Rosemary Tarrant Massage Therapy

Rosemary Tarrant
Massage Therapist in Scottish Borders

Imagine your body and mind feeling vital, balanced, focussed and it happening naturally. Being a Practitioner & Tutor in Kinesiology and also trained to a high standard in nutrition, homeobotanicals (yummy liquid herbals) and massage of various types, I offer experience of 20 years and a depth of knowledge in a broad spectrum of physical and mental ailments.
My aim is to give you the best attention I can both during our sessions together and support in between when needed. Returning your body's energy to balance and give it the elements it needs is an incredible gift to so many people.
Please visit my website to see many of the success stories my clients have achieved, get in touch with me for a chat, and together, let's start your journey to better health.

Background & Massage Therapy Qualifications

I started learning Systematic Kinesiology back in 1998 and very soon realised I had found what I really wanted to do in life. (I was a secretary in London at the time!). Half-way through the 2 year diploma I decided to resign from my job and to get a part-time job to allow me to grow my client base and to get some more hands-on practice. I was really fortunate as the day after I resigned, I was offered a job 3 days a week doing the reception and admin at the Association and Academy of Systematic Kinesiology which also was a Kinesiology Clinic. I spent 2 happy years there before my move to Scotland in 2003 where I have had a very successful practice since 2004 both in Melrose for 10 years and now in Selkirk. I became a Trustee for the Kinesiology Association (formerly Association of Systematic Kinesiology) in January 2018 and am delighted to be helping the Association move forward into a new decade and see where the 20's take us in this incredible therapy.

I also teach Kinesiology both at Foundation and Diploma level and you can find more details and dates at and I love teaching this and there is such a need for more kinesiologists around the country.

While still in London, I trained in Homeobotanicals and Holistic Massage and incorporated both of them into my clinic work. The Homeobotanicals are liquid herbals and are amazing to use. I generally use the herbals using Kinesiology and have had marvellous results with them over the years. People with various problems such as menopause, headaches & migraine, skin problems, coughs/colds/congestion have all been helped dramatically. Several clients get in touch with me for their Hay Fever Drops each Spring so their body doesn't have the same reaction to pollen.

in 2007, I did a 2 year diploma in Nutrition and I incorporate this a lot with everything I do.

Over a period of five years I did a lot of training in Advanced Clinical Massage in Edinburgh, Brighton & London with a great teaching college called Jing and love the relief that clients receive from pain. It also increases their mobility and range of movement especially with back and joint problems such as shoulders. This really is amazing for chronic pain. I also did their Advanced Myofascial Release Certificate and Hot Stone Fusion which makes for a fabulously layered massage.

I am developing workshops here in Scotland in connection with Cytoplan Ltd called "Action Against Alzheimer's" and this is incorporating the most up-to-date research into Diet and Lifestyle components from Professor Bredesen in America. This further developed into The Brain Health Programme and this can be run Individually, in Groups, Online or as a Corporate programme.

Even more recently, I have completed the Gluten Free Practitioner trying with Dr Tom O'Bryan.

My Specialisms

Kinesiology: Digestion (Food Intolerances, IBS, Crohns, Mal-absorbtion; Hormonal (Menopause & PMT); Depression and Anxiety
Practitioner and Tutor in this incredible modality.

Homeobotanicals: A range of 42 liquid herbal remedies, each one is specifically blended and formulated for an area of the body or an ailment. They can then be blended further to suit your needs and requirements.

Advanced Clinical Massage: Pain, Pain, Pain! Joint pain, lower back pain, headaches, numbness, tingling down the arms/legs. Frozen Shoulder, Hip and Restriction of movement.

Myofascial Release: Especially good for restriction of the body in the lower back and joints such as the shoulder, knee or hip where fascia can get especially stuck and glued together.

Hot Stone Fusion: Heat from the stones with the advanced Clinical massage techniques using Trigger Points, Myo-fascial work, and much more gives an amazing in-depth massage.

Holistic Massage: Relaxation & Well-being

Lbs & Ozs: Achieve your healthy weight. My weight management company that I started a few years ago. Weekly visits keep you on track, 1:1s or small groups are available.

Approach to Massage Therapy & How I Work

I always do a detailed consultation with each client to find out what is going on throughout the body and not just in the area they are coming with.

When using Kinesiology, I generally look at the digestive system first because I am a firm believer, if you don't absorb and utilise the foods you eat and eliminate their waste then your body can't be healthy. So getting that back into balance first will then remove or reduce a lot of symptoms that otherwise don't seem related. We can then focus and concentrate on the symptoms that are left. Even when working on the digestive system the beauty of Kinesiology is that you bring all the elements of the body together. Emotional, Energetic, Physical & Chemical where appropriate so it's a multi-layered dynamic session.

With the massage based sessions, I start with the area of pain unless there is a very good reason, and I would explain that to the client and get their permission.

I am a firm believer that your health is your responsibility, and although I love introducing you to a new or modified path to good health, you are the one who will do the work when you are away in between sessions. So educating you with what you can do in between is really key.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Kinesiology In Person £70 per 75 minutes
Kinesiology In Person £59 per 60 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £70 per 75 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £59 per 60 minutes
All Therapies In Person Please Call