Steve Briggs

Steve Briggs

Counsellor in Portsmouth

I am an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist with an Advanced Diploma in Client Centred Counselling and I have an ongoing commitment to training and personal growth. I respect the BACP code of ethics. I practice in the Portsmouth, Southsea and surrounding area.

If you feel life is getting too hard to cope with you don't have to cope alone.
Talking about the things that trouble you will help. Client Centred Counselling is a warm, caring approach to problem solving and healing. This way of working is gentle, non-judgmental, supportive but deeply effective; most often bringing about lasting, positive results.
You may be troubled by something in the past or the present. The way you feel may interfere with your everyday life and relationships, stopping you reaching your full potential.
Counselling can resolve traumatic past events and/or help you see a way through difficult situations.
You can reflect on your circumstances and achieve greater self awareness. Clients often say getting to know themselves better enables them to move forward with greater resilience & self worth.
I have worked for many years with adults and young people in private practice, the voluntary sector and as a counsellor within the NHS Primary Care Service.
I work creatively in a way that suits each individual or couple.
My intention is to listen, understand and help you come to a greater understanding of your unique world, your circumstances and how you can move forward.
I believe in the uniqueness of each individual; Having a deep personal commitment to all aspects of equal opportunity and a respect for diversity.
Alongside my therapy work with individual clients and couples I work with groups providing training and workshops including; Confidence and assertiveness, anger management, working with sexual minority clients, sexuality, gay affirmative practice, volunteering and basic counselling skills.
I have been engaged to provide training by organisations in the voluntary sector, the NHS and the W.E.A.
I have recently worked with young offenders and vulnerable young people in a secure residential unit, working with individuals and small groups around anger management and behaviour change coupled with building confidence and self esteem.

Background & Qualifications


Advanced Diploma in Person Centred Counselling BACP Accredited Course
BACP (Accred) Counsellor Mem. No. 565833
Diploma in Counselling Level III CENTRA Validated
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT)
Bachelor of Science Honours Degree (majoring in Social History)
Bachelor of Arts Degree (majoring in Health Studies)
Diploma in Health & Social Welfare
Diploma in Applied Social Sciences
Diploma in Social Policy
EMD Award A78 Developments in Primary Health Care


Long established private practice working with individuals and couples
N.H.S Primary Care Counsellor
Creater and facilitator of training programmes including; basic counselling skills, confidence and assertiveness and sexuality and gender issues
Theraputic work in secure unit for young offenders
Young persons advocacy / family group conferencing
Group Work

My Specialisms

Areas of counselling I deal with:

Affairs and betrayals
Anger management
Bipolar disorder/Manic depression
Carer support
Child related issues
Domestic violence
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Gender dysphoria
Generalised anxiety disorder
Internet addiction
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Panic disorder
Personality disorders
Physical abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Postnatal depression
Relationship issues
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Separation and divorce
Sex addiction
Sex problems
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Work-related stress

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Therapies offered:

Cognitive and behavioural therapies
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Couples counselling
Humanistic therapies

Face to face Counselling
Face time Counselling
WhatsApp video call
Telephone counselling

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Counselling In Person £45 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

My fees: For individuals are £45.00 for a one hour session and for couples counselling £65.00 for a one hour session. I have ground floor premises with disabled access. I offer telephone and on line Counselling


Lewis on 28/02/2019

"I started therapy with Steve at the darkest point in my life (suicidal thoughts and actions were a daily occurrence) and I was sure that therapy wasn't going to work for me. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Steve made me feel comfortable and welcomed from the very first session, with no pressure on me to talk about anything that I wasn't ready to.

I was put first.

I could write an essay on the positive things that have happened in my life, and in my brain, as a result of therapy with Steve, but I don't have the time or space here.

Needless to say, If it weren't for Steve, there is a very real possibility that I would not be here today.

For the first time in my life I had found someone I could talk to that understood the many facets of mental health. My experiences were validated and given meaning, allowing me to understand what was going on and how to manage it.

I was not judged. I was not made to feel weak. I was not made to feel any less of a man, or human. I was not treated as just another patient that needed to be processed.

