audrey sandbank

Audrey Sandbank

Twin Therapist in Leatherhead

I am a UKCP registered Family Psychotherapist. I have worked for many years in the public and private sector helping children with emotional and behavioural problems. I was one of the original team that set up The Young Minds Parents' Helpline and for many years was one of a panel of professionals who offer a a ringback service to give more in-depth advice and counselling. I am also an Honorary Consultant to the Twins and Multiple Births Association and Author of TWINS AND THE FAMILY, for parents - available on my website and TWIN AND TRIPLET PSYCHOLOGY available from Routledge - for professionals. In addition to my general practice, I specialise in TWIN related cases as well as offering appointments to ADULT TWINS struggling with their relationship.
I have recently developed an APP in the form of a game, available on apple and android, tablets only, for parents to use with children with anxieties and phobias called ANXIETY ISLAND. More information on my website

Background & Qualifications

Family ~psychotherapist. Member of the Association for Family Therapy, Registered psychotherapist with United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy, Post graduate Diploma in Social Work London University. Founder Member of Young Minds. Have practiced Family Psychotherapy for over 30 years. Specialist in parenting twins and adult twin relationships.

My Specialisms

Parenting problems - children 3 - 11. TWIN related problems including ADULT TWIN RELATIONSHIPS.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I have a practical family- orientated approach. Therapy usually lasts for approximately six sessions. With top-up appointments when required. I believe in responding to what the client wants and adapt my treatment accordingly.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Twin Therapy Online/Telephone £35 per 30 minutes

Additional Rate Information


Michael and Paul on 25/08/2020

"We are a set of 32 year old identical twin males. The joint youngest of 6 kids, we endured trauma from an alcoholic parent at a young age. Despite being as close as we thought we were, our 20s brought in a slew of mental health issues with each other that went unchecked for years. In a make or break moment, we decided we should seek twin therapy.

And we are so glad we did. Audrey is an expert on all things twin and helped us learn more about being twins ourselves. Every identical twin should seek counselling with each other - and there's no one safer to do this with than Audrey. She helped us find peace and learning in a way we cannot describe. To have even considered this positive outcome when we were in our darkest places felt impossible, but it's not. It was all possible.

Please, if you're reading this and are a twin, do not hesitate to contact Audrey. But be prepared to put the work in and know that it's worth it in the end - because you get to function harmoniously with your twin.

We've finished our main bout of sessions with Audrey - but will definitely be topping up in the future if things start to feel tough again.

Michael and Paul
August 2020

Eliza on 11/03/2021

"I found Audrey invaluable in my self development journey. The progress we have made in just a few months has been life changing.

Audrey offers practical and non intimidating therapy sessions. She is patient and understanding.

If you are struggling with anxiety or family issues, specifically twin related I would highly recommend you reach out to Audrey. "

Twin Sisters from London on 08/04/2022

"My twin sister and I were having relationship issues after she returned to the UK having lived in the states. We'd been in separate counties for five years and were struggling to adjust to this new dynamic. We were repeating old patterns of behaviour and having frequent and intense fights that were fuelled by lifelong resentments. When we were younger our sister and close friends acted as mediators however, we were 30 and felt it was time to change so sought help from Audrey.

I would encourage all twins that are having a trickly time to meet with Audrey as the intensity of emotions that can propel twins apart is extremely painful. With her support and expertise we have been able to express our points of view, understand one another and move on from the past. Although we still get into disagreements as all twins do, our relationship is now functional and loving. Most importantly Audrey has given us an understanding of the special bond we have together as twins that is so important in both of our lives. "