Rasunah Sellars Hypnotherapy

Rasunah Sellars
Hypnotherapist in Shinfield, Reading

I am naturally intuitive and empathetic, traits that I have served me well in understanding other people. Working as a therapist allows me to channel these qualities into a meaningful service to others. Being naturally aware of energy allows me to hold a safe space for those that enter therapy with me. Difficult thoughts or emotions can be explored and transformed and it is the greatest pleasure witnessing this. I believe that with guidance, we can overcome the greatest of adversity and turn it into something beneficial that promotes healing and growth.

Background & Hypnotherapy Qualifications

ITEC diploma Reflexology East Berkshire College, Langley
Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DCH from Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Level 2
Diploma Regression Therapy and Inner child therapy and Spiritual Regression SRTA
Reiki I, II, Master
Practitioners Diploma Homeopathy from Contemporary College of Homeopathy

Professional associations
National Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy

My Specialisms

Exam anxiety
Anxiety and Panic
Generalised Anxiety disorder
Trauma and Past events
Low self esteem
Life changes
Children and Adolescents

Approach to Hypnotherapy & How I Work

I use an integrative approach to therapy. This means I draw upon a variety of models and concepts of therapy to tailor an approach that is individualised and relevant to you. I have specifically chosen therapies to work with that create the fastest and most beneficial change. I am trained in hypnotherapy, spirituality and traditional psychotherapy and all influence my practice and the therapy you receive. I work with proven techniques such as EFT and EMDR to move past limiting emotions or trauma at points in the therapy.
I also work with regression therapy to uncover and transform unconscious blocks, integrate parts of you that may be stuck in trauma and use cognitive therapy (CBT) to create conscious changes in your thoughts and behaviour. This integrated and guided approach allows meaningful change in fewer sessions than counselling alone but has all the sensitivity and therapeutic alliance of the counselling experience.
Areas I work with are:
Phobias, Confidence, Anxiety, Relationships, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
Rasunah Sellars
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Homeopath, EFT

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person £70 per 60 minutes
Reflexology In Person £65 per 55 minutes
Reiki In Person £65 per 55 minutes
Regression Therapy In Person £115 per 90 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Clinical Hypnotherapy (psychotherapy/hypnotherapy/EFT/CBT) £70-115 (60-90min) Regression therapy including Inner Child Therapy £115-£140 (90-120min) Reflexology/Reiki £65 (60min) Reiki guided mindfulness session £65 (60min)