Jan  Cafearo

Jan  Cafearo

Bowen Technique Practitioner in Shrewsbury

Bowen is a gentle but remarkably effective holistic therapy. Results are typically achieved in a few treatments.

I am a former NHS physiotherapist, now practicing the Bowen Technique. I love my work, and get great satisfaction seeing people recover from pain and illness, to get the most out of life again.

If you have a health problem, please read my website ( and decide if Bowen could help you. If you need any more information, I am happy to discus your situation on the phone, or you are welcome to a free initial 15 minute consultation.

I hold weekday clinics in, and near Shrewsbury.

Background & Qualifications

MCSP (Chartered Physiotherapist), Cert ECBS, MBTPA, CNHC, NHSTA

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1981, and worked in the NHS. I got my greatest satisfaction working in the Out Patient department, treating mostly muscular and joint conditions.

After a break to raise my children, I was looking for a more holistic therapy to practice, and I found it in the Bowen Technique. I was at first amazed, and then delighted with the sheer effectiveness of the treatments.

I qualified as a Bowen therapist with the European College of Bowen Studies in 2006 and enjoy developing my skills with regular advanced courses. I am a member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA), and am registered with CNHC - a government supported Accredited Register of complimentary therapists. I adhere to their standards of training and conduct.

I love my work, and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing people get back to wellness, and achieve their potential. That could be helping a sports person get over an injury and back to their training, a child gain control of their asthma, an elderly person gain more mobility and independence, or a working person on sick-leave get back to their job. I feel privileged to be doing something which can make such a big difference to people’s lives.

I look forward to the day when Bowen is more widely prescribed as a first-line treatment in the NHS, because of it’s effectiveness and lack of side effects. I feel everyone deserves to benefit from this very natural treatment.

My Specialisms

I am still amazed at how far reaching the effects of Bowen therapy can be. I enjoy seeing people with a wide range of conditions arrive at my clinic, and benefit from Bowen. Variety keeps my work interesting.

I commonly treat people who come with the following problems;

back pain including sciatica
joint problems including knee and ankle
shoulder problems
neck problems and whiplash
respiratory problems including asthma and hayfever
sports injuries chronic and acute
skin problems
digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome
migraines and headaches
reduced sports performance
infant colic
hormonal and fertility problems
sleep problems
jaw problems
pain in pregnancy & after the birth
tennis elbow/golfers elbow/R.S.I and carpal tunnel
low energy and fatigue
fluid retention and lymphoedema
stress related illness and stress management

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

My work is purely Bowen - I do not feel the need to add any other therapy, as I find Bowen so effective. However my approach is informed by my history as an NHS physio.

My clinic is in very peaceful surroundings, where patients can drop their day-to-day cares, and focus on their recovery and well-being.

Bowen is holistic - that is to say, we are looking to effect root causes of symptoms. If you can imagine stepping down on the edge of a tent - you would see creases and lines of tension radiating away from your foot. It is the same in your body - due to injury, posture, work positions, or stress, we can develop these lines of tension in our tissues, and where they end, the blood cannot enter freely so we get dysfunction and pain. My job is to seek out these lines of tension, and encourage the body to release them, so allowing the tissues to do their job again, and balance to be restored.

At the first session I take a detailed history, asking about all aspects of your health and lifestyle, as well as details of your current and any past problems, followed by the first treatment. At follow-up sessions the treatment is based upon detailed feedback of how your body has responded to the Bowen, and what I feel with my hands. Due to my background as a physio, I often give exercises, or lifestyle changes, to reinforce and extend the improvements made by the Bowen.

Bowen does not go on and on - normally a few sessions are enough to bring about lasting results. After 3 sessions I always reassess, and agree a plan with the patient. They are either fully better, in which case I do not see them again for years until they have a new problem. Or they are improving - in which case we will discus the way forward (eg a break of a few weeks while they do some exercises, and then another session). Or. rarely, they have no change, in which case I would know their body well enough to recommend the next step (eg a visit to their GP, or a different therapy). Some patients choose to return for infrequent but regular Bowen sessions to keep them in good condition - this may be to help their body deal with a disability, demanding job or sport, and prevent injuries.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Bowen Technique In Person £40 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

I offer special rates for babies and children - please contact me to discus.


Claire Eastgate on 28/04/2015

"If there Is one thing in my life that has become indispensable it is my regular visits to Jan for Bowen. In the past I have suffered with extremely bad back ache, bedridden at times. The numerous attempts using chiropractors and other such quick fixes and treatments, were for me unhelpful and never reached the root of the problem. Bowen sees and treats the whole person and it does get to the root of the problem. Over time Jan has rebalanced me. My body feels centred which has made me feel much stronger and better. I marvel at what she has done and even though I feel great now, I know life's demands will always require maintaining my health and for this I will always keep up my programme of Bowen therapy with Jan. If there were more than five stars they would all be lit up. Jan's ability to help and to heal comes with the highest recommendation. "

Carmen Lyndley on 29/04/2015

"I would happily recommend anyone use Jan's Bowen expertise.
She is simply the most professional and effective therapist I have ever visited. Her depth of knowledge together with an intuition that you cannot 'learn' is rare.
Having tried many different therapies over many years, only Jan's Bowen has tamed the severe, debilitating, migraines I had suffered from.


Tim Dean on 29/04/2015

"I have seen Jan numerous times over a number of years for various aches and pains. Being heavily involved in sports such as cricket and hockey means it is hard to remain injury free at times.

Jan is always very thorough when trying to establish what is causing my problems and always explains how to the treatment will work.

The treatment is amazing, generally I feel much better as soon as day after the treatment. Jan always advises me anything I can do such as stretches and reduction in activity which I also find very helpful.

Tim Dean, Age 19"

Louise W on 29/04/2015

"Jan has a very calming, reassuring and professional approach. I have benefitted greatly from her ability to understand what's really going on physically and how best to help me. If you're considering Bowen, try it - I recommend Jan without hesitation."

Michelle on 29/04/2015

"Excellent therapist , her Bowen treatments have helped me manage my back pain without medication and I continue to see her once or twice a year to maintain my wellbeing. "