Elizabeth Chanter Crystal Therapy

Elizabeth Chanter
Crystal Therapist in Calne

I am dedicated to helping others to discover wellbeing, happiness and harmony in their lives. I am a Reiki Master in The Golden Reiki Way, Advanced Crystal Reiki Healer and Shamanic Healer. I weave this together to create an individually structured and progressive way forward for each of my clients.

When we release and resolve the internal blocks that are affecting our lives, it can be amazing what we can achieve. I love the work I do, and witnessing the way the people I work with resolve issues in their lives and blossom and bloom, each in their own very individual way.

Support to move you forward positively during these uncertain times. Receive the beautiful and powerful healing energy of Golden Way Reiki in the comfort and safety of your own home, without the strain of social distancing or travel. Treatments are offered with or without a confidential and secure video or phone consultation, after which I invite you to make quiet space for yourself to maximise your receptivity to the healing energy being sent to you.

Calm & Uplift ~ gentle emotional healing
Restore & Protect ~ a set of protective Shamanic Reiki Treatments restore alignment and balance to each aspect of your being
Rebirth (Angel Fire One) ~ healing for relationship issues and behavioural patterns that are not serving you
Rebuilding (Golden Ray One) ~ removes hidden blocks from your past so you can discover the best way forward and rebuild your future with confidence
Repurpose (Golden Ray Two) ~ clears the pathway you stepped onto at birth; with a special affinity for patterns that have been handed down through your maternal line

All of these have evolved out of my usual range of services in a way that is flexible, affordable and designed to fit into busy lives. You may space Treatments apart to suit you, or receive more than one Treatment on a day.

In brief Treatments focus on:

* Increasing emotional and mental wellbeing
* Boosting immunity and energy
* Healing damage from viral depletions and toxicity
* Healing relationships and old patterns
* Uncovering hidden blocks to a happier future
* Encouraging new heart and hope
* Soothing nervous systems
* Providing re-connection and stability in changing times

These are Sitting Services and are in addition to my usual Treatment range, and have been designed to respond to what is most needed now. My full range of Treatments is also available and can be tailored to suit you. For full details please go to my website or contact me.

"Remote Healing with Elizabeth is amazing. It felt as I was in her Treatment Room. Following her guidance which she sent beforehand, and allowing the time to receive the Reiki was a wonderful powerful and positive experience, and one I will continue to use."
(Teresa H, Oxfordshire, May 2020)

"I'd been so thankful for the deep healing & shifts in wellbeing I'd experienced after in-person Cycles of Golden Way Reiki treatments, plus training too, that I was delighted when I booked in for Distance treatments & found them to work just as well as the in-person Cycles I'd had… I've now received several Cycles of Distance Reiki treatments, over a period of a few years, and found each of them to work very effectively. Speaking to Elizabeth beforehand feels wonderfully calming & safe ... and experiencing both the subtle & obvious personal benefits from Golden Way Reiki treatments is something you have to experience for yourself.…"
(Rachel C, Golden Way Reiki Practitioner - Canada, May 2020)

HONOUR BEING GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Created Especially For You By Elizabeth
01 - The Sunshine Smile
02 - Sacred Whale Song
03 - Willow of Grace

Plus Tranquillity Sacred Guided Meditations:
01 Opening (for tender heart healing) and
02 Reflection (creating release, replenishment and emotional wellbeing)
03 Transformation
04 Stillness (Moon Breath)
05 Vision (Moon Breath)
06 Remembering in Tranquillity (Moon Breath)

(You will find these on the Guided Meditation Download Page of my Website)

Background & Crystal Therapy Qualifications

"Elizabeth is an expert in her field... Unlike many practitioners, she carries out a detailed fact find and takes a holistic approach before starting treatment. She has the most calming and caring presence I have ever come across. The moment you step into her room you feel relaxed and confident... Following a series of 6 sessions, my symptoms have improved beyond my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone who wants alternative or additional treatment to mainstream doctors."
(Dylis Guyan - Oxon)

I am trained in traditional Japanese Reiki in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing, and I have training in Advanced Levels in Golden Energy Reiki Healing, in Chrystal Reiki Healing, Distant and Place Healing. In addition, I am trained in Shamanic Reiki. All of my Reiki training has been carried out at The Beyond School of Shamanic Reiki, and I continue in ongoing and advanced training. As well as offering Advanced Treatments, I offer Training & Attunement to Golden Way Reiki Second Degree Professional Practice Certification enabling you build your own practice as well as being able to deliver Reiki to yourself.

