Neo  Pachisia  Astrological Counselling

Neo  Pachisia
Astrological Counsellor in London

I have been studying and practising healing modalities since 1995—including Astrology, Tarot, EFT, Shamanic Healing, Reiki so forth.
After 100s of sessions with clients I have come to one major insight about ailments of any kind—whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual—they are all interlinked. Therefore no one treatment method is usually enough—which is why you find most healers practice with multiple healing tools—crystals, EFT, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Sound healing, Shamanic Healing..
There is no human who has not suffered through some difficult life situation—minor or major. We go through heartbreak, abuse, physical ailments, trauma that can take years to heal.
My goal at any session is to help you peel away layers of beliefs and symptoms and get to the source/s of your issue.
If the issue is acute, short term—the resolution happens within one or two sessions.
But if the issue is chronic, long-standing one, like repeated difficult relationships, financial issues, a constant sense of unworthiness, anxiety, shame, inflexible guilt—it could take several sessions.
With EFT and other healing modalities I can help you clear the Energetic, Emotional and Psychological blockages, declutter your energy body so you feel lighter, more focussed, have more clarity, more positive.
One of the best aspects of EFT is you can do this yourself, anywhere, anytime. It takes one session to learn it—of course as everything, takes months of regular practice to become good at it, asking the right questions, learning how to reframe.
I customise each session according to the clients' needs. 
In a session, I may also include Reiki. If you are in a dilemma, or have a question, or want to understand what's coming up ahead in your future I may suggest Tarot or an Astrology reading.
We can do soul retrieval or power retrieval or cord cutting via shamanic healing journey work—which is an extremely powerful way of healing your old, even past life wounds.
Whatever is troubling you, with my 25+ years of experience, I am certain I can help. Email me with a short brief about your situation and we can take it from there.
God Bless,
"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."―Rumi

(This is a brief story of some haunting and profound EFT sessions I had with a client in India in 2007-2008.
My husband and I had transferred to New Delhi for a couple of years, from London where I continued my practice. One client I was introduced to, was a young lad of 22, Australian, who was in this hospital for stem cell treatments.
About 18 months before, the young man, we'll call Andy, had gone swimming somewhere, dived into the water from a great height.. a friend called out to him, so Andy turned his head and heard a crack in his neck—and then lost all control over the body. His friends pulled him out. His C4 Vertebra had broken and he was declared a quadriplegic—and now had NO movement or sensation below his shoulders. So now he was in India having stem cell therapy.
At the first session in his hospital room—as we started chatting and I began explaining what I would do—tapping on his face, crown, underarms etc, his upper body started sliding waist down to one side on his wheelchair—I got a bit alarmed as I didn't know what to do—and to the unbelievable empathy of this man—he said, " don't be afraid, just lift me back up, it's Ok—I did and we continued.
I started tapping on him, along with some standard statements and after about 15 mins inexplicably I said, if you feel any sensation at all, let me know. I really wasn't expecting him to feel anything so not sure why I said that.
He said, "strange you should say that..a few minutes after you started tapping, I started feeling this strong heat in my underarms and sensation of ants crawling on my scalp."
Needless to say I was stunned and that day I went home and sobbed for a long time.
He later reported that the ant crawling sensation had continued all night long.
We had only a couple of sessions after which we both had to leave. Those days we didn't have online sessions—even then I wonder how it would have worked as he couldn't tap on him himself. Although I know you can just imagine the points and repeat the protocol and it still works!
I had been practising EFT since 2005 so had No doubts about it's effectiveness but this incidence filled me with an everlasting conviction about the extraordinary potential of all energy therapies).

Background & Astrological Counselling Qualifications

-Diplomas Astrology from Liz Greene's Centre of Psychological Astrology and From Faculty of Astrological Studies, UK;
-Certified EFT practitioner
-Certified Shamanic Healer
-Certified Reiki Practitioner

My Specialisms

I like EFT to bring rapid relief in any situation;
Astrology to understand the psychological imprints and future trends;
Tarot and Oracle cards for general guidance on specific or overall issues
Shamanic Healing is excellent for a deep, soul level clearing and retrieving of your power.

Approach to Astrological Counselling & How I Work

I customize sessions according to the client's needs and situation.
My in-depth training in psychology and psychotherapy helps me to get to the root issues of your problems, trauma, illnesses and other symptoms.
I also employ shamanic healing, soul retrieval, cord cutting, journey work to help heal clients on a spiritual level.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Emotional Freedom Technique Online/Telephone £55 per 60 minutes
Shamanism Online/Telephone £55 per 60 minutes
Astrological Counselling Online/Telephone £90 per 75 minutes

Additional Rate Information

I can combine therapies for a full 75 minutes session--please email me with a brief paragraph about your issues and we can take it from there.