Bahar Nagi Biofeedback

Bahar Nagi
Biofeedback Practitioner in London

I enjoy facilitating others on their journey to self healing and self reconnection. Often issues manifest when we are ignoring aspects that need to be seen and in observing these, healthier changes can be made and issues often clear up. Sometimes, lifestyle changes need to be made and our bodies are nudging us in this direction, but we may not see this or we may choose to ignore it. Holistic healing is about looking at all aspects of the story and seeing the links and connections between them and this is what i find has the most profound changes as opposed to masking symptoms. One needs to be willing for this to happen, and the practitioner is simply the facilitator of this transformation. I love to see this happen for people and to empower them! I enjoy meditating and practice a Vedic system of Advaita Vedanta daily to keep myself centred and enhance my life.

Background & Biofeedback Qualifications

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner certified by International BodyTalk Association Florida. PaRama Advanced level BodyTalk .
Quantum Healing Facilitator qualified in Star Magic Level 1 and Quantum Healing and Inner Child Healing with Lynn Morris .
Sekhem Energy Healing up to level 3 in Helen Belot's method of Sekhem
Veltheim Lymphatic Drainage certified by International BodyTalk Association
Certified BodyTalk practitioner/PaRama level (most advanced) by International BodyTalk Association
Richdale Massage Training UK

Certified BodyTalk Access Technician
(Individual additional BodyTalk modules studied to the ones above )
BodyTalk Soul's Journey and the 3 brains
BodyTalk Stress and Relaxation hormones and neurotransmitters
BodyTalk Weight and Metabolism
BodyTalk Addressing Elderly issues
BodyTalk Addressing puberty issues
BodyTalk post op rehabilitation
BodyTalk family issues
BodyTalk eyes ,ears and skin issues
BodyTalk headaches and migraines
BodyTalk chronic fatigue , brain fog and obsessive thinking
BodyTalk fasting
Bodytalk Endocrines issues
BodyTalk lymph issues
BodyTalk Bones and Joints issues
BodyTalk chronic pain
BodyTalk scalp conditions
BodyTalk Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture
BodyTalk BodyEcology
BodyTalk Stress Disorders
BodyTalk male and female infertility
BodyTalk Arthritis
BodyTalk addressing heart disease
BodyTalk Eastern Medicine

Magdalene Priestess Training for 4 years with Stellar Fairbain

ShivYog Shambhavi healing/Advait Sri Vidya and Art of Self Realisation

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My Specialisms

I work on different levels , including Quantum healing modalities which look at where the issue could be coming from and getting to the root of it. Including the inner child work as most people have some inner child wounding that is affecting how they currently operate, and limiting their progress. Increasing flow if energy by addressing the lymphatic system and self esteem so that this system can flow better and clear our all types of toxins better is also very important.

These therapies and modalities work with all conditions and all types of issues from emotional to physical as there is always a component of both in every dis-ease or healing process, however i enjoy working with then brain and mind and addressing anxiety/stress/self worth issues.

The BodyTalk system works with the 3 brains syncing so we are often linking the head brain to the 'heart and gut brains' as research shows that the 'gut brain' is as important as the other brains and often conditions in this area create problems in others. By getting the 3 brains communicating better and their roles better established, conditions can often improve.

Areas of focus include: anxiety, anti-ageing, children's health, depression, detoxification, digestive health, energy clearing, fatigue, fertility, headaches, intolerances, lymphatic drainage, menstrual health, pregnancy, skin, sleep, stress, women's health, men's health and much more.

It is all about finding the lines of communication that are compromised and balancing and re establishing them -stress is what causes the compromise and accounts for 90% of dis-ease.

Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent way to clear toxins, improve immunity, lose weight and swelling and assist in pain relief as a sluggish lymphatic system is like washing in a dirty bathtub . Lymph is related to self esteem as well and addressing childhood trauma/inner child trauma and past issues at the same time brings more lasting benefits and improvements in the lymphatic system. Also toxins need to come out and be drained away before nutrients and more positive energies can come into the cells. Therefore it works together. I have found in my own self too that addressing all these issues alongside the right lifestyle changes has resulted in better lymphatic health.

Approach to Biofeedback & How I Work

BodyTalk therapy - facilitating people to find balance and healing using various techniques based on ancient methods of Vedic healing/ Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture points, emotional release, musculoskeletal balancing and breathing techniques, as well as many others. This therapy is safe, non invasive and works alongside other traditional or allopathic treatments, always working with the priority of the body which is found with muscle testing. Treatments are currently done through zoom or remotely with results as good as in person.

Lymphatic Drainage sessions help drain away old stuck energies which are affected by medications, thought forms, lack of self esteem and then focused on bringing the inner child into balance and facilitating fresh, clearer energies (and lymph) to the cells and improving energy levels, overall well being, mood, and reducing stressors affecting the body and mind.

Quantum Healing are an evolved intuitive process developed from a combination of Star Magic modality/Quantum Healing/BodyTalk advanced paramo formulas to break stubborn stuck patterns that affect stress levels, pain levels, overall health, inner child wellbeing, the wellbeing of the soul who may have suffered different negative experiences which affect the person currently, addressing blockages and always for the highest good of the individual. Everything from emotional, psychological issues to physical are addressed in this session with an intention set according to the needs of the client.

Children and teenage sessions available individually or in a group setting . Contact for more information. These sessions address the well being of the child, their energy levels or prana (life force), their confidence, their ability to manifest what they want, goal setting and awakening inner creativity . Everything starts with the breath and life force.

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Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Person Please Call
Energy Medicine In Person Please Call We have verified this therapists Energy Medicine credentials!
Crystal Therapy In Person Please Call
Biofeedback In Person Please Call
Meditation In Person Please Call
Healing In Person Please Call
BodyTalk In Person Please Call


Andrea on 15/11/2018

"Bahar's session was deeply transformative and very accessible to follow through therapeutically. It seemed very subtle, but went down to the core of several issues on a physical, emotional and even spiritual levels. Every time I've listened to the recording I have had deep reactions, from crying to falling into a deep sleep, and I could feel my body functioning somehow differently. I realised that in order to find healing I had to commit to it, and the tapping and sleeping early to repair bodily functions that required some rest have soothed my digestive system. The most surprising, profound and yet simple lifestyle choice she made me aware of was of how to hydrate. I realised that all my life I have not done it adequately. By simply making me aware of it and giving me space to change my water drinking habits in a way that is nurturing and fulfilling to my body and cells, she affected the way I actually take care of and ultimately love myself."