I was also not pitied or patronised. Being treated with respect made the whole process a lot easier.

I have had many hours of therapy with Steve. I have cried and I have exorcised many of my demons; but, most of all, I have laughed and learned.

I am in a good place in my life. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, down to the therapy that Steve provides."

Anna on 28/02/2019

"Steve is a brilliant therapist who has helped me through a traumatic life event and continues to support me in maintaining good mental health and helping me recognise and accept my emotions.
I really find Steve's style works well; he is empathetic and sensitive but is not afraid to speak candidly when I need to hear some truths! It also really helps that we can have a sense of humour in the sessions. It helps me feel at ease and as though I am speaking with a good friend who is helping me solve my problems. And as well as talking therapies, Steve has provided me with practical activities to give me a new perspective on my life and issues.
Thank you for all your previous and continuing help Steve!"

Adam on 28/02/2019

"Finding Steve was a life-changing moment for me. I began therapy several years ago despite being very cynical and 'male' about finding help but, through his sense of humour and light-hearted approach, I felt comfortable and able to trust him immediately.

He helped me not only recognise and manage my symptoms of depression and anxiety but has helped me through a lot of very big changes in my life. Although no-longer in regular therapy I try to check-in with Steve whenever possible for the occasional 'top-up'.

Since seeing Steve, I have recommended him to virtually everyone I know and he has taken on a large number of my friends and family (I don't know if they just sent me in as a guinea pig!) but he is able to deal with all sorts of personalities going through all sorts of different things and I think this is almost certainly what sets him apart.

Going through therapy with Steve has been interesting, constructive, occasionally emotional, often hilarious but always positive and always helpful."

Jenny on 28/02/2019

"I have been seeing Steve for about 10 years. At first he helped me through a crisis and now I see him to keep on top of things. His approach is kind and caring and he is excellent at getting you to challenge the way you think about yourself and the world around you. He restores your self confidence and self esteem.

Everything in life seemed pretty horrible when I first started seeing Steve and over the years he has put me back on the path of enjoying life. He also comes up with hilarious and incredibly effective coping mechanisms.

Without Steve life would still be pretty horrible."

Danni on 28/02/2019

"Steve is simply excellent. It is no exaggeration to say, that had I not met Steve, I would not be the person I am today. I was in such a bad place, and could see no way out. Steve was my light at the end of the tunnel.

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session with Steve. They were always so informal, like having a cup of tea with a good friend!

I would recommend him to anyone (even my Brother, who has also now arranged to meet with Steve!). "

Sam Jones on 28/02/2019

"I have been seeing Steve for over a year now. As someone who found the idea of therapy a bit intimidating, he was very welcoming and patient right from the start. Over the course of the past year he's been a vital part in my development. Would highly reccomend to anyone. Whilst mental health is often a serious topic, the in-between moments of levity and lightheartedness alongside the counseling from Steve go a long way in making it much more enjoyable and engaging."

DJ on 28/02/2019

"Seeing Steve has made a huge difference to my life. He's helped me to resolve a lot of the issues that I've had my whole life and seeing him regularly helps me to manage my anxiety. I've been seeing him for nearly two years and it really has transformed how i feel about myself and my relationships with others I can't recommend him enough."

Phil on 28/02/2019

"Until I met Steve I would let my overthinking cause me to be really anxious and unhappy, and at times feel quite isolated. I would keep the thoughts to myself and not share them with anyone, even my close friends. Steve encourages me to think outside the box, let me be who I am, saying what I want not matter how trivial it may be. Steve's ability to use humour, laughter, honesty and openness has enabled me to create a way to think outside the box and challenge my own thoughts. His support has made me feel that I'm not different from anyone else, has encouraged me to be more happy in my own skin and realise that I'm not alone. I never thought counselling would be something I would need or want to try but Steve's support has helped me to be more open and happy in myself to deal with life. "

W. Jeffery on 28/02/2019

"Steve has had a profound effect on my wellbeing over the last 5 years I have known him. I always look forward to seeing him as I know I will leave in a better place than when I arrived. Steve has a fantastic gift of making you feel valued and helping you find your perspective again. Steve is warm, caring and at times has had me laughing my head off. I can not recommend Steve highly enough and I'm so glad to have him as my therapist."

