paul coker Physiotherapy

Paul Coker
Physiotherapist in Truro

Physiotherapist. Clinic Owner. Boss

Paul is the Owner and lead therapist at MOVE.

The MOVE clinic, and its approach, reflects his cumulative experience of 20years of physiotherapy.

Paul originally qualified with a BSc 2:1 in Physiotherapy from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 2001. He then worked in a wide variety of settings within the NHS gaining experience in all aspects of physiotherapy from intensive care, to hydrotherapy. In 2007 he left the NHS, packed his bags and headed to Perth, Western Australia to complete a Master's Degree in Manual Therapy. Having completed the course with a High Distinction and picking up an Academic Prize in Rehabilitation along the way, he packed his bags once again and headed over to New Zealand where he worked in a private clinic in Christchurch treating everything from Joe Bloggs with back pain to elite athletes. Since returning to the UK in 2008 he has worked in private practice throughout Cornwall and Devon, including a season as lead Physio for Plymouth Albion Rugby Union team.

Paul started MOVE is 2015, originally housed within a dentist in city centre Truro, the clinic then moved Morgans Gym in Greenbottom, before finally relocating to the current MoveHQ in November 2020.

Paul's particular clinic interests and expertise are in diagnosis and management of long-standing and complex pain/movement problems. Areas of interest include manual therapy, therapeutic movement, injury rehabilitation, functional neurology, vestibular rehab, and generally maximising human performance. Paul's approach differs from many other therapists because attention and treatment are targeted at both brain and the body.

From 2011-2019 Paul was the Medical Director of Rocktape UK. He designed, wrote and taught a variety of post-graduate workshops for other therapists throughout the UK and Europe. He was one of the 4 original Rocktape Master Trainers, teaching the teachers to deliver Rocktape course courses across Europe. It is fair to say that what Paul doesn't know about kinesiology taping isn't worth knowing. If anyone is going to help you hurt less and move better with a roll of tape Paul's your guy.

Paul has spent his life deeply involved in sport and movement. As a kid Paul was into everything from track and field to whitewater kayaking. As a teenager he became heavily involved in windsurfing, winning multiple Scottish and UK titles, his claim to fame is finishing 21st at Youth World Championships in 1996, where the only Brit who beat him went on to win 3 Olympic medals! Paul has always been a runner, in the early years as fitness training for windsurfing, and has completed several road and off-road marathons. In the last few years he has given up trying to be fast and found his niche in mid pack off road ultra-running. Highlights include a sub 9hour Classic Quarter and finishing the 100km Roseland August Trail and Arc50 Ultras.

Since moving to Cornwall 20 years ago Paul has enthusiastically embraced, and dedicated countless hours to the pursuit of competence in what has to one the most of wonderfully pointless of all forms of sporting endeavour. As a result Paul is very average surfer.

Background & Physiotherapy Qualifications

Neurally Enlightened Physical Therapist and Movement Optimist
Experienced therapist and tutor
BSc Hons Physiotherapy 2001
MSc Manual Therapy 2007
Certified Mulligan Practitioner

My Specialisms

Neurally Enlightened Physiotherapist
Sports Injuries
Persistent and Complex Pain
Manual Therapy and Manipulation
Kinesiology taping
Brain-body integration training (visual/vestibular)
Rehabilitation and Movement training

Approach to Physiotherapy & How I Work

At Move we aim to help humans realise their movement potential by any reasonable means. We are proud to do things differently compared to most in health and fitness. We aim to find the very best treatments, movements and ‘inputs' to make you move and feel great, and stay that way. We understand that when it comes to movement your brain matters as much as bodies.

Different problems require different treatments. At MOVE we customise a management plan unique to you. But regardless of the exact nature of your pain or injuries. Three common fundamental threads run through everything we do.

Hurt Less
A combination of manual therapy, soft tissue release and kinesiology taping are used to reduce pain and improve movement, always treating where it hurts but also often treating other areas that may be contributing to the problem. Think of it as unwinding the effects of pain and injury, and nudging your body in the right direction, allowing the body to heal and recover the way nature intended. Almost everyone can expect to leave the clinic feeling better.

Move Better
Movement is good for you! 99% of all injuries will get better faster if you exercise. The trick is doing the right thing at the right time. Whether it is stretching, strengthening or improving balance, a tailor made exercise and movement program will ensure you see the right results.

Understand More
Getting injured and developing pain you can't shift can be a worrying experience. A huge number of myths persist around pain, most of the scary things you've read or been told probably aren't true. If you understand a little more about your pain and body it can really help you to know when to push on and when to hold back.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Physiotherapy In Person £35 per 30 minutes

Additional Rate Information

At Move there are no hidden charges. The price you pay is inclusive of everything you will need. So whether its tape application, a resistance band to do your exercises at home or a piece of equipment you need to borrow, it's all covered. Assessment At Move we think you should have a say in your care. Start by choosing an appointment length appropriate for you. If you would like to discuss your case please get in touch. QUICK ASSESSMENT £40 (Approx 45 mins) This appointment is Suitable for people with a relatively straight forward problem that does not have a long and complex history. DETAILED ASSESSMENT £50 (Approx 60 mins) Recommended for those with a complex or longstanding problem. Also advised if you have more than one problem which you would like treated. Appointments Following your assessment we will tell you what length of follow up appointment we think you should be on. However you are in charge and you can book a session length that suits your diary and budget. QUICK APPOINTMENT £20 15 mins STANDARD APPOINTMENT £35 30 mins DETAILED APPOINTMENT £45 45 mins ONE HOUR APPOINTMENT £55 60 mins 1.5 HOUR APPOINTMENT £80 90 mins