Bioresonance Therapy

Bio-Resonance uses a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment called a Bio-resonance System to provide a special type of energy medicine. Its purpose is to re-balance you holistically, using energetic resonances to help dissolve underlying energetic imbalances that can result in poor health at many levels.

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Alptekin Aydin

Alptekin Aydin - Bioresonance Therapist

I am a Specialist psychologist & Certified TMS Practitioner who is interested in Neuromodulation Interventions. My academic and professional qualification include both undergraduate and postgraduate in psychology. (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) King's College London.) I also undertake medico-legal work, I also hold The Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS)... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
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Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies - Bioresonance Therapist

At Bio Health Scan we help people recover from their sports injuries quicker than conventional methods in a safe and pain free way.
You can probably imagine how complicated that can be.
We look at the processes keeping you healthy and we also need to figure out what is keeping your body... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Amanda Gwynne

Amanda Gwynne - Bioresonance Therapist

A long career in nursing and midwifery both in this country and abroad led to an interest in health and well-being both for myself and others. Working and living in the Far East and New Zealand was fascinated by a natural healing approach to health and preventing dis-ease.

Following my... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Jadwiga James

Jadwiga James - Bioresonance Therapist

Hi, I'm Jadwiga James and I'm a Licensed Homeopath, Natural Balancing Therapist, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner and an Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner.
I'm a registered member of The Complementary Medical Association.
My my main areas of interest include allergies, digestive health and hormonal imbalances.
I offer FREE 15 minute introductory phone/skype call with all of my... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Areti Grigoriou

Areti Grigoriou - Bioresonance Therapist

Areti Grigoriou MSc, N.Sc, R.PD(Hom), RNP is paracticing applied Neuroscience and Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Clinical Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Muscle re-education and training with EMS Miha Bodytec in Cambridge.

"I started my career as Agronomist working in the field when I had my first experience with "dis-ease."

I tried Conventional Medicine and was met... [read more]

Allergy Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy
Colour Therapy
Energy Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Therapy
Sports Therapy
Tension and Trauma Releasing
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Carol Fieldhouse

Carol Fieldhouse - Bioresonance Therapist

An advanced e-Lybra9 bio-resonance practitioner, registered homeopath and Shamanic healer with a science and technology corporate business background.

Providing remote services for busy people is a passion of mine. I have many happy clients worldwide who regularly receive bio resonance sessions and love how it fits in with their lives. We work... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Joan Broderick

Joan Broderick - Bioresonance Therapist

Hi I am Joan,
Over the last 30 years I have worked in mental health, counselling, psychotherapy, energy medicine, holistic health and wellbeing. I am qualified in many modalities and therapies, including counselling, cognitive behaviour psychotherapist, holistic therapy, nutrition, massage, Reiki and Bioenergetic health coaching. I am also a Bach/Australian flower... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Energy Medicine
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Jan Gutten

Jan Gutten - Bioresonance Therapist

I become a Bioresonance therapist due to my own health issues. But it was a long way since my lower back get blocked and my life was suddenly upside down.
I couldn't come to terms with the idea that a 30-year-old young, athletic man should undergo spine surgery. Why there wasn't another... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Kara Mia Vernon

Kara Mia Vernon - Bioresonance Therapist

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Homeopath - Natural Solutions to your health challenges.

I treat clients from all aspects of health - physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

Symptoms and illness can be multifaceted and not just as a result of the food we put in our mouths. I use Bio-Resonance testing... [read more]

Allergy Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy
Colon Hydrotherapy
Nutritional Therapy
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Lucy Teixeira

Lucy Teixeira - Bioresonance Therapist

I have been in practice for 13 years, I am a Homeopath RSHom using Asyra Bioresonance Health Screening. My experience offers my patients a route to self regulation and vitality. I specialise in female hormonal balance and menopause relief alongside Long Covid symptoms, depression, anxiety, digestion, sleep, skin and... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
Herbal Medicine
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Verified Therapist


Samantha Doyle

Samantha Doyle - Bioresonance Therapist

I have three children and first became interested in Homeopathy whilst pregnant with my first child.

I was looking for an alternative to conventional medicine and wanted to ensure that any medication I might need to take would be safe for both myself and my baby.

