2023

"Stephan is one of the best massage therapists I've seen in London. He combines various techniques during the massage to relax and fix any tension in the body. He is quite intuitive and seemed to find and release knots I wasn't even aware I had. I highly recommend him - you won't be disappointed. "

Toria Lamb on 17/10/2023

"I have Indian Head massage off Stephan Toque. It's sooo incredibly relaxing. By the end I'm so very chilled out. Worth every penny "

Jay on 28/10/2023

"Stephane is a resourceful masseur with a deep capacity for empathy with his clients, which means his session is tailored made to suit the person's specific challenges and needs at any given moment. I have found his massage both relaxing and entrancing, plunging me into a thoughtful dreamlike state of mind and in total tune with the awareness and joy of experiencing my own body as a thing alive and thriving, ripe with potential for happiness and general wellbeing. Immsersive and enlightening, a highly recommended experience to refresh and enhance your sense of self, both in soul and body, in a seamless continuity."

Joanna Popis on 11/11/2023

"Having had several sessions with Stepnan, I can say without a doubt that Stephan is an absolutely amazing massage therapist.
Stephan employs a variety of means to ensure a relaxing atmosphere, including dim lighting, music and elements of mindfulness. He has excellent interpersonal skills and creates a friendly and compassionate rapport that helps to put me at ease during treatment. My body feels fantastic after each session. "

Julien on 09/01/2024

"Few years ago, after a break-up I was feeling very down, I couldn't deal with my emotions anymore. I've seen few psychologists, but it didn't really help me...
A friend of me told me about hypnotherapy, he gave me the phone number of Stephan, and I've decided to give it a try.
It was probably one of the best decision in my whole life! After the 1st session I was already feeling better, and Stephan told me that I would need something like 8-10 sessions, but after only 5 sessions he told me that I was good! And it was true! I was feeling so much better and I could deal with my emotions and I was so peaceful.
After every sessions, he gave me some exercises, to relax before sleeping etc... It was very different than my previous psychologists, more personal.
I've sent some of my friends to see Stephan for different kind of problems, and they were all satisfied! He can help you for a lot of things (stop smoking, stop addictions, get back on track after trauma, etc...)
He's a magician!
Another good thing is that Stephan speak perfectly French and English. At that time I was leaving in London, but my English was very poor and the fact I could explain everything in my native language made the therapy easier.
I recommend Stephan 100%, I won't hesitate to see him again for any issues.