Amanda Staples Massage Therapy

Amanda Staples
Massage Therapist in Bristol

I have been in the complementary therapy field for over twenty years. I began with an excellent grounding in anatomy and physiology. From there I qualified in therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, seated acupressure, oriental face massage, clinical hypnotherapy and psychology, reiki, and most recently Bowen Technique. I am also a level 4 back pain specialist Pilates Instructor. I regularly update my skills through research and continued professional development. Recently I have completed courses in fascia stretching, kinesiology taping and muscle energy technique. During Covid I attended webinars for live dissection and completed an in-depth functional anatomy refresher course.

My focus in all my work is about improving function of the body and the mind.

Background & Massage Therapy Qualifications

Various massage qualifications as above.
Clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
Pilates to level 4 - Low back pain specialty.

My Specialisms

Fascial release in deep tissue massage - making it a more comfortable experience than traditional deep tissue approaches.
Fascial release and stretching incorporated in Pilates exercises.
Level 4 low back pain specialism in Pilates.
Experience of working with people with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis conditions, PBC, chronic pain and back injuries/post spinal surgery.
I specialise in working with people with anxiety and depression with hypnotherapy.

Approach to Massage Therapy & How I Work

In recent years I have changed how I work to incorporate a more gentle but very effective approach to massage using fascia release and kinesiology taping. I have formed an obsession with fascia and incorporate this into how I teach Pilates. My approach to both massage and Pilates and massage is a strong focus on function and mobility.
With regards to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I work most commonly with anxiety and depression, I also provide help with phobia, confidence and self esteem issues, compulsive behaviour, and quit smoking.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Acupressure In Person £25 per 30 minutes
Hypnotherapy In Person £55 per 60 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £25 per 30 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £38 per 40 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £28 per 30 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £48 per 30 minutes
Clinical Pilates In Person £35 per 60 minutes
Psychotherapy In Person £45 per 60 minutes
Reiki In Person £30 per 30 minutes
Bowen Technique In Person £45 per 55 minutes
Pilates In Person £35 per 30 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Pilates classes run in six week blocks and cost £49. Private lessons are £35. NB Massage Therapy is therapeutic massage/Swedish massage or remedial massage i.e. functional massage for chronic pain/injury. Also available is reiki massage, Kinesiology taping as add-ons to the treatment. Muscle energy techniques may also be incorporated into functional bodywork. Prior to attending hypnotherapy is it necessary for you to have a telephone consultation for which there is a nominal fee of £15. Allow half an hour. Quit smoking hypnotherapy is available £120.


Colin M on 13/05/2015

"I have been going to Amanda's Pilates class for several years, having tried others that I didn't enjoy as much.

I chose Amanda because I had a knee injury (my doctor recommended improving my core muscles). I'd also tried other more "intensive" classes which weren't as effective for me.

Amanda's class strikes a nice balance between friendly and informal, and allowing you to work as hard or as gently as suits each person.


Paul Revell on 13/05/2015

"- I've been looking for some form of low impact exercise which will stretch and strengthen me. Since taking up Amanda's Pilates class the mobility and flexibility of my back and core has got better. Amanda is helpful and knowledgeable. the classes are at different levels so you can find what suits you best.
- I recommend it as a good calming session. It's only for one hour one evening a week but it has improved my overall physical health and generally makes me feel better.

Neil on 13/05/2015

"I have been visiting Amanda for seated acupressure treatment to fix the aches and strains I get from a combination of a sedentary job combined with manic DIY sessions and the like for quite some time now, and she fixes me up every time. It's amazing how Amanda can find those trigger points and smooth them away, especially as they often seem to crop up in new sites! I also attend her Pilates class once per week and can thoroughly recommend that too. I recently had an operation on my foot that left me in plaster and on crutches for 3 months and the strengthening of my core from the Pilates exercises really helped me get around during that time without strain or injury. Amanda knows her stuff...."

Helen A on 13/05/2015

"I have been attending Amanda's Pilates class now for 4 years and find that the class really helps me to cope with a lower back problem, it keeps me mobile. I have also had deep tissue massage, which really hit the spot. I am very happy to recommend Amanda for Pilates and massage."

Donna on 13/05/2015

"I have been doing Amanda's pilates classes for several years she not only runs a very good & varied class but also helps out giving advice with our many varied problems !! I really benefit from the excercises and have also had several massages from Amanda which have helped releive pain. I would be happy to recommend her."