Kate Griffiths Colour Therapy

Kate Griffiths
Colour Therapist in Bedford

Kate is a qualified Colour Teacher and organisational systems coach who runs an international colour therapy practice based on the principles she developed when she co-wrote and published Colourful Boardrooms. She loves working with visionary leaders (senior leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches) who are doing "world work" so that they can increase their impact. She helps them to find their true north following four careers that spanned the public, voluntary and private sector.

As a blender with a number of qualifications within the leadership development space, she has a very creative approach that helps give clients greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose so that they are able to create a life they love. She helps them to transcend their reality so that they can find the extraordinary within the ordinary through one to one and group coaching, online programmes, membership of her community and tailored bespoke programmes such as retreats to enable full immersion. Her primary modality is colour because it is an excellent tool for revealing what is hidden within the subconscious as it works on the visual, kinaesthetic and olfactory as well as the auditory.

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Background & Colour Therapy Qualifications

In 2004 she started her spiritual journey by doing Reiki levels one and two. Then in 2013 she became a Reiki Master which complemented her professional background. She got her MBA and became an NLP practitioner in 2000 and then joined PwC a year later where she remained until 2012.

She has run Whole Self Leadership, her own business for 10 years doing a mix of 121 coaching, facilitation of groups on her own programmes and programmes run through the NHS Leadership Academy and the Royal Academy of Engineering where she was a mentor for LIF Global. Through these many experiences she has worked with 100s of clients helping them to make their unconscious patterns conscious so that they can shift state.

In 2022 she set up the Foundation of Colours (a CIC) with three other people with the aim of expanding the reach of colour so more people get access to it and benefit from it. There will be an online webinar in December that will explore the science behind colour so you can understand why it is such an effective tool. To find out more and to register go to

My Specialisms

Kate believes that real success comes when you stop to connect to the deeper essence of life. She helps clients reclaim their wholeness and rediscover their true self. She believes that we are all interconnected and provides a safe space where it is possible to look at your shadow and bring it into the light so you can heal whatever blocks have been holding you back. Others have described her work as both subtle and powerful as she comes from a place of love with a desire to recalibrate the masculine and the feminine. Kate's big strength is in the range of modalities that she can access to support her clients' journeys to reclaiming their whole selves; these include constellation work, colour therapy, coaching, NLP, mindfulness. She works intuitively to feel into what is needed at any particular time.

Her particular interest is helping people to heal up issues around money issues, relationship issues and self-esteem. She does that by working with the chakras. Here's what Sabrina Miloto wrote about her Money retreat in 2022:

I'm a full time working mum with 2 children and a dog. My busy life revolves around work, my family, my home and walking my dog twice a day. When Kate told me about her retreat day, I thought it was an excellent opportunity for me to really get away and focus on myself. And I wasn't disappointed. It was so relaxing that I recharged, engaged with interesting people and broadened my interest in Colour. Admittedly I was sceptical at first but I was amazed at the clarity the workshop gave me. Learning about the different money archetypes was thought provoking and made me realise how I wanted my relationship with money to be. After the event, I'm more conscious about how I prioritise where I spend my money and how I manifest it.

Kate is excellent at what she does and I would recommend anyone to join her workshops or have a one to one session with her.

Approach to Colour Therapy & How I Work

The best way to understand how she works is to read what others have said about her. She regularly runs retreats both in the UK and abroad. In Nov 2022 she is taking a group of women to Namibia. Here is what Suzie Welstead, Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach wrote about one of her two day retreats:

It all happened so fast. I came back from a mini break and saw my name had been tagged in a post. Looked at the post and instantly liked it and thought to myself I think I will do that. And it was great timing as I had been looking for something to do anyway. I trusted my intuition, got in touch and booked on.

I loved coming together with like-minded people as I have been missing that level of interaction and I like the opportunity to be with others. And that required a fair bit of trust because I knew of Kate and what she did but I didn't really KNOW her.

There are so many who talk the talk but only go skin deep Kate is the real deal, the whole package. I felt in awe of that and that she was kind of groovy… She was fully present attending to each of us and our needs.

I love the way that she approaches working with colour - as someone that uses colour her way of being with it is so different and refreshing. I loved it all.

I loved the reading we each got and the way we set out the bottles to represent the past, present and future. I still don't know how she can be so in tune with what it represents and be so spot on.

I loved learning about the chakras and how they open and close and that they are energy centres. I knew nothing about them before but know lots now.

I would definitely recommend this and the challenge is how do I explain the beautiful magic of this two days.

The biggest thing I took away from the weekend was my understanding of who I am. I felt really good, nurtured and supported and that enabled me to get to acceptance. I hold space for others to grieve; what Kate gave me was that space for myself.

It was amazing how I was working on my base chakra at the start and so picked the root chakra bottle and by the end of the day intuitively picked the enlightened root chakra bottle. I put it down to the calm ambiance that Kate created.

She also works with senior leaders in organisations. Read what Barry Holmes CEO of Zoom Creates wrote:

I met Kate in 2020 online, we hit it off immediately, sharing almost an identical random, humour, voracious curiosity, cheeky provocation and a deep care.

It was obvious to me straight away I needed, wanted more so called her to have a ‘chat' as you do when you first meet someone you have a natural connection with.

During the chat, unprompted, Kate told me things about myself I wasn't aware of at all which went straight to the root of my stuckness at the time. I received her words as a wake up call, an invitation, It was like being in the dark for ever with someone then switching the light on, for the first time I could see EVERYTHING!

I was surprised, startled and humbled by that initial experience and it took sone time to reflect on the truth of it.

That truth has been revealing itself to me every day since then and it is no exaggeration to say I wouldn't be where I am today without her, I am and will remain eternally grateful as we become great mates and collaborators in the meantime.

Her colour work is phenomenal, through the 10 session I've had using the precise sequence of bottles perfect for me; more and more layers of my story and beliefs have been removed so that today I have never felt so alive, true, honest and most importantly me.

No one else I know has Kate's loving directness and intuition and I would say to anyone working with her be prepared to hear your truth not just what you want to hear.

For me, without this where is the value anyway? We live in a world of vanity, platitude and fake affirmation. She has a natural mastery of reading energy, combined with her amazing colour expertise and years of multi modality experiences in the professional world. Most importantly she has a massive, vulnerable and sensitive heart.

If you are genuinely looking to find your truth. Start here.

Testimonial from Barry Holmes Director Zoom Creates Ltd
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Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki In Person £75 per 60 minutes
Colour Therapy In Person £150 per 60 minutes
Life Coaching In Person £150 per 60 minutes
Meditation In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

I realise that we are going through a difficult time financially so in addition to one to one work I also run a community which costs between £33 and £77 a month and is a great way to start to reconnect back to yourself. For more information about that take a look at I can and have created bespoke packages for schools, parents and individuals as and when required so do get in touch if there is a specific thing you would like to explore that's not mentioned here.