Lucy Teixeira Herbal Medicine

Lucy Teixeira
Herbal Medicine Practitioner in Caversham

I have been in practice for 13 years, I am a Homeopath RSHom using Asyra Bioresonance Health Screening. My experience offers my patients a route to self regulation and vitality. I specialise in female hormonal balance and menopause relief alongside Long Covid symptoms, depression, anxiety, digestion, sleep, skin and bladder imbalances.

I use Cytoplan supplements, Homeobotanical Herbal tinctures and Findhorn Flower Essences.

I have been a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor for 10 years and offer advice on problem skin and specialist skin care for those in need. I also select specific products from Weleda's range of natural body care products to help my patients reduce their toxic load.

Background & Herbal Medicine Qualifications

I have been using Homeopathic medicines after meeting a Homeopath of 45 years experience when my two boys were very small this is now over 22 years. I studied at The Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol and qualified in 2012. I have been registered with The Society of Homeopaths since qualifying. I have been married for 25 years, both sons have been treated with homeopathy for almost their whole life and are considerably healthier than their counterparts.

I have completed a Post Graduation Orion Course.

I am a founder member of The Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Network, giving talks on natural and biodynamic products and how they can improve their health while at the same time protecting the planet.

My Specialisms

I am specializing in bladder conditions for both men and women at all ages. I have experience with Lyme Disease, Depression, Chronic Fatigue. I have patients who have been controlled by their partners or family members; I give ladies back their POWER!

Fertility problems especially with those ladies suffering from PCOS, I am also helping children with fears and anxieties, and many conditions in babies such as eczema and long term coughs and colds, sleeping issues, and bedwetting in older children.

I find that most patients have some kind of autoimmune issues. I would like to offer you a multi layered approach to you any of your problems and return you to health.

Approach to Herbal Medicine & How I Work

I work from my practice room in Caversham Reading, I run Saturday morning clinics on two weekends a month.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Homeopathy In Person £95 per 120 minutes
Homeopathy In Person £35 per 30 minutes
Herbal Medicine In Person £35 per 30 minutes
Bioresonance Therapy Online/Telephone £95 per 120 minutes

Additional Rate Information

I am an experienced Homeopath RShom, I use Asyra Bioresonance testing to accompany my case taking. This service enables me to offer a comprehensive approach to your health. Some of my patients have been unwell for some time, they have tried allopathic medicine which has made them worse and need a different approach. My comprehensive case taking and Asyra testing help solve these long standing questions. I begin with a comprehensive analysis of the body which begins the road of recovery, I use Homeobotanicals remedies and Narayani remedies, they are combination remedies that back up my prescription. I use Cytoplan supplements which are some of the best on the UK market.


Emma HB on 04/09/2019

"Lucy is a very conscientious practitioner. Takes the time to listen and extremely knowledgable "

Elena on 04/09/2019

"I have seen other therapists in the past with Bioresonance treatment but Lucy is the first that I have made real progress with. Lucy has a real knack for making me feel comfortable and at ease when I need to talk about certain health issues that make me feel uncomfortable. I feel re-energised after my sessions. She has such a wealth of knowledge in her field, which gives me even more confidence when seeing her for treatment. She is attentive and takes note of all details mentioned and always makes sure to address them. Due to my positive progress and how superb Lucy is, I have personally recommended her to family and friends who have already started seeing her."

Claire Jackson on 04/09/2019

"Lucy is a fantastic woman, who has helped my family and i with Homeopathy.
She is always so kind and caring and really makes the time and does not make you feel rushed."

Claire Engbers on 04/09/2019

"I have had a number of sessions with Lucy over the years and have found her manner and approach to treatment incredible! Lucy is personable, professional and vastly knowledgeable - I have no hesitation in recommending Lucy "

Nicola W on 04/09/2019

"Lucy is very thorough in her approach, asking all the right questions and getting to the nub of an issue quickly. She takes a holistic approach to treatment, which gets better long-term results. Added to her undoubted ability, is her warm and compassionate nature."