Heather Bradley Emotional Freedom Technique

Heather Bradley
EFT Practitioner in Axbridge

I have been a Trauma Therapist for over 10 years specialising in working with Adults who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.
I understand that going through a Trauma can radically change your life and can create feelings of loneliness, confusion and despair. Together we journey from where you are now into a life that has clarity, meaning and purpose. This can often involve going back to the past to release your Trauma at the root giving you freedom and control over your own life.

I have personally overcome anxiety, depression, CPTSD, flashbacks, addictions, vaginismus, dissociation, repressed memories, attempted suicide and self-harm as a result of my own childhood sexual abuse and then gang rape attack as a teenager. I really do understand just how debilitating trauma can be on your life. And I also know from first-hand experience just how free, liberated, strong and in control of your life you can feel after therapy.

If you would like to know more about my own journey or what I can offer you, please do check out my website where you will find videos and further information.
I offer in person sessions in Bristol or online over Zoom.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With love and warm wishes,


Background & Emotional Freedom Technique Qualifications


I have been a therapist for over 10 years working predominantly with men and women who have experienced sexual abuse, although I have also worked with a wide range of issues. I offer private one to one sessions and also run workshops and small intimate meditation groups.

I recently qualified as an EFT trainer (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is very exciting as EFT is my favourite therapy for working with trauma and I am now able to train others to become therapists too. It is my personal opinion that anyone who has experienced trauma should learn this fantastic self-help tool. So if you are reading this and would like to know more about how you can use it in your life, or if you are a therapist that would like another tool to use with your clients, please do contact me I'd love to hear from you.

My own journey started when I received therapy for my own traumas. Using the therapies that I am trained in now, my life absolutely turned around in ways I couldn't even imagine. I never knew it was possible to be happy and feel safe, enjoy loving intimate sex and communicate effectively in relationships. I didn't know I could believe in myself and feel confident as the person I am. I never knew I would find my voice and be able to share my own story which used to be so full of secrecy and shame. It is because I have experienced this transformation first hand that equips me to help you transform too. I would be honoured to share your journey with you into a life of joy, safety, freedom and love.


I have an Integrated Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (which includes working with Parts Work and Inner Child)

I am an EFT Practitioner, Advanced EFT Practitioner and EFT trainer with EFTMRA (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique)

I am Accredited with EFT International

I am a Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner

I am a Colour Mirrors Practitioner

I am a Reiki Practitioner levels 1 and 2

I also have various certifications including Life Coaching, Regression and Counselling

My Specialisms

I specialise in Trauma, Anxiety and Complex PTSD.

In particular working with Adults who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.

I also work with any Sexual Trauma and the Intimacy Issues and Relationship Issues that arise from that. Helping you to understand and release the fear response and trauma from your body and to enjoy connecting with your body, reclaiming feelings of pleasure and safety.

I specialise in PTSD flashbacks, panic attacks, dissociative disorders and discharging the freeze response from the body.

I specialise in changing the way we store our traumatic memories. When we have a frightening experience we go into fight or flight but in a trauma where we can't get away we go into a freeze response. When this happens our memory never gets stored as a complete or finished memory, therefore when we are triggered we can find ourselves right back there. Sometimes this happens with all of our senses so that we can see, hear and feel ourselves back in time, but sometimes it happens as a body (implicit) memory. So we may feel agitation or fear but not know why. I work with people to discharge this freeze response so that it is no longer stored in the body and we complete the memory so that it is stored differently on a neurological level. This means you realise on a deep subconscious level that the danger is over now and you are safe.

Approach to Emotional Freedom Technique & How I Work

I have a holistic approach to therapy. This is your journey. You are unique and your story is unique to you. I have a wide range of effective tools that we can use together in an organic way as we travel your healing journey together.

So one day we might be doing some gentle art work building trust with your child self, another day we might be looking at a traumatic memory and changing the negative beliefs you took on at that time. Another session we might purely be focusing on your body and how it has stored feelings of unsafety and release it on a body level. Another day we might do gestalt or parts work meaning that we can accept and understand all sides of you, even if they might be conflicting (an example of this might be part of you wants to have loving sex with your partner but another part of you might feel fear, mistrust or pain). Perhaps another day we will do some hypnosis or mediation to really allow your body to learn to relax and feel safe. Or you may like to try some reiki to balance your energy field. Other times we will be tapping using EFT to reduce anxiety or explore anger or stuckness and allow you to come to your own answers and safety within. On other sessions we may explore your relationship with yourself and your partner if you have one. We may explore trust exercises you can take away to do at home.

Honestly there is so much that we can do together and we will always move at the speed that is right for you. I will never ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You are in control at all times.

Typically, we would have weekly sessions and then I would set you a small task to do in the week to accelerate your healing and growth. This really helps to integrate all that we did in the session and set those new neural pathways in the brain for real deep and lasting change.

If this sounds like something you'd like to explore together, please feel welcome to reach out for a 15 minute free chat to see if we are a good fit for one another.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person £80 per 60 minutes
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person £95 per 90 minutes
Matrix Reimprinting In Person £80 per 60 minutes
Matrix Reimprinting In Person £95 per 90 minutes

Additional Rate Information

All sessions are 10% off when booked in 6 week blocks. I offer a choice of 60 or 90 minute sessions. Fees are paid electronically in advance and all cancellations must give 48 hours notice otherwise the sessions must be paid in full (unless there are exceptional circumstances). I have some spaces for those on benefits. Feel free to contact me to arrange an affordable fee.