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Louise  Van Der Velde
Counsellor in London

DR. Louise Van der Velde has been an international sex and relationship expert, TV presenter and author for 25 years,, She is well-known for her regular appearances on TV and radio and her best-selling book, Decent Proposal. In her years of experience she has helped thousands of people through not only thier relastionship difficulties, but also advising at board level regarding business relationships. Over the years Louise has owned private Drs clinics as well as global retreats and run events for Ultra high networths. She now focuses on supporting clients wanting to make impact, as well as traveling the world with her high end network.

With a strong interest in where science meets conciousness, she believes in lifting consciousness to self heal any and all issues is achievable for everyone when they follow her unique formular.

Louise -was also known as the Pleasure Professor ( pleasure prof) - has counselled via the media for almost 25 years. She was the resident sex and relationship expert on ITV1's Lorraine show with Lorraine Kelly as well as on Trisha and Channel 5. She is in regular demand as an expert commentator on all lifestyle and relationship issues on the BBC, ITV (This Morning), Channel 4, RTE in Ireland (The Saturday Night Show) and Australia's Channel 7 (the Sunrise breakfast show).
Her work has been covered in some of the world's most prestigious newspapers including the Daily Mail, The Guardian and the Independent.
She has been an agony aunt for many titles and has written sex advice columns for numerous women's publications including Cosmopolitan, Easy Living and Fabulous magazines and leading websites such as Mail Online, Female First and

Louise is a respected radio pundit and is particularly popular for phone-ins where her witty style and sometimes outspoken views prompt a huge response from listeners.
She lives in London, Dubai,, and on Yachts She also selectively sees VIP clients at a private clinic in Harley Street and a deluxe, mansion retreat in Marbella. Each year she helps hundreds of couples and individuals to achieve relationship, buisness and emotional fulfilment through her empowerment techniques.

As well her multi-platform media career, Louise is talented public speaker - captivating audiences as large as 6,000 with her ground-breaking views. She is equally at home speaking to more intimate audiences and recently gave a talk to the Institute of Directors at Pall Mall in London, enthralling some of the UK's foremost thinkers with her fun, lively and empowering presentation.

Her book, Decent Proposal, published in January 2013, became an instant best-seller after being featured on TV, print and radio right across the world. Louise shares many of her own powerful and captivating life stories in Decent Proposal - from how she coped with the loss of her husband aged just 30 and rebuilt her life and business to become the success she is today. Her mew podcast serries focuses on being yoir oen guidence in a world of mossinformation " You dont need a guru " where she interviews other experts who all resonate highly.

If you need a speaker to talk about life, love, and mastering adversity as well as any sex and relationship matters. "We can all find happiness and emotional and physical fulfilment through adopting easy-to-learn techniques and making subtle changes in our lifestyles", Louise is your prefect choice

Louise coaches CEOs and Celebrities, helping them master thier sexual energy for all areas of sucsess.

Background & Counselling Qualifications

Psychology trained, Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of EFT, Certified Trainer in yoga and tantra ( 4 year training) meditation teacher Relationship and sex therapist.
Self made mulitimilionairess and buisness coach with an edge.

Because of Louise ' s work and research she holds an Honoary Doctorate in Phillosophy in psycology.

My Specialisms

I work helping people to lift to all they can be and, create thier own reality. I believe the secret lays in mastering the relationship we have with ourselves, and lifting our frequency that holds the real key to feel fulfilled in all areas of life. Our sexual energy is key to this.

I SUPPORT Clearing issues from the past and patterns so people can heal, have enough love for themselves, enjoy great relationships.

Here is some more information on the work I do

Approach to Counselling & How I Work

I work on zoom, and occasionally personally.
I also have trainings and lots of free content

You don't need a guru.

Therapies & Rates

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Additional Rate Information

I work with people for a min of 4 hours. in Harrogate , London and on Skype. We can change very deep issues even in that time, I also offer immersion treatments at my retreat. ... so please call for a package that suits you. Prices are bespoke and packages are offered, so please call or email for prices on transformational sessions etc. Results are guaranteed. 4 hour transformations sessions EFT NLP Tantra Energy Movement Sex therapy. Couples therapy. Total life enhancement Relationship healing Unconditional love training Best results are from bespoke travel packages and emersion retreats