I offer many different Treatments to bring physical ease, release emotionally, improve immunity and energy, encourage calm and ease of mind, and encourage spiritual evolution. The training I have undergone enables the work I do to be profoundly re-balancing and restorative.

I am an experienced Reflexologist and trained originally at The Oxford School of Reflexology in 2006 in Reflexology with an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and subsequently with Barbara Scott in Reproflexology of Seren Natural Fertility.

I trained at The School of Homeopathy in Devon under Misha Norland and qualified in 2004, subsequently continuing in ongoing and advanced studies in Classical Homeopathy. I offer Homeopathy in my practice, only if a remedy becomes clearly indicated for emotional support, as it is my personal experience that Golden Way Reiki offers much deeper and more reliable healing. Sometimes, a client has received multiple and unhelpful doses of a variety or remedies which has only confused their vital force. Reiki clears this away, so that a true picture of the remedy state emerges. My extensive homeopathic training facilitates my ability to listen actively and mindfully when in consultation with my clients. My qualification is Dip Hom.

I am part of The Usui School of Natural Healing and a member of The Complementary Therapists Association, and have full professional indemnity insurance for everything I practice.

My Specialisms

"Elizabeth provided me with a very spiritual, calming and caring experience. It enabled me to look inside myself...
and I did become pregnant!" (KM - Oxfordshire)

I specialise in family wellbeing and provide supportive treatments to couples going through the challenges around pregnancy and fertility.

I offer specialist packages:

- Honour Life Reiki, choice of:
* Optimise (preparation for conception for Mum and Dad to be),
* Nurture (gentle support for Mum and developing Baby throughout pregnancy),
* Restore (after pregnancy), and
* Crystal Reiki Compassion Cycles (profound healing for grieving and loss following birth trauma or miscarriage)

- Soul Retrieval

- Crystal Reiki Treatments - Harmony & Embodiment

- Shamanic Reiki Treatments - To bring into balance the five aspects of being: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Approach to Crystal Therapy & How I Work

"I am looking forward to my next course of Reiki and recommend Elizabeth wholeheartedly for her dedication to her work and her calming influence. Thank you Elizabeth, for everything." (Diane R - Cheltenham)

I work to help create wellbeing, happiness and harmony for each person who comes to me. My role is to walk alongside each one for as long as they have need of me, helping them to grow and to evolve in the right way for them.

I offer a tranquil, unrushed space - the average length of a session is two hours, with ample time to explore the matters in hand at the beginning of the consultation. During each Cycle of healing you receive, we first shine a compassionate light on what is calling for healing. We then identify the obstructions and obstacles, releasing them. Next we stabilise the work, and then take a look at the best way forward.

It's very simple - unreleased emotional wounding ultimately leads to physical, emotional and even to mental illness.

I believe that the way we think is determined largely by the way we feel - our perspective is affected by the emotional experiences through which we have passed, especially our childhood ones. When our experience changes for the better, so does our view of the world...

As I work with Reiki to release and heal emotional experiences on behalf of my clients, I often witness amazing things happen in their lives. Physical pain recedes, anxiety diminishes, energy returns and joy in life.

As part of this process, some heal the hurts of the past, some rediscover their creativity, some change the direction of their lives and find more rewarding work, some resolve relationship issues, some come off medication, some conceive the baby they have always wanted or fulfil another dream.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Homeopathy In Person Please Call
Reiki In Person Please Call
Arts Therapy In Person Please Call
Energy Medicine In Person Please Call
Crystal Therapy In Person Please Call
Meditation In Person Please Call
Healing In Person Please Call