Doug Stow

Doug Stow

Counsellor in Milton Keynes

Hello, my name is Doug Stow and I'm an experienced Couples Counsellor and one-to-one Psychotherapist with over 25 years experience - mainly within NHS but also in private practice. My work covers Psychosexual Psychotherapy with both couples and individuals who have sexual issues.

Background & Qualifications

Accreditation /Registration:
• Accredited Psychosexual Therapist with The Collage of Sexual and Relationship Therapist (COSRT)
• Registered with The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
• Member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC).

I am a BUPA provider my membership number is 30045208

Training Qualification and experience:
• PG. Dip. - Psychosexual Therapy, London South Bank University
• PG. Cert. - Forensic Sexology, University of Central Lancashire Professional Cert. - Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC)
• Advance Cert. - Psychosexual & Relationship Psychotherapy (COSRT) - Accredited Training Course

My Specialisms

I am a specialist in four areas:
• Psychosexual and relationship therapy, for individuals and/or partners also known as couples counselling or sex therapy
• Gender and Sexual Diversity - Gender and Sexual Identity, Paraphillia, BDsM/Kink/Fetish, Escorts, Pornography
• Sexual Trauma - Rape (male and female)
• Therapy for sexual addiction and compulsivity for individuals and/or partners

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

My model of psychotherapy approach is integrative. It means that I will use different approaches from different therapeutic models to suit your needs best. Focusing on current difficulties whilst tracing the root causes, which may be found in earlier life experiences.

My core belief is simple, no matter what the issue being discussed, most important is the relationship between therapist and client. It is that strong relationship that will see us make progress together.

Couples Therapy - Relationship problems
• Communication problems in a relationship, including frequent arguments, rows, blaming
• Differences in sexual desire within the relationship
• Sexless relationship or loss of sexual desire
• Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, vaginismus, dyspareunia, difficulties with orgasms, etc.
• Healing from the disclosure of infidelity
• Lack of intimacy
• Learning how to make connections with your partner
• Making sense of your relationship
• It is also known as Couples Counselling or Marriage Counselling.

Couples Therapy. Sexual problems
The most common male sexual problems are:
• Erectile dysfunction: when it is difficult to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity.
• Premature ejaculation: when unwanted ejaculation occurs before penetration or soon after penetration.
• Delayed ejaculation: when ejaculation is wanted but does not occur after a prolonged time of sexual activity.
• Male anorgasmia: when wanted orgasm does not occur. This may be linked to delayed ejaculation.
• Loss of sexual desire: when there is no desire to be sexual with a partner or self.

The most common female sexual problems are:
• Vaginismus: when penetration is not possible.
• Dyspareunia: when penetration is painful.
• Female anorgasmia: when orgasms do not occur.
• Loss of sexual desire: when there is no desire to be sexual with a partner or with self.

Gender & Sexual Diversity
The area I work with are:
• Gender identity: Including gender variant people and those people who maybe diagnosed with 'Gender Dysphoria' and 'Gender Incongruence' or people who are confused or unhappy with their gender. I enjoy working with a broad spectrum of Transgender, Non Binary & Intersex people on a whole range of life issues.
• Sexual Identity: I work on anxiety, bereavement and loss, depression, disability sexuality, identity confusion and change, coming out, self- esteem and shame, trauma and post traumatic stress.

I am particularly interested in working with people who have been involved in conversion/reparative 'therapy' (Ex-Gay movement).
• BDsM/Kink /Fetish: I am happy to work with clients who either live a BDsM lifestyle or engage in SM, BDSM/Kink practices of all sexualities and gender identities.
• Escorts: Some see the use of escorts as an escalation of porn addiction. It can be, but it can be a standalone addiction/obsession in itself. However you catagorise them, the escorts themselves are a red herring. Their existence points back to problems and dissonance in the primary intimate relationship and the escape is an escape from reality.
• Pornography: Addictive compulsive watching of internet pornography has become a major problem amongst men and women of all ages. It's a problem if it's causing conflict in your relationships and interfering in your life/work balance.

Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
I see individuals, couples and family members who have relationship concerns people. I will see individuals who are at risk of crossing the line into sexual offending or who have been charged with Internet Sexual Offences. Referral can be from - Self, Stop It Now, Lawyer, GP, or other professionals. What is offered is Assessment of Offence, Risk Assessment - Report written for Use in the Court Process when requested by legal team.

Therapies & Rates

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