katy haigh

Katy Haigh

Homeopath in Warwickshire


Homeopathy can be used effectively by everyone,from babies and children to adults,including women during pregnancy.Homeopathy promotes the body's natural ability to heal.When prescribed appropriately, they are safe,non toxic and non addictive.They can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action.As your condition improves you may be able to safely reduce your conventional medication,thereby avoiding the unwanted effects that sometimes accompany the long- term use of drugs.
Homeopathy is a wonderful way of healing. It lifts peoples energies out of illness back to wholeness so that once again you can see your purpose and gain focus in life.


Are you struggling to lose weight?Suffering from tiredness and feeling unwell? Do you suffer from bloating? IBS? PMT ? Migraines? Sinusitis? Eczema? Hayfever?
You could be suffering from a food sensitivity!Book now for a simple test.It's comfortable and non-invasive.

I own my own bees and my friend has her own goats , I use the products from the bees and goats milk to produce a range of wonderful soaps ,creams and lip balms ,that are natural and healing , these can be found on the website .

Background & Qualifications

My children rarely went to a doctor, when they were ill I treated them myself with herbs. A friend introduced me to Homeopathic remedies, and I found a couple of tablets easier to give than a cup of infused herbs.I have a good background knowledge in herbal remedies .
I educated my children myself at home. As my children got older and I had more time, I decided to train as a Homeopath.
I qualified at the Homeopathy College in Birmingham after four years of study in 2009 and have been in full time practice since then. I am licensed to practice by the college and am a registered member of the Alliance of registered Homeopaths.LHC MARH
I am a certified CEASE therapist.

I have 2 busy clinics in Holmfirth ,West Yorkshire, last weekend of the month and Solihull 2nd friday and 2nd sat of the month .I also attend home visits around the Warwick, Kenilworth,leamington areas and I'm available for telephone and online consultations.I have just began a new practise in West Wales at Waverley Health centre in Camarthen on the 3rd thursday of the month.
I am a qualified Allergy testing therapist .Dip.AIT

My Specialisms

I specialise in helping children and young adults with behavioural problems and learning difficulties.
I use homeopathic remedies and if needed a detox programme to help clear the effects of toxicity and environmental stress .This then helps their digestion,their sleep and helps them to be more comfortable in who they are and helps them to integrate better in their surroundings.
Many children with behavioural problems have issues with their digestion, this has led me to a greater understanding of digestive health, we have to remember our gut is our second brain . I now have many clients who come to see me to help resolve gut issues ,such as IBS and other digestive upsets .

I specialise in helping women with thyroid imbalance, menstrual problems ,fertility issues and support through the menopause

I help with reoccurring colds,chronic sinusitis and poor immunity

I help with skin complaints and breathing problems.

Using homeopathy not only gets to the root of the problem, but really empowers you .

I am an Allergy Intolerance Therapist ,I use a dietx machine which is known as an electro-dermal-screening machine.The machine will point out what potential foods,pollens have an intolerence too. An elimination diet of the potential foods follows, with nutritional advice.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I believe we all should get back to our roots and look at exercising daily in fresh air,drinking filtered water and nourishing ourselves with organic foods .I give advice on nutrients that I feel are needed depending on the individual and of course homoeopathy.
I see people once every 4 weeks where I take a full case history and provide homeopathic support.
Consultations last up to an hour ,costs are £60 initial consultation, follow ups £55 , this includes all homeopathic products.

