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Lindsey Elliott
Life Coach in Brighton

Do you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, insecure or just not good enough? Are you constantly trying to cajole yourself into changing, but don't know where to start or what would work for you? Exhausting isn't it! (I know, I've been there)

There is NOTHING wrong with you, nothing that needs to be fixed, nothing missing or broken within you. You are always OK.

You may not believe this now, but I can help guide you to truly know this for yourself.

​Coaching with me offers change with a radical difference. This is change without effort, struggle, goal-setting or forcing yourself. This is change through a powerful, life-changing shift within you. This coaching process has the power to profoundly shift any area of struggle in your life, habit or addiction and to set free the built-in peace of mind within you. ​In my work as a certified Change coach I share a paradigm of understanding mental and emotional health that is changing lives all over the world. This understanding has the power to alleviate much of the unnecessary suffering within you.

​You can move from feeling insecure, stressed, anxious or unfulfilled to happy, secure, inspired, peaceful and filled with love. I call this 'coming home to yourself'.

Background & Life Coaching Qualifications

I have over fifteen years' experience practicing complementary therapies, including Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy, the Nia Technique, nutritional therapy (Dip ION) and life-coaching.

I offer 1-2-1 programmes, groups and courses to heal and ignite your life. I am a fully trained and certified Change coach, Three Principles Facilitator, Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapist, nutritional therapist (Dip ION), and Nia Technique instructor. I practice in Brighton, and online.

BSc Hons Psychology

Fully qualified nutritional therapist (Dip ION)

Accredited Ignite Your Spirit therapist

Nia Technique instructor (White Belt)

Certified Change Coach (Dr Amy Johnson)

Certified Three Principles facilitator (Innate Evolution)

Lindsey is bound by a strict code of conduct and ethics for coaching, nutritional therapy and IYS healing, and is fully insured. Lindsey is also a professional member of the Association for Coaching and a registered practitioner with the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC).

My Specialisms

1:1 coaching - specialist in anxiety, stress, overwhelm, low self-esteem, habits and addictions. In depth focus on understanding how the mind really works, and how our experience of life is created. When we have this understanding, life flows with more peace, joy, ease and grace. The possibility for change is endless and built into us.

Break Up With Anxiety 8 week 1:1 coaching programme - Are you tired of anxiety being your constant friend you can't get rid of? You never know when they might show up and so you do all you can to hide from them? Have you tried everything else to breakup with this ‘friend', only to find they still follow you around?
If this sounds familiar, then this might be right for you.

‘Break Up With Anxiety' has a radically different approach to release you from the grip of anxiety so that you can:
• GO where you want,
• Say YES to what you want and
• Live your life with lightness and ease

Break Up With Addiction 8 week 1:1 coaching programme - Are you exhausted with trying to be free of your addiction or bad habit? Do you feel like you may never be able to cope without it? Most addiction recovery and habit modification programmes are based around trying to modify behaviour, or create behaviour change. This usually means having to galvanise our willpower and 'muscle' our way into giving something up. Or trying to add a new ‘better' behaviour in (such as starting to meditate or exercise) in order to 'replace' the addictive behaviour or substance. Sometimes this works…but it's usually hard graft and you may never feel confident that the change is permanent.

There is a different understanding of how we work as humans, that provides the 'key' to freeing yourself from addiction. It's a lot less effortful and stressful. This programme starts by focusing before behaviour to bring true, lasting change. The understanding explored really does turn habit creation, breaking habits and addiction recovery on its head.

Approach to Life Coaching & How I Work

​In my work as a certified Change coach I share a paradigm of understanding mental and emotional health that is changing lives all over the world. This understanding has the power to alleviate much of the unnecessary suffering within you.

I see my role as a facilitator/guide, pointing you towards understanding how your mind works and towards your own intelligence, wisdom and healing. I have found this to be far more powerful approach than looking for someone else to ‘fix' us. We are never broken; our in-built health, confidence, wisdom and wellbeing may simply be temporarily hidden from our sight.

I have been on a spiritual/self-development path for many years, always in search of what is true. A few years ago I came across a simple and yet profound psychological/spiritual understanding of how life works that has changed everything for me:

I spent most of my life feeling insecure and anxious. I lived with a near-constant feeling that I needed to fix myself. Once I learned the true nature of how thought creates our experience of life, and that none of the negative or anxious thoughts I believed about myself were true, I found my freedom. I had believed for so long there was something wrong with me. Knowing the opposite of this is true is liberating. Knowing that emotions come from my thinking, not from some defect in me or how I am living my life, further cemented a new lightness, peace and clarity about who I really am (who we all really are!).

This understanding is now the basis of all my work helping people to know their truest nature, reach their potential and have better, more peaceful lives. When we are exposed to truth we can't go back to how we used to see life, and this is what I want to share with you.

Working with me over a sustained, regular period of time allows for the greatest change to occur and creates the time for your transformation to happen. Coaching programmes offer the best value for ongoing change, transformation and support. The minimum amount of time I work with clients is 3 months. Please contact me to receive a complimentary coaching session and, if it feels right to work together, we can then discuss a personalised coaching programme to suit you and your budget.

Therapies & Rates

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