Kathy Yvanovich
Psych-K Practitioner in London

Imagine easing aches, pains and life's stresses, in your mind, body and soul... There are multiple ways to do this and Kathy's approaches are both through talking and movement therapies, as well as silent and spiritually uplifting. Sometimes we need to stretch ourselves, sometimes stop, slow down and take stock, at times we're ready to steam ahead with increased power.

Is harbouring a grudge making you ill? Does sadness hold you back? Fed up of having a victim mindset? Would more loving and honouring what you do have, make you feel more joyous? NLP and Psych-K change your beliefs, attitudes and therefore emotions and thinking, to get the results you want for yourself. Sadness, anger, fear, guilt, old negative triggers - all these can GO! Would you benefit from talking through your plans and secrets with a non-judgemental professional Life Coach? Kathy has benefitted personally from NLP, Psych-K and Life Coaching and enjoys sharing and witnessing personal transformation with her clients.

Personal Fitness, mindful movement, easy dance and yoga keep you on track towards your physical goals, whatever they may be; nutritional and healthy lifestyle guidance is always worth keeping an eye on. Building your body at your confident best without drama is Kathy's speciality. Kathy has taught and choreographed dance since her 20's, taught fitness classes and gym equipment workouts since her 30's, and private classes for over 30 years to the public and the famous alike.

Reiki energy treatments balance your chakras, cleanse your auric field and allow your meridians to flow freely: you self-heal. It works alongside everything and anything . Kathy also teaches Attunement Courses to Usui Holy Fire Reiki so that you and your children have that power in their hands. Reiki is a natural, strong, divine energy vibration that is already everywhere (pretty much like radio waves). Kathy is a twice Reiki Master and Teacher, offering treatments and courses in London and the French Riviera.

We are more than just our bodies and brains - we have an Energy body, too. Kathy is pleased to be able to offer solutions to your dreams or dilemmas from all angