Harriet Goudard Family Constellation

Harriet Goudard
Family Constellation Therapist in Guildford

Harriet's work is based on the fundamentals of Family & Systemic Constellations, Shamanic Practices, Energy Mastery and the Gene Keys. As such, all of her containers support the organic and aligned development of the embodied Human spiritual experience - and all take place within the capacity of the nervous system. Working both online and in-person 121, in group workshops and with Nature and her own horses (Horse Constellations), Harriet fuses the spiritual with the Human, the 5D with the 3D, the mundane with the magical to create experiences that empower her clients to think differently, make changes and resource themselves to live more full, expressive and joyful lives.

'Thank you for being there for me. You helped me to remember that:

I am not alone
I can open myself to others and not be afraid
I can speak out
I can have boundaries and it's okay. It actually feels cleaner and truer
I don't need to dive into or reject people on first impressions
I can be gentle on myself and others

I admire your constancy and consistency to follow and show others your beliefs, and the energy with which you share it. Watching you so fully give so many hours of time to those who need you, and how gently you guide them, was truly inspiring. Being able to experience that first hand, left me hopeful in a time that I had little faith. You made me remember how strong we can be and how much more we are, when we are supported by others.

You remind me that the work is never done. And more importantly, that it can be done with grace.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for being.'

— Belinda Hau, Osa Jungle Academy, Costa Rica

Background & Family Constellation Qualifications

Having been on the journey of awakening since late teenage years, Harriet formalised her hands-on healing and equine-assisted therapeutic practices under the Usui Reiki certification 7 years ago. She then went on to study Horse Constellations and Core Shamanism, which was a natural extension of the animal communication skills she was born with. You can find a list of most of the certifications, courses and CPD she has attended below (not exhaustive!):

Family Systemic Constellations Facilitator Training with Marilene Metzler, UK
Horse Constellations Mentorship with Sara Fancy, California
Shamanic Apprenticeship (Huichol & Mayan Traditions) with the Rock n Roll Shaman, Colorado
Animal Communication with Jess Campman, Canada
Akashic Records Certification with the Rock n Roll Shaman
Garden of Mastery group containers with Pilar Lesko
Natural Horsemanship with Parelli
At Liberty Horsemanship Training with Carolyn Redsnick
Plant Spirit Medicine ‘Elder' Deep Dive with Emma & Davyd Farrell, Wales
Mediumship Development with the London School for Psychic Studies, UK
Usui Reiki with Seeliana, UK
Vipassana Meditation Old Student with SN Goenka

My Specialisms

Family Constellations
Nature & Horse Constellations
Shamanic Healing
Soul retrieval
Power retrieval
Cultivating presence

Approach to Family Constellation & How I Work

Who is it for?
Predominantly, but not exclusively, women who are uncovering their deeper purpose and medicine come to Harriet for deeper clarity and resolution in their closest relationships, a way out of burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, or depression, feelings of being alone, or isolated, even when living in community, reverberating family or systemic trauma - and those who simply need guidance, support and empowerment on their journey of deep spiritual awakening over recent years. Whichever the case, all of Harriet's clients are open-hearted and ready to take steps towards real and tangible change - both within and without.

How does it work?
Opening to The Field (the Morphogenetic, or Unified Field) is to open to the Heart Space. It is to see through the Shaman's Eye. In these deeply alchemical sessions, we hone the intention and then open the field in order to move towards the next gentle opening, or 'movement' within what is organically possible. This might be simply setting up the system and accepting what is, or it might be several movements within the system to bring more cohesion and harmony to the whole - and thus a level of integration. Expect breakthroughs, even with long-standing blocks, issues and physical symptoms, that continue to tangibly integrate for many weeks, months and years after the session.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Shamanism Online/Telephone Please Call
Family Constellation Online/Telephone Please Call
Family Constellation In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Online sessions can be recorded upon client request, for further study and future reference... In-person sessions can be 121 in my Guildford studio, in my partner London studio, or onsite in forest locations (Surrey AONB/ New Forest/ Preselis/ Dartmoor) - particularly great if we are working with Yew Tree Spirit, or Horse as Shaman... I also offer group circles, workshops and events - see website for more info. Concessions available for working mothers and those on low incomes, please enquire.