Shamanism is the oldest Spiritual practise known to man. There is evidence to show that it is about 100.000 years old. All our ancestors would have practised it before various religions came along. It is resurging at this time as it seems Shamanic principles are so sorely needed in modern life.

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For example: honouring the earth, the air, the water systems on this planet - living in cooperation with the environment, in harmony and respect. We have come far away from this basic intelligence, as illustrated by climate change and ocean pollution.

Shamanism has been practised around the globe and has therefore evolved into many different forms according to the culture of the nation or continent. There are branches such as: Celtic, Siberian, Saami, South American, Inuit and African Shamanism to name but a few. Certain Shamanic Cultures use substances as part of ceremony or for the journeying process. The practise of Core Shamanism or Universal Shamanism uses no substances and incorporates Shamanic techniques common to all the differing cultures.

Shamanism is medicine for the soul. People often turn to this healing practise when medication is not helping them or only covering a small part of the overall disease. During a Shamanic healing session, the practitioner is likely to first chat and connect with the client, then journey to their own healing guides to ask what treatment is needed.

A common ailment treated in a session would be Soul Loss. The premise to this is that when we have a trauma in our lives, a little part of our soul essence departs. This is a coping mechanism....if less of you is present, the pain in that moment is diluted. This happens to all of us. But over time, this can lead to soul loss, a gaping sense of emptiness and loneliness within. From this comes the tendency towards depression - or addictions, to help fill that gap. The practitioner will bring back the soul parts ready and willing to return. This process is called Soul Retrieval. As more of the essential soul energy is returned, the client feels more present, energised and empowered. This energy gives strength and momentum to the healing process for body, mind and soul.

Other likely Shamanic treatments are Extraction, Curse Unravelling and De-possession.

Extraction is when something is sticking to you which is unhelpful. For example, stress maybe dragging your energy down. This will present itself to the practitioner and then be removed with a set of Shamanic techniques.

Curse Unravelling is the technique used if you have put a self-curse on yourself or another has thrown some ill wishes on to you. For example, if you are unable to forgive yourself for some action in the past, you may have created a self-curse. In difficult relationships or family set ups, when intense situations arise, a very heavy energy can be thrown onto another. These Curses can be removed using a set of healing steps. This is a very liberating process for the client.

De-possession is when a lost spirit is stuck and has latched onto an individual. This is a draining and sometimes alarming experience for the client. The spirit can be compassionately and safely moved on into the light and the client will immediately feel lighter and freer.

Buildings and land need healing sometimes. Lost souls or dark energies can lurk in certain places and create a sense of misery or heaviness. The Shamanic Practitioner can move these lost souls on towards the light and then pour healing energies into the building and land. This can be a great relief if it is the family home! A successful House Cleansing session can make someone change their mind about selling their home as they may feel suddenly far more nourished and comfortable there.

A Shamanic healing session typically lasts two to three hours and one to two sessions should show improvement in the client's condition. Tasks are often given to the client after the session to help them integrate the healing. The more that someone is prepared to commit to this process, to take responsibility ultimately for their own healing and engage fully with the advice given during the session, the more benefit they can expect to reap.

It is recommended to choose a Practitioner from an allied body of teachers.

Choosing a Practitioner from a website such as these should be a reliable method of selection. Some of these Teaching organisations don't give their graduates a Certificate - but they don't list anyone on their website who has not trained with them. The Practitioners are also required to present some clear and detailed Case Studies of clients they have worked with. So Practitioners are monitored before being listed. They also have a peers support forum in case someone feels to refer a client onto a specialist in a certain subject - or if advice is needed on an unusual situation.

Dean Addams
Dean Addams Therapist

Dean Addams, Shaman London

My name is Dean Addams and I am a MBACP accredited Gestalt Practitioner. I have been counselling for nearly two decades. I am in private practice seeing individuals and couples for Counselling and longer term therapy. I work short term or long term work, as required. I do offer concessions for... [read more]

Relationship Therapy

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Sudhi Salooja
Sudhi Salooja Therapist Verified Therapist

Sudhi Salooja, Shaman Lyme Regis

Sudhi is a Shamanic Practitioner, Colour Ray Master and a musician trained at The Royal College of Music. As a founding member of the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School, she has led meditation & healing groups since 1987. She offers Shamanic healing sessions, Land & House healing, Flower essences and loves... [read more]


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Eileen Mullard
Eileen Mullard Therapist

Eileen Mullard, Shaman Ilkley

My background is in cancer nursing. I learned much from my patients about life and how short it is. I realise we all have innate healing. I believe there is no magic bullet for anything! I use many things from my healing tool box. I weave in what is needed or... [read more]


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Mirela Vukman Neylan
Mirela Vukman Neylan Therapist

Mirela Vukman Neylan, Shaman London

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer and Gong Master

Energy Medicine

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michelle thompson
michelle thompson Therapist

Michelle Thompson, Shaman Swindon

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - Buddha

listening your own reason and common sense isn't enough, you need to listen to your inner wisdom aswell, to... [read more]

Crystal Therapy
Indian Head Massage
Thai Massage

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Carol Fieldhouse
Carol Fieldhouse Therapist Verified Therapist

Carol Fieldhouse, Shaman Banbury

Are you holding everyone and everything else in your life together yet feeling as though you are dying inside?

Have you lost the dreams and passions you once had?

Has the reality of life hit you hard and knocked you off balance?

Are you lacking in energy, stressed, worrying and losing control?
It is time... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy

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Maggie Sarfo
Maggie Sarfo Therapist

Maggie Sarfo, Shaman London

I am Maggie Sarfo - a certified Akashic Records consultant. I'm also a passionate author, advisor and mentor for ambitious people looking to access their highest potential.

For over 15 years, I've come across people who are faced with blocks that prevent them from living their lives to their fullest potential.

I... [read more]

Life Coaching
Tension and Trauma Releasing

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