Ella White Meditation

Ella White
Meditation Practitioner in London

Having journeyed in this body for 44 years now, I have sought numerous techniques and therapies to bring about ease and balance in life. My training is yoga-based, so sessions I offer are centered around movement, breath and meditation to restore our bio-organism's natural harmony.
I am fascinated by the miracle of our bodies, from the gross level of matter to the more subtle spheres of emotion, psychological and spiritual energies.
The teachings of Hrudaya~Kriya Yoga are the rock and foundation to my daily practice, and it is through their lens that my understandings and insights arise.
The more I travel, both internally and externally, the more I come to understand life's inherent simplicity:
'As above, so below, as below, so above ~
As within, so without, as without, so within'.
Personally, I find that due to our overly intellectualised times, psychological entanglements regularly arise and unravelling them becomes very necessary on the path to self-realisation. I have thus chosen Yogic philosophy alongside healing modalities to reveal meaningful insights and with the aim of producing healing results, both in self-practice and with clients.

My current daily practice is embedded in Hrudaya~Kriya yoga [meditation, pranayama and hatha yoga] and embodied through years of in-service Karma yoga education and practice at Nithya Nilayam Temple.

Above and beyond any intellectual 'I know' that arises, my body reveals the answers time and again as I navigate the day-to a-day. Yet, it is only with intellectual integration that these insights can be deeply embedded in 3D. Beautifully, one's understanding then becomes the inner foundation for a new psycho~emotional framework, from which true transformational living breaks through and into reality.

I do hope to meet you on the journey
In peace

Background & Meditation Qualifications

2005 Yogic self practice began, influenced by Kashmiri Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga
2007-2009 Tantric training + TTC @ Agama Yoga Lead School, Thailand
2008 Received initiations in Reiki
2009 First Initiation with Satguru Kriyaji ~ deepening Karma yoga, Kriya Pranayama and Hatha practices
2010 Began teaching Hatha yoga & relaxation in London
2015 Began YogaMonks movement training
2018 Ongoing practices: YogaMonks vinyasa and Kriya Yoga practices
2021 Became Licensed RTT Hypnotherapist ◇ Marisa Peer's RTT School

♡ Agama Yoga Thailand ~ Lead Centre, early courses teacher ☆ 2008
♡ Inside Out Retreats ☆ 2009-2010: Meditation
♡ 'Studio You' - Home studio - 7 wk 'Elemental Fundamentals' ☆ 2014
♡ MIND - Mental Health charity: Movement, breath awareness and
relaxation @Wellbeing Centre [Richmond Borough] ☆ 2016
♡ SaltyYoga: Himalayan Salt studio - Hatha & Restorative yoga ☆ 2018
♡ Sacred Body Geometrics Yoga: Online Digital Community ☆ 2020
♡ RTT Therapy online hypnotherapy sessions for individual cases ☆ 2021

My Specialisms

Hatha Yoga ~ SBG ◇ Sacred Body Geometrics - My personal style and approach to yoga: incorporating fundamental asana and energy guided movement
Breath work - Yogic pranayama (breath awareness and practices)
Tantra yoga - subtle energy cultivation and practice
Nidra yoga: conscious sleep practice
Meditation: sound ~ mantra ~ silence

Approach to Meditation & How I Work

"I meet you where you are ~ as I aim to meet myself ~ accepting the challenges by wrapping our dis-ease with deep tenderness for the onward journey."

Yoga has everything to offer therapeutically, whether the troubles are physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual in nature. Now a certified hypnotherapist and having lived-experience of anxiety and depression - both my own and living alongside bi-polar diagnosis and recovery of a family member - I get it... it ain't easy out there!
Through all the ups and downs the fundamental principles of yoga have all~ways sustained my own road to recovery and that of those I love ~ Indeed, truly we are destined for transformation in this life, now.

Sessions begin with a chat and silence, followed by movement, breath awareness and relaxation, or whatever the s.p.a.c.e. dictates.

Let yoga do the work
Let the magic of space draw you in
May your path be soft and smooth
May all beings live in peace
Eleonorella White

Therapies & Rates

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Additional Rate Information

Rates vary according to session and needs. Please email me or call for a free 15 minute initial consultation.