During your test you will be checked for over 120 substances which include common foods and drinks. Also offered is advice on a sensible elimination diet as well as a vitamin and mineral deficiency test and nutrients advice .
Tests last and hour and cost £50

Privacy statement.
Privacy of personal information is an important principle for Katy Haigh LHC MARH registered homeopath, Certified CEASE practioner and Allergy Intolerant Testing therapist dip AIT.
I am committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the services I provide.
As part of your consultation I take notes including details such as your contact details and information regarding your health. The purpose of collecting this information is to provide treatment. These notes are confidential and are kept in a locked filing cabinet. Your notes are not shared with anyone else or with any organisation unless you give me written permission to do so, for example if you were consulting another therapist. I may also contact the relevant authorities if I feel that you or someone else is in danger.
Clinic notes are kept for 7 years after your final consultation if you are an adult or when you reach 25 years of age if you were treated as a child under the age of 18. After this time your clinic notes are shredded.
In order to carry out my job as your therapist I will need to contact you from time to time about appointments and similar matters. I will only contact you as agreed and only when necessary.
If you wish to have a copy of your notes or withdraw your consent to be contacted you can do this by letting me know in writing either via email or letter.
If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy don't hesitate to contact me.
Email me on or ring on 07766434349 to book an appointment or ring for a chat to discuss how homeopathy/ light body healing or an allergy test can help you.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Homeopathy In Person £55 per 60 minutes
Homeopathy Online/Telephone £55 per 60 minutes
Allergy Therapy In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Healing Online/Telephone £50 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Homeopathy costs: initial consultation £60 follow ups cost £55,this includes all homeopathic products and support. lasts up to hour .Frequency of treatment every 4 weeks. I can organise telephone or skype consultations for same price as above, I book a suitable time with you and call you this lasts up to an hour, a great help for busy mums or for clients who have difficulty leaving the house. Intolerance and Allergy testing using the dietx intolerance testing machine. Costs are £50, consultations last an hour. Light Body Healing. Costs £50, lasts an hour.


Karen Standfield on 11/05/2015

"Katy's very supportive style of treatment has made a huge difference to my quality of life. I had pretty much resigned myself to poor health for the rest of my days under the GP (asthma, allergies, digestive and skin problems, insomnia - I had the lot). A combination of homeopathy and lifestyle advice has essentially put control back into my hands. I feel better ever month - stronger, healthier and more myself than ever before. I am more resilient as a person and would strongly recommend Katy as a therapist."

M Postins on 11/05/2015

"Homeopathy practitioner Katy Haigh has demonstrated to me the gentleness of treating and healing the body through homeopathy. Katy has come to my home, expertly assessed my answers to her questions and prescribed remedies when necessary, since summer 2011. Today, although my age has increased, my aches and pains have diminished and my body is stronger and I am much more mobile both physically and mentally. Longstanding complaints have receded and become forgotten. I have learned that under the guidance of a competent practitioner homeopathy can heal gently and without side effects.

M Standfield on 15/05/2015

"I have found Katy to be very helpful and insightful. She is open to and uses other therapy's apart from homeopathy and is able to use them to compliment each other.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone as she is able to help with a wide range of ailments."

Simon on 25/06/2015

"I was a total alternative therapy sceptic. Asthmatic since the age of three, I was a habitual reliever user. The first I knew of the changes that had occurred were when the doctors surgery contacted me for an asthma review. I hadn't used an inhaler for over six months and haven't ever since. Ventolin free after 50 years. A sceptic? All I can say is there's more that we don't understand than we do. Thanks Katy."

Mrs H on 12/08/2016

"My daughter has been seeing Katy for around 5 months, I took her to see if there were some homeopathic treatments that could help with her high anxiety, low energy levels and low mood (she has a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome). Katy has made some excellent suggestions for natural remedies, some of which we have bought over the counter and others have been Katy's own homeopathic preparations. There have been some definite improvements (some of which all the family have benefitted from) and it has introduced my daughter to alternative ways to manage some of her symptoms and difficulties. She was at a very uncertain and difficult stage of her life and Katy's input has been invaluable in enabling her to move forward."