JB on 01/03/2019

"Empathetic, challenging, supportive, Steve has helped me through some dark times, and continues to do so. i cannot recommend him highly enough."

Megan on 02/03/2019

"Becoming a client of Steve's is the best investment I have ever made into my future. So much so I have recommended him to both friends and family. He is not judgemental and I can completely be myself in sessions which in turn enabled me to do that in all parts of my life.
I began counselling nearly 3 years ago with weekly appointments and I am now attending flexibly every 4-6 weeks. 3 years ago I would not have believed I could be this confident, brave or consistently happy. I feel completely in control of my own life and decisions and I have Steve's help to thank for that.

Paul on 03/03/2019

"I was very cynical of therapy in the beginning but having completely run out of options of how to deal with my life on my own I figured I didn't really have anything to lose.
Steve helped me work through my issues in such a way it was more like having a chat with a good friend, albeit a very insightful friend instead of a therapist.

I cannot stress enough that Steve is a fantastic therapist, and has quite literally saved my life so I owe him quite considerably more than the small amount he charges for session!

I would recommend Steve to anyone in a heartbeat; no question.

Steve has a fantastic temperament with just the right balance of the sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic humours to put his clients at ease and create a safe, relaxed, welcoming and confidence inspiring atmosphere right from the start.

Kevin Richardson on 03/03/2019

"I have been working with Steve Briggs as my counsellor for a number of years. Steve has his own style which is both empathetic and honest While challenging your issues and helping the client to find their own answers, hence helping with both recovery and the understanding of your mental health issues. I was dubious about seeking help due to my preconceived knowledge of counsellors being sympathetic and touchy freely. I soon was at ease with Steve's style and cannot underestimate the significant effect Steve has had on my recovery. If you are looking for a counsellor to help with any issues at all. I would recommend that you make Steve your first call, you will not be disappointed "

Kath on 04/03/2019

"Steve has helped me immensely to understand myself. He is personable and professional, being discreet with an ability to empathise and bring out the best in a situation. A great tonic- l thoroughly recommend him. "

Anna on 12/03/2019

"I've been in and out of therpay since i was a young teenager and have therefore experienced different types of counselling, solely with women. I was a bit skeptical about going to a male counsellor but it was the best decision I've ever made.

Steve is warm, compassionate, understanding and most importantly, patient. His sessions leave you feeling lighter in your step and with an air of positivity.

With Steve's ingenious approach, you find youself knowing all the answers you need without realising they were always there!"

Lyn on 13/03/2019

"When my doctor suggested counselling when I was struggling with anxiety following sexual harassment at work, I was very reluctant. However, from talking to a friend, Steve was recommended to me. Contacting him was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

He just has the wonderful ability to really see you. To ‘get' where you are and where you're coming from. To help you see that it's ok to feel how you're feeling and to give you strategies on finding some kind of normality again.

I was worried that I'd just be sat talking and it would be a bit of a one way street, but Steve knows when you need to talk and knows when you need to hear from him. He's refreshingly straight talking and we quickly built a great relationship.

I've come such a long way with Steve's help and it's great to know he's there. Hopefully I won't need him for any more First Aid but I fully intend to have a regular mental MOT with him in future. Counselling has completely lost any stigma with me and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone (and indeed have already recommended him to a friend!). "

Barrie on 16/03/2019

"I was very sceptical about the benefits of a therapist ,I'm a middle aged man and not used to talking about my feelings but Steve made it really easy and natural.
It has helped enormously with my recovery , just plain talking good humoured support ,guidance and would recommend him in a shot.
And I'm very jealous of his hair."

We are waiting for the therapist to complete this information. on 19/03/2019

"It took quite a long time, to allow myself to access therapy, and meeting Steve immediately made me realise I had made the right decision. He has the amazing capacity to make you feel in control and calm and ready to talk when you are ready. I had this vision of a therapist asking me a load of questions, and instead was met with a very well developed listening ear. Never looked back."

