Maria  Gaian  Hypnotherapy

Maria  Gaian
Hypnotherapist in Alicante

You're a woman who feels compelled to nurture, support and help others, but something keeps holding you back from creating the meaningful project or business that you know would transform so many lives, including your own.

Maybe you want to:

πŸ’š start an ethical business that cares about the planet or supports wildlife;

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ become a teacher, health care professional, counsellor, coach or therapist;

πŸ” rescue chickens from battery farms;

πŸ“™ write a bestselling self help or personal growth book;

🐴 open a care farm for kids with special needs;

πŸ₯— start a community organic garden or vegan cafe;

🧘 teach yoga or mindfulness to women struggling with mental health issues;

πŸ™‹ move to another country and start an ecotherapy retreat centre (like I did)

πŸ₯° or something else that you are super passionate about.

Maybe you've already started your journey to creating your meaningful project or business, but you seem unable to get beyond a certain point.


Are you telling yourself that your meaningful project or business is impossible?

That you don't have the resources or the finances or the ability?

Do you believe that doing big, bold life changing things is something for other people, not for someone like you?

Does life keep getting in the way?

Are you listening to people who discourage you?

Do you self sabotage?

Or give up cos you're convinced you aren't good enough, or capable enough?

I'll bet that you're confused, and a little envious, cos you see other women achieving meaningful things and you're left wondering what the heck is wrong with you?

You're an intelligent, capable woman. Why can't you make your meaningful project or business a success?


I'm going to bet a million euros that the reason you feel so compelled to help others is cos youβ€˜ve suffered yourself.

You know what it is to be bullied, abused, attacked, neglected, abandoned, hurt, traumatised, betrayed or rejected, don't you? And you don't want others to struggle like you did. You're what I call a β€˜Chiron' - a wounded healer.

If that's the case, it's not your fault that you hit a glass ceiling every time you try to make a difference.

Your soul is wounded, or missing parts of itself, and that leaves you struggling with low self esteem, confidence issues, depression, anxiety and a whole raft of other emotional and psychological baggage.

In order for your meaningful project or business to come to life, and be successful, you need to heal your wounds, so you can stop holding yourself back. You need to rebuild your self esteem and confidence and make depression and anxiety a thing of the past.

And that's where I come in, cos I can help you overcome all the psychological blocks that are stopping you making your meaningful project or business happen!

Just imagine it for a moment. See in your mind's eye your meaningful project or business doing good in the world. How does that feel?

Are you ready to do everything you can to bring your project or business to life? Let's get started then!

Background & Hypnotherapy Qualifications


I'm Maria and I'm an abuse survivor who suffered from depression, anxiety and cPTSD from a very young age. My mental health affected everything I did and I couldn't make a success of anything. I struggled with work, relationships, money, romance and my health, cos I believed I didn't deserve anything good in my life.

My life was a mess. I'd ricochet around from one thing to another, without making a proper success of anything.

My dream was to start a successful horse assisted therapy retreat in Spain, but every time I tried to get started, my confidence and self esteem issues would get in the way of my success.

My meaningful business seemed unobtainable.

I committed to trying every therapy I could. It took me a lot of time, money and energy, but eventually it paid off and I discovered the keys to overcoming the mental health issues that were holding me back.

Once I'd discovered the keys to healing, I wanted to share what I'd learned with other wounded souls, so I became a certified life coach and counsellor, alchemical soul healer and hypnotherapist.

I created Gaian Therapy, which combines cutting edge neuroscience and natural remedies with deep soul healing work to create major transformations. .

My Specialisms

I see the wholeness in you and I'll help you step into your passion and purpose and bring your meaningful project or business to life.

My specialism is regression therapy where I help women like you uncover and understand where and when they were wounded. This could be in this life, or even a past life. It could be a β€˜witch wound' or generational wound passed on from your ancestors that needs healing. It's been discovered that trauma can pas down through our DNA! Sounds weird, but it's true!

Then we'll work together on healing those wounds so that depression and anxiety become a thing of the past and confidence and self esteem are rebuilt.

At the same time, I coach and mentor clients to work on the seven pillars of mental health and wellness, which support all the other work we'll do together.

Approach to Hypnotherapy & How I Work

I'I'm not like other therapists. Not even a little bit!

I stand at the crossroads where spirit and science meet.

My office is the great outdoors and you'll find me running sessions in the mountains ⛰️, on a walk in the woods 🌳 🌳 🌳 or dipping our toes in the Mediterranean sea. 🌊🌴

I believe in actions being louder and more healing than words, so I encourage clients to get out of their heads, off the sofa and out into the world to go DO stuff that makes a difference.


Don't worry if you can't make it to the Costa Blanca to work with me in person, I've created online virtual retreats and programs to help you heal no matter where you are.

I don't offer one off sessions as these are neither use nor ornament as my Nan would say.

I offer transformational 28 packages where you'll get daily support via live chat or email, weekly live therapy sessions and access to the wild fox retreat community.

I also offer week long retreats in the Serra de Mariola area of Spain, find details of these at

Therapies & Rates

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Additional Rate Information

I don't offer one off sessions, although you can book a FREE 45 minute clarity call with me. I offer transformational 28 day intensive packages, designed to bring you rapid results. You'll get daily support via live chat or email, weekly live coaching/healing/therapy sessions and access to the Wild Fox Virtual Retreat ( My packages currently cost Β£297 or 297€, but this is subject to change so please check out my fees here: Discounts and scholarships may be available on request. I also offer week long retreats in the Serra de Mariola area of Spain, find details of these at