Eftihia Metallidou

Eftihia Metallidou

Homeopath in Stockport

Homeopathic Physician, member of the Association of Registered Homeopaths (UK)
(A homeopath with a medical background)
Retired member of the General Medical Council

74 Bramhall Lane

tel / ans 0161 474 7301 weekdays 12-4.30pm
strictly by appointment only


Background & Qualifications

Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece, School for Medicine, qualified in 1991
Specialised in General Practice for three years, qualified as a GP- in 1994
Studied and qualified as a medical homeopath from the Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society in 1994 ( became a member of the Society)
Member of the GMC -General Medical Council, UK- since 1996, recently becoming a retired member
Becoming a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK) after passing their exams, (MFHom) [2001-2015]
Becoming a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths ,UK [MARH], 2014-to day
I have worked privately, as a Homeopathic Physician since 1994,
for over five years I was employed by the Manchester Homeopathic Clinic (Charity Organisation) and
for more than six years at the Liverpool Homeopathic Department (part of the NHS)

My Specialisms

These days I only practice Homeopathy, with my medical knowledge helping me along to make suggestions for medical investigations and understanding the medical conditions and complications of illnesses.
I practice Homeopathy, privately, after the patient makes an appointment.
All problems and all ages are included, as well as all conditions.
Purely surgical conditions can also be helped, along with the medical intervention. For example complicated traumas and recovery after operations.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I take the individual case in my practice -unless this is not possible- sometimes on Skype, asking and conversing with the patient on his/her nature, his/her physical complaints and sensitivities,, to understand their constitutional make up and where their system is imbalanced- and finally prescribe a homeopathic remedy, which when chosen accurately based on their whole state, can start the healing process.

Every case is unique; ten people with the same medical diagnosis could receive a different remedy each one of them.
This happens because the physical illness is experienced and modified in every single individual in a unique way, the mental/emotional background providing the blueprint of it, leading to different remedies in each case.

All ages and states can be treated, the success of the therapy depends on various individual factors.

Results of lab tests are welcome, I may even suggest some and give direction for further investigations, however they are not as important in Homeopathy for the diagnosis and therapy, as Homeopathy is very clinical and relies on observation, clinical signs and the narration from the patient, relatives and other observers (in children, people in a coma, people with communication problems)

All patients can be treated, without having their medication altered until they feel better and consult the practitioner who prescribed the drugs. Even in cases where the patient is under chemotherapy, it is worth trying homeopathy, for relief from side effects of drugs or 'boosting' of the vital energy.

In every case the information on drugs you take as well as other factors of your lifestyle are needed in the case taking, as these can affect the prognosis and the repetition or choice of the strength of your homeopathic remedy/ies.

Initially you will have a long consultation lasting normally 1-1.30 hours, and then you do a follow up in a month's time or earlier, in case of an acute condition, then as needed ;
once you feel better, there is less need to come back for more treatment.
However, chronic cases of severe pathology or skin conditions complicated by internal or systematic illness, of long standing and/or years of medication may need months of treatment until they completely heal. Improvement, though, should be expected to start soon after the well chosen remedy.

Your case and prognosis should be discussed on an individual base.

Follow ups last 30-60 minutes and cost accordingly.

There is a one- remedy prescription included in the fee. If more than one remedies are needed, there is an additional fee-usually less than five pounds; creams, ointments, lotions have an additional charge to cover their cost.

I am available to answer any questions between follow ups.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Homeopathy In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Homeopathy: First consultation costs : adult: £70.00, children to 12 years old £60.00 Second and further follow ups cost: £20-50.00 for adults or children, depending on frequency of visits; (usually £40.00) if more than one from the same family are being treated I give a discount. Please discuss your case on the phone for clarifications. Payment is accepted as cheque or cash. Some private medical insurance schemes offer a compensation of your bill. If so, you will be given a receipt and note if needed for this purpose. Occasionally I use Skype for patients who are not able to come in person, mainly follow ups; however I much prefer to see someone in person,especially for the first time. This is a method that relies on clinical observation a lot. I am insured as a homeopath; you will be given homeopathic only consultation and prescription . I do not support the practice of Homeopathy only to the exclusion of classical medicine or other complementary treatments that the patient desires to pursue. Your GP will remain your primary health destination for investigations and treatments you may need. Healthcare covers a wide area and cannot be exclusive to one person or system in one's lifetime especially in life threatening conditions. Homeopathy has a tremendous therapeutic range but every case must be judged individually. Let's say though that homeopathic treatment is welcome in every condition, on its own or as complementary treatment, as it is so harmless when failing , yet powerful when the remedy matches the state.