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Mike  Lawrence
Massage Therapist in Sheffield

In today's current pace of life, stress is inevitable and something we are exposed to on a daily basis. Between work-related pressures and personal responsibilities, stress manifests itself in different ways. With a full-on lifestyle, we often suffer from a variety of health conditions that are fleeting or long-term. Whether it's anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, migraines, or joint aches - everyone has a different reaction. But what it's important to realise is that you don't have to endure this; you can take steps to prevent and deal with your issues.

At Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies, I'm a coach & integrative therapist. We are enablers of health and wellbeing - a powerful, inclusive integration integrative therapies business know-how, design, knowledge, and communication. We work with our clients to deliver value in a way that others cannot through our seamless offerings.

Integrative therapy is increasingly the most common type of therapy and I have undertaken several forms of training (NLP, Life coaching, hypnosis, bodywork, stress management, Reiki, spirituality and reflexology) and found a way to blend them together to produces extraordinary results for my clients.

An integrative therapy session is a natural and wholesome therapy based on touch; it melts away all your accumulated stress and tension and gives you an energy boost so you feel revitalised and refreshed. Although considered as a full body treatment, it can also focus on certain areas of discomfort that require quick relief and treatment. Each session enables the body to tap into its built-in recuperative powers to accelerate healing, function efficiently, and restore balance. Regular treatment of the whole body will guarantee overall wellbeing and helps in the prevention of stress-related health conditions.

Background & Massage Therapy Qualifications

In 2008 he ruptured to his Achilles tendon (actually done it twice on both legs) and became interested in life coaching. He went to see Anthony Robbins in London and trained to become a professional life coach. He subsequently studied NLP, Reiki (Master), Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a long list of cognitive integrative therapies, including intuition and mediumship.

Presented with Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Services Rendered in Organizing 4th International Conference on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management by Robert M. Gordon, PhD Fellow of the American Psychological Association US.

Mike Lawrence London Metropolitan University, UK awarded certificate for conducting the workshop on "How to alleviate stress: the importance for organizations to implement a more holistic view of the employee to alleviate stress" presented jointly by Robert M Gordon American Psychological Association, USA & Paolo Scapellato European University of Rome, Italy.

Certificate of Recognition from the Editors of Journal of Depression and Anxiety International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience and Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment wish to thank Mike Lawrence London Metropolitan University, the UK for Evaluating Posters presented at the 4th International Stress Conference on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management.

Primary Certificate In Stress Management
DMS PGDiP London Metropolitan University
Reiki/Seichem Healing Parts 1 and 2 The Violet Flame
Registered Practitioner Holistic Hypnotherapy
Professional Life Coach - The Coaching Academy

My Specialisms

Stress Management
Integrative Therapy
Business Coaching
Sales Management/training and coaching
Life Coaching

Approach to Massage Therapy & How I Work

The sessions take place either on the organisation's premises for our corporate clients or in my tranquil and spacious clinic for private clients. It's a calm oasis and you will feel remarkably better even before starting the treatment. As I believe in offering an exceptional customer experience, I am dedicated to client confidentiality and will carefully listen to your concerns, and ensure your comfort throughout.

From the moment of your first call to the point of your final visit, you will enjoy a rewarding and pleasant experience. My rates reflect the quality of my treatment and I offer discounts when you prepay for block bookings of 6 or more sessions.

If you want to de-stress and decompress and find an effective way of dealing with stress, please get in touch for more information and I will be delighted to discuss the treatment in detail. Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Acupressure In Person Please Call
Hypnotherapy In Person Please Call
Massage Therapy In Person Please Call
Reiki In Person Please Call
Life Coaching Online/Telephone Please Call


Sally Reedman on 03/04/2019

"Mike has helped me tremendously using his wide range of intregrated therapy. Following a successful one to one session to relive pain in my shoulder last year, I recently booked onto his "Actively taking control" seminar. It was an invaluable session which helped me gain focus and confidence to achieve my business goals for 2019. Mike is inspirational and extremely knowledgeable. I am looking forward to future one to one sessions and events he will be hosting in the future. "

Neil Braddish on 03/04/2019

"I have been visiting Mike for some time now he is very skilled and knowledgeable and always very welcoming and friendly.

I have and will continue to recommend him to friends family and associates. "