Carole Crowe Bowen Technique

Carole Crowe
Bowen Technique Practitioner in Pershore

I am qualified with the European College of Bowen Studies and work from The Bowen Clinic on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border. We offer treatment for many conditions including back/neck pain, hip/knee/joint pain, migraine, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow, asthma, eczema, fibromyalgia, menopause/hot flushes, IBS and much more.
Like many people, I came to Bowen through an injury myself. I had recurring neck problems over a 20 year period as a result of a car accident and whiplash, I later suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back which left me unable to work or drive safely and virtually house-bound for many months. Having tried everything including Spinal nerve root blocks, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy etc. I was staggered that the gentle Bowen Technique gave me some relief from the pain almost immediately and has since gone on to give me full mobility and effective pain management with regular top up treatments.
Understandably, I am passionate about the power of Bowen, I have treated many people with similar problems and still continue to be amazed at the results Bowen achieves for a wide variety of conditions. You are welcome to telephone me to discuss your issues to see if Bowen therapy may be able to help.

Background & Bowen Technique Qualifications

Training with the European College of Bowen Studies since 2008 - Cert ECBS (now CBS)
Bowen Spinal workshop - ECBS
Bowen Sports 1 - ECBS
Bowen for Mother & Baby - ECBS
Flags in Healthcare
Bowen Assessment Workshop - ECBS
Fascia Bowen (myofascial release) - College of Bowen Studies
The Art of Bowen - Alastair McLoughlin
The Importance of Symmetry - Graham Pennington
BTPA Professional Development Day 2017
The Pelvis and Lumbar Spine - College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy - John Garfield
Upper Torso and Neck - College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy - John Garfield
BTPA Professional Development day 2018
The Importance of Symmetry - Matt East
Control of Cross Infection in a Post Covid19 World - Thinktree Education
Risk Assessment - Returning to work in a Covid 19 Environment - Thinktree Education
Current Study
The Shoulder Complex - John Gibbons
Kinesiology Taping - John Gibbons
Muscle Energy Techniques - John Gibbons

My Specialisms

Bowen is a gentle hands-on therapy and is therefore considered suitable for all ages including babies and children and it can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine.

Conditions regularly treated include back/hip/knee pain, migraine, sports related injuries, tennis or golfers elbow, shin splints, hamstring problems, pelvic misalignment, asthma, arthritic pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, polymyalgia, fybromyalgia and more.
We have also had very positive responses in children with conditions such as eczema, migraines, Osgood Schlatters and baby colic.

Approach to Bowen Technique & How I Work

I am passionate about developing my knowledge and skills, I therefore attend Professional Development courses on a regular basis.

The aim of The Bowen Clinic is to help restore and promote your good health and well-being with the highest standard of Bowen Therapy treatment, in a caring and professional environment. The aim is to help you get better and stay better with an individually tailored treatment plan and by addressing the underlying cause of your complaint if possible.

Treatment is aimed at the whole person, rather than specific symptoms in isolation, so all treatment plans are individual. This approach helps resolve your problem, address the underlying cause if possible and enhance your feeling of well-being.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Bowen Technique In Person £45 per 45 minutes We have verified this therapists Bowen Technique credentials!

Additional Rate Information

Rates start from £45 and depend on clinic location, please contact us to obtain a quotation. We recommend planning for 2-3 treatments initially, depending on the condition. Chronic conditions may need top-up treatments every 6 weeks or so after the initial treatment plan, this will be discussed and reviewed during consultation Special rates available for children, please enquire