After my son had a... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
Crystal Therapy
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Sarah Barnes-Turner

Sarah Barnes-Turner - Bioresonance Therapist

I grew up in the heart of West Dorset from a farming background. After many years of working as an actress and model I was diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil
and used Reiki to heal myself. It was then that I decided to look further into healing the body, mind... [read more]

Bioresonance Therapy
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Coral Byford

Coral Byford - Bioresonance Therapist

I am a qualified homeopath and have a big interest in female promblems and digestive issues.
I started my journed with homeopathy when my son was small and had digestive problems that the doctors could not sort out long term. I saw a homeopath and he has not looked back. He is... [read more]

Allergy Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy
Nutritional Therapy
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Bio-Resonance uses a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment called a Bio-resonance System to provide a special type of energy medicine. Its purpose is to re-balance you holistically, using energetic resonances to help dissolve underlying energetic imbalances that can result in poor health at many levels.

It is a generally accepted theory in Quantum Physics, that everything in the universe is in vibration and has a frequency. Bio-resonance equipment first appeared during the 1970's and there are many different makes, each with its own particular development path.

The purpose of bio-resonance is to find imbalances and then re-balance them. The equipment identifies the various frequencies that are affected then triggers restoration of healthy oscillation for the recipient. The skill of the practitioner is in knowing all the subtleties of the equipment to tune each session and get the best results for the recipient.

Why people come to see Bio-resonance practitioners?

Typical reasons people book an appointment:

  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Anxieties
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Body Systems - liver, digestive, reproductive, lungs, hormones etc
  • Brain fog of various types
  • Detoxification
  • Digestion
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Immune system support
  • Joints-inflammation
  • Menopause
  • Muscles-inflammation and sprains
  • Menstruation-painful and PMT
  • Skin complaints
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sports injury
  • Stress
  • Surgery-support before/after
  • Tiredness / fatigue
  • Wellbeing maintenance

What one should look for when choosing a Bio-resonance practitioner

Look for a practitioner who has experience in your particular requirement. Many combine bio-resonance with other therapeutic skills that might be of interest to you as well. Speak to him/her to get a feel for whether you can work together successfully.

Checking the practitioner's qualifications

The various bio-resonance system manufacturers usually run training courses and certify practitioners in-house. In this case, there will be a list of certified practitioners published on their website. It is also possible to check that all the therapies you are interested in are included on his/her practitioner's insurance certificate by asking for a copy of it.

How long a typical session lasts and what one can expect during a session.

Your practitioner will discuss the reason for your visit with you and will set up the equipment appropriately to support you.

Resonances from the session may be provided in some form for you to take away (drops/spray/pills/creams or a device that you can wear). This will continue the effect of the session on afterwards.

Reports are produced by some equipment (not as a medical diagnosis though).

The practitioner will guide you and identify any required next steps.

Clinic visits - You will be fully clothed, seated or lying down, connected to the bio-resonance equipment in some way (for example via wrist and/or ankle bands or holding onto probes). A clinic session typically takes from half an hour to two hours.

Remote sessions - Some of the more advanced systems are able to perform remote sessions. In this case, the bio-resonance equipment will use a bio-sample of some sort from you (e.g. hair sample) and you will speak to the practitioner on the phone/Skype beforehand. Remote sessions are excellent if you don't have the time, or live too far away from the practitioner, to visit. It also allows longer sessions to be run on your behalf than would be possible in clinic.

How many sessions are typically needed?

This does vary according to your requirements. Regular sessions are preferable for issues that have been around for a long time whereas occasional on-off sessions are adequate for a quick boost or minor issues.

What does bio-resonance therapy work on?

The more advanced bio-resonance systems are extremely expensive pieces of equipment that use several hundred thousand resonances to delve into a very broad range of possible imbalances:

  • Psychological imbalances - optimisation of mental processing, improvement of emotional management and redefinition of beliefs and past event(s).
  • Postural imbalances - increasing psycho-somatic (i.e. mind-body) awareness, tissue control and improving co-ordination and balance.
  • Structural imbalances - regulation of musculoskeletal and connective tissues, neural entrapments, fluids stasis and visceral misalignment.
  • Physiological imbalances - metabolic balancing, detoxification, regulation of microbiome (i.e. not just the individual organism's cells but all the others required for health e.g. gut microbes) and microcirculatory parameters.
  • Nutritional imbalances - regulation of nutritional deficiencies, intolerances, allergies, toxicities and dietary recommendations.
  • Bio-energetic imbalances - realignment of quantum bio-field and unblocking energetic points (e.g. acupuncture points and energy meridians) and associated feelings.
  • Environmental Health imbalances- prevention and protection from environmental health disruptors.
  • Spiritual Health imbalances- consciousness growth and enlarging perspective of life by changing perception.