Sam G on 30/03/2019

"I Have struggled with what we now know is BPD all my life and it had got to the point we're I couldn't work and Sucidial thoughts and actions dominated my life. I started seeing Steve in December and in many ways he has helped save my life. He has helped me begin to understand what I'm going through and made me feel comfortable from the first session even when I turned up looking scruffy! Steve has always treated me with respect and most importantly uses humour during our sessions. This felt a bit strange at first but I came to realise humour is a key part of therapy for me. I would recommend highly seeing Steve as he has helped me get my life back to a place were I am beginning to feel stable."

Joe on 06/04/2019

"Been seeing him for several months and it's helped me to vent my frustrations, he's a very relaxed and chilled man as well as very funny. He is very good at his job and makes the whole thing very comfortable "

Shane Scott on 18/04/2019

"Steve has been a real big help to me especially being a man in my mid twenties I found it hard to open up and speak about my emotions but Steve has taught me that it's ok to talk about my emotions and ok to be upset and not to hide or bloke out the way I feel. "

Craig on 19/04/2019

"I was recommended Steve at the darkest of my days. He has instilled a more positive and forward looking mindset with me which has meant I can value myself again. His approach has been very candid and engaging. I leave each session with a sense I can live with my illness and not have it control my every waking minute. "

Conor on 26/04/2019

"Steve has helped me with my anxiety. He is very easy to talk to and the sessions seem to fly by but at the same time we get a lot of talking in He has helped me talk to people like my wife, family and friends about how I'm feeling rather than keeping everything bottled in. Thoroughly recommended."

Nick Bending on 08/05/2019

"Steve has been an invaluable support in getting me to understand myself and therefore communicate much better with loved one and others.

He is a great listener but will also give an opinion when needed. This makes our sessions much more interactive and for me much more helpfull.

He is also a really friendly and kindly chap."

Aaron Willett on 11/02/2020

"Steve has really helped me to deal with anxiety and depression issues. His down to earth and friendly nature made me feel very comfortable from our first session and has been a positive influence on many aspects of my life. Steve has made a huge impact on how I see myself and how I deal with situations. I cannot recommend him enough. "

Chris on 11/02/2020

"Steve has changed my life...
Before seeing Steve, I'd tried medication and other forms of therapy multiple times. But, none could even come close to Steve's ability to empathise with my problems and help me get through them. Seeing Steve is an enjoyment, and doesn't feel like your 'stereotypical counselling'. He's warm and welcoming which is exactly what I needed during a low point of my life. He always offers me a cup of tea when I see him, so it feels like a seeing a friend or a relative.
He helped me smile about the things that were making me feel low, and taught me to carry this on outside of therapy and share it with others.
Steve is a truly amazing man, and any client of his is lucky to be given his time."

Julian on 13/02/2020

"Steve is a generous, warm hearted and engaging person. The therapy is person centred but Steve likes to work through dialogue and discussion. He creates a safe and accepting space where it is possible to explore even the most sensitive issues."

Anna on 13/02/2020

"Working with Steve has been so helpful for me to work through issues with anxiety. I really appreciate his kind and casual approach; I feel like I'm talking to a friend who gives really good advice, rather than feeling like I'm under a spotlight having to talk about my feelings. I'm from another country, and Steve really understands how culture can affect how we react to different issues, which was really important to me. "

Rob on 13/02/2020

"I came to Steve in my early twenties having struggled since a young age with mental health. Being male it was difficult to accept I needed help because of the stigma around men and mental health. Soon after coming to see Steve I was diagnosed with something called General Anxiety Disorder which was a relief in getting an understanding of where my struggles came from. From this I was put on to the correct medication and with the support of Steve over the years there has been significant improvements and I am now living a more fulfilling life and have a far more positive outlook to what the future will bring.I Highly recommend Steve and his personable and caring nature to anyone looking to making the first steps to changing there lives."