Keith B on 01/08/2017

"After 'conventional' medication and treatment left my 22 year old autistic son unable to function properly or control his emotions, and it appeared he was heading towards psychosis and a hospital bed, in a state of desperation I found Katy. Not the best time for me or my family, J and I were being rejected by service providers and psychologists because of his difficult behaviour, and psychiatrists were over medicating him leaving him shuffling and dribbling with his eyes rolling and he ended up in A&E and in a secure unit. This could not continue; it was inhumane.
Thanks to Katy we now have a lovable and pretty much well adjusted lad who is growing ever more confident in his own ability and working towards independent living in a place of his own. He is reaching personal milestones we never imagined he would achieve and he is now progressing towards his emotional and physical development potential. All this in less than twelve months with only one meeting per month, but what good meetings they are. Katy is very empathetic and patient. She takes her time and gets to know her client properly, asking questions in a variety of ways to help her to understand the person. She then explains how she would like to treat the cause, not the symptoms, of the underlying problem. She provides a clear explanation of how the body and mind react to stimulants and toxins and how important good nutrients are in restoring the gut flora balance so that effectively the body goes through a cleansing process to get rid of accumulated toxins when the therapy starts. I am cynical, but this is common sense. I wanted to believe this treatment would work for my son's sake, it was a last resort. I didn't want to be taken in by a 'snake oil salesperson'. I am a professional person myself used to working in a business world where we question everything. I swallowed hard and agreed to try the remedies Katy provided.
This is a complimentary therapy however over the next few months I weaned J off the conventional medication that I believed was causing him so many issues. Using very gentle natural remedies, the soothing effect of these has been unbelievable in our case. It has taken time and patience but Katy has been very supportive and her expertise has shocked not just me but all of the people who support J and have known him for many years are now talking about the huge positive changes. The happy J of old is back, and it is clear that with a different gentle approach, a more understanding practitioner who demonstrates care and empathy and offers hope and an understanding of the impact on the person and their family, whether it's a placebo effect or not (it's clearly not!), this therapy works. I can now make sense of J's behaviours and how these were reactions to anti-psychotic drugs shutting down his only coping mechanism (due to brain damage at birth) which is the emotional side of his brain.
There are some special people in this world who have a gift of understanding and being able to help and Katy is one of those special people. Katy, I have never told you how I doubted you, and I apologise now that I did, but I will be eternally grateful that you have brought J back to us and shown a real caring interest in him. You should be proud of what you have achieved because life has become so much better for all of us thanks to you. You have put the smile back on J's face.
If anyone is unsure of going down the unconventional natural route (according to conventional medication sellers) get in touch with Katy and set your mind at rest. I am happy for Katy to put you in touch with me if you want to find out more. "

Vicky Harrison on 17/10/2017

"I have suffered various long lasting skin conditions most of my adult life and was at my all time low of exhausting visits to Dermatologists that continually told me there was nothing they could do. They didn't know the cause and couldn't help the symptoms.
I have suffered with other medical conditions that Katy has helped me with and my journey continues.
I have been going now for 2 years and my skin conditions have not returned. I am so thrilled as they were taking over my life and effecting my confidence , work and social life.
No matter what condition you suffer with take a trip to Katy. The visit could be life changing!"

Gemma pinfold on 07/03/2018

"I got in touch with Katy after suffering with eczema for many years, and sick of the dr fobbing me of with steroid creams😐. Katy made me feel at ease, she took the time to listen to every little detail relevant or not to try and get to the bottom of what the cause was. I had an allergy test to rule out a food source.( It was pain less). Katy also came to my home and dropped of any remedies I needed. My eczema has now cleared up 😀 I know even though I don't see Katy anymore (as I'm cured), if I needed any advice or treatment I can call on her. Thank you so much Katy!! I definitely can't recommend you highly enough !"

Olivers Mum on 07/03/2018

"We started seeing Katy in September after a number of long months of Oliver having constant ear problems, although he has always suffered with ear infections from being little. After seeing her for once a month for 5 months his ear infections have now stopped. He is a much brighter and happier lad now as it was really getting him down. Thank you!"

