Steve Lovatt Hypnotherapy

Steve Lovatt
Hypnotherapist in Bedale

My journey began around 12 years ago, after a serious accident left me dependent upon strong painkillers and feeling very low. I discovered the healing power of breath and began a journey to train as a breathwork coach. This led to training in sound therapy, yoga nidra and meditation. After a forced career break I had the opportunity to re-evaluate what my true purpose was and retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist, deciding to leave my previous career behind and have a new goal, to help people.

I regularly attend seminars, conferences and further training courses to ensure my therapy is always up to date and lead by clinical and scientific research. My work is very much based around a holistic approach utilising practices for the mind and body, bringing the whole individual back to a natural state of balance and happiness. I believe key to this is allowing you to have an understanding of the science behind why you might be experiencing life in the way in which you are. We are not broken and do not need to be "fixed", I will lead you on a journey to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. A happier, healthier you.

I am a therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and wellness coach, using a variety of techniques to help a varied client base with challenges they may be facing, including smoking cessation, phobias etc. I also am a lecturer for a national training organisation, training other therapists on the treatment of stress, anxiety and trauma, including PTSD and complex trauma. I offer a free, no obligation initial telephone consultation, so please get in touch and we can discuss how I might be able to help you.

Background & Hypnotherapy Qualifications

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My Specialisms

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Approach to Hypnotherapy & How I Work

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Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person £77 per 75 minutes
Mindfulness In Person £60 per 45 minutes
Meditation In Person £60 per 45 minutes
Tension and Trauma Releasing In Person £77 per 75 minutes
Healing In Person £77 per 75 minutes
Theta Healing In Person £90 per 60 minutes