Maria on 14/02/2020

"Steve has been amazing in helping me to understand, cope and move forward in my life.
He is friendly and kind. He has helped me to be honest with myself and accept who I am as person .
I would recommend Steve as he is honest, he shows warmth and empathy and demonstrates sincerity . He is like a dear trusted friend.
Maria 10.06.20

w. on 16/02/2020

"When your at your darkest point, Steve is literally the person that switches the light on and shows you the way out. Being sceptical about the therapy process and how much it would actually help, I was so glad to be proven wrong. Steve is friendly and engaging, having a real talent for speaking at the right times and saying things that help you to understand who you are and why you feel like you do. He mixes his sessions with intelligent insights, humour and when required he speaks directly and candidly. But mostly he listens, and when you feel depressed, anxious, worthless, alone etc etc.....thats a priceless quality."

L Loten on 17/02/2020

"I started seeing Steve this time last year and straight away felt relaxed and confident we could work together to cover some issues . Over the 6 months of regular meetings Steve helped me see things from a different perspective and he helped me understand much more about my life past and present . He creates a warm and relaxed environment for you and makes the experience far less daunting than it could be."

Scott on 18/02/2020

"My sessions with Steve were great for me at a difficult time. He helped me to see things more clearly and even to realise that my previous grief was affecting my current feelings. I felt at ease with him and able to speak freely. Steve allowed me the time to process things whilst we talked and he used his insight and experience to frame my own experiences. He definitely helped me to see that what I was feeling was normal and gave me the boost I needed as I tried to come to terms with things. Thank you Steve!"

Joseph Grant on 18/02/2020

"Steve has a very refreshing and positive view of the counselling process. Following years of depressive symptoms, Steve helped bring me back to my former self, and helped me to reach acceptance of who I am, and where I am heading. Steve is an excellent counsellor, that helps you feel comfortable with the person you are and helps you achieve the person you hope to become!"

nathan on 19/02/2020

"i was very sceptical about therapy before i came however this feeling completely changed being a young male the controversy about going to place like this goes through all of our heads. going there changed that for me i really felt like a weight i had been carrying on my shoulders was lifted and he really helped my with both my anxiety and depression and each time i go i look forward as i know its a good place to talk and vent "

Dave B on 23/02/2020


Has helped both me personally & a number of people within our family

He has been nothing short of brilliant & we would fully recommend him (as we have done) to people needing some help with all forms of Councelling support that Steve can offer

Don't hesitate & get in touch with Steve today and start you're own healing process "

Michael Hodges on 26/02/2020

"As a client of Steve's I've made massive personal improvements, not only in my mental health but also in how I tackle any challenging daily situations, he is able to adapt his methods depending on whichever scenario you might be going through and helps you to develop a healthier, more realistic view on it, through whatever means suit you best. As far as I can see as a single client. As a young man struggling with finding myself he has been incredibly helpful and having gone through previous therapy before and having concerns that once you're feeling better you're on your own,Steve has also made me feel very reassured that if things get hard again he'll be there to pick you back up, thank you Steve."

Olly on 26/02/2020

"Steve is my guardian angel in the form of a man I honestly don't know where I would be. I am now 15 and I started attending counselling when I was 13, I was put there at first when I was 12 but dew to my stubbornness I refused until it was to late and I needed help. Steve has a special place in my hart for all he has done for me, thank you Steve."

Sandie Chiverton on 28/02/2020

"I have been a client of Steves' for four years and he has helped me through a bereavement and family issues.
From day one I was greeted with warmth , kindness and understanding, and he provided a safe environment where I have learnt new ways' to cope and come to terms with my problems.
Never more than the last six months when I was suffering from severs anxiety. I found myself in a very frightening and challenging time in my life.
With Steves' unwavering and constant support he has helped me to navigate me to a much happier and positive place.
I will continue in therapy to maintain and improve my mental health.
Thank you Steve

EL on 03/03/2020

"It's not easy opening yourself up to someone at the best of times. When you are at your lowest, it can seem absolutely daunting.

Luckily though, Steve has a knack for quickly making you think you're talking to an old friend. Not just any old friend, but one that can help guide you through the tough spots and even make you laugh along the way. In my case, that's exactly what I needed."