Andrew Rosser on 23/04/2018

"After having a nasty car accident and being left with nerve damage and all sorts of trauma I tried every type of help offered. Actupuncture,Bowen,Chiropractors,physiotherapy along with massive doses of main stream drugs from my local GP. I was at all time low. A very good friend recommended I phone Katy and try Homeopathy as I had an open mind and needed help in the right areas. After my first meeting with Katy I realised I was not looking at the healing process in the right way I was blaming the doctors for the wrong drugs instead of why I needed them. Katy listened and gave me time and advice so I grew positive about my condition and gave me a way of dealing with the after affects of the main stream medicine. As soon as Katy had got me off the Doctor recommended medicine I started to feel better. I grew stronger knowing that Katy was only a phone call away helped and from her advice I stopped taking the drugs and have with her help I have nearly recovered completely. This will take time and has been five years but now I have a positive outlook and can see improvement, where my doctor kept saying it will never heal as the damage is so great. Thank you Katy for believing in me. Keep up the good work we need you!!"

Jessica Charlton on 21/02/2019

"I had been seeing Katy for a couple of years mainly to help with chronic fatigue. She has given me lots of advice along with homeopathic medication and supplements to take. I would recommend her to anyone with similar problems who is looking for natural remedies to treat their health problems."

Sally Rodgers on 29/03/2019

"Katy was recommended to me as I had tried many different medical creams, pills and treatments for hair loss. It was really getting me down and I was at the end of my tether.
I wasn't sure what to expect at first but Katy and I had an in-depth consultation where I discussed all my problems. She recommended certain vitamins to take and send me remedies. After seeing Katy monthly for the last 4 month I must say I am feeling a million times better. My hair has started to grow back and I am so much happier. I can highly recommend Katy. She is very honest and her treatments really do work."

Cindy on 27/05/2020

"Katy is an excellent and knowledgeable therapist. I found her to be patient and attentive with excellent listening skills. Her honest, accommodating and non-judgemental approach meant that essential points and details were translated with ease. Katy was also approachable and contactable outside of normal appointment times.
My health has hugely improved as a result of using the recommended health products and by taking onboard all of the excellent advice that was imparted throughout my treatment and care.
Life long lessons have been learned and homeopathy will continue to be a prominent feature throughout life. "

Carl on 29/05/2020

"I have been receiving treatment from Katy for just over 1 year and I have now concluded my treatment period. About 18 months ago Tinnitus begun and this caused me problems functioning day to day. Whilst I still have Tinnitus the severity has really decreased, I would say that I now my Tinnitus is about 10% of what it was 18 months ago. I am sure it will, in time, drop completely. Katy has been with me on that journey, supplying remedies every month, that were developed as a consequence of a long (up to an hour) conversation each month, listening to the my experiences and then developing remedies to suit. Katy is very easy to speak to, listens well, ask questions well and as such, I am sure is supplying the correct remedy. I found the hour long conversation therapeutic and helpful, along with the remedies themselves."

Raf on 31/05/2020

"My main symptoms were burping after eating food, so I made an appointment with Katy as I was recommended by one of the staff members in Revital health store. After having a couple of consultations with Katy my symptoms got better and now I feel I am back to normal again. Katy was absolutely amazing in diagnosis the health issues I had and I got no hesitation in recommending her as she is absolutely great in treating and diagnosis health issues."

Ella Turner on 02/06/2020

"My son has had a blocked nose from birth and needed saline spray as a baby in order to feed. As a toddler he was really snotty first thing in the morning and after a nap. I didn't want him to have any harsh medicines from the doctor so I asked Katy for help. She has steadily eased his congestion with different remedies and it is lovely to hear our boy breathing through his nose now. The problem has gone and we are very grateful. Thank you Katy! "

Anthony Frost on 27/10/2020

"My son, who has ASD, has been receiving treatment from Katy for 5 years or so, during which his health has become strong and robust, no more constant ear and throat infections. His communication, concentration and understanding have improved greatly. I myself had a health crisis this year and the GPs just gave me antibiotics that just made me bedridden, no energy, black tongue... I turned to Katy and homeopathy which saved me. My wracking cough has gone. I've got my energy, my health, and my life back. Thank you Katy!"