Nigel Burgan Emotional Freedom Technique

Nigel Burgan
EFT Practitioner in Bracknell

This is my 22nd year in practice as a Licensed NLP practitioner & accredited Life Coach, EFT Trainer & practitioner and hypnotherapist where I am on the Central register of Stop Smoking Therapists. and also a licensed Hypno-Band therapist. I am a level 3 personal trainer with 40 years nutrition experience.
I take a holistic approach to health & offer a FREE initial discussion.

Background & Emotional Freedom Technique Qualifications

I have trained in.
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT to trainer level
Hypnotherapy including specialist courses in stop smoking and am a Licensed Hypno-band therapist.
Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner NLP
Accredited Life Coach
Live and Dry Blood Microscopy
I have 14 years experience as a Personal Trainer although I first trained in Gym instruction back in 1985
I have had 40 year interest in nutrition and have had a qualification for the last 12 years.

My Specialisms

Health improvement
Stopping Smoking
Weight loss
Removing fears and phobias -flying, public speaking
Improving confidence

Introduction to EFT courses - helping you learn to deal with day to day stresses.

Approach to Emotional Freedom Technique & How I Work

I have helped many people lose fears and phobias such as fear of flying or public speaking, increase confidence and reduce stress and anxiety etc, however I love working with people where by I can bring in my other skills of nutrition and exercise which individually can have huge effects, yet when all combined are extremely powerful.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person £65 per 60 minutes
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person £65 per 60 minutes
NLP In Person £65 per 60 minutes
Life Coaching In Person £65 per 60 minutes
Life Coaching Online/Telephone £45 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Stop Smoking therapy £300 with free back up if needed (I have done under 10 in 20 years) Hypno-Band £450.00 Five session treatment. Including dietary and exercise assistance (Helps that I am a personal trainer and nutritionist) Introduction to EFT course 6 hours for £75 ! Call now to book.0770 333 2838