OldPain2Go was created to utilise the body's own healing power to remove old, unnecessary pain messages.

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Octavian Petrescu

Octavian Petrescu - OldPain2Go Practitioner

I offer energy work for those in need of recovery and certain pathological conditions. Most frequently work with pain, fibrosis, cysts and stones, recovery, fatigue and others. My work involves emotional healing, breathing and becoming self aware. I have of history of working with high risk and quick response professionals... [read more]

Abdominal Sacral Massage
Allergy Therapy
Body Stress Release
Emotional Freedom Technique
Energy Medicine
Life Coaching
Qigong Healing Therapy
Sex Therapy
Tension and Trauma Releasing
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Marie Delph

Marie Delph - OldPain2Go Practitioner


I am an holistic therapist with over ten years experience in helping people to overcome issues that are impacting on their happiness and well-being. I have experience working in an hospital environment, in my clinic which is based in the Norfolk countryside and via Skype or Zoom. I use a multi-faceted... [read more]

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OldPain2Go was created to utilise the body's own healing power to remove old, unnecessary pain messages.

You would go to see a Practitioner if you have Chronic (Old) pain and have been diagnosed for that problem by a medical professional who has advised or prescribed pain medication or pain management. You do NOT have to believe that it will work, you must WANT to be pain-free and not have a better reason to stay in pain than to lose it.

A typical session would be about an hour and start with a fact find about when and how the condition started, followed by examining what solutions may be available. The Practitioner would then show you a way to get signals from your body that help your body review the need for those old pain messages. The body will then implement any changes that it feels are safe. This could be to no longer send out those old messages, in which case you will be totally pain-free. or it could determine that a low-level pain needs to remain as a warning of the existing damage and the pain would reduce to be as low as possible to keep you safe. This is a talking therapy and does not require physical manipulation or a trance state.

As this works on finding and removing the cause of the pain staying when it is no longer helpful, it typically only requires one session.

This is an unregulated industry and professional associations are not relevant for such a unique and recently developed therapy. NLP and Hypnotherapy are the closest therapies to what OldPain2Go does. Most therapy insurance companies are aware of OldPain2Go and provide coverage for Practitioners.

It is sensible to discuss your issue with a qualified Practitioner before booking a session as that can determine the amount of time needed and the cost involved. OldPain2Go Practitioners are independent traders trained in OldPain2Go it is for you to chose one that you feel comfortable to go to. Practitioners are often trained in other modalities, many are NLP Master Practitioners or Hypnotherapists and others include Doctors, Psychologists and Physiotherapists. You may wish to ask how much experience they have with your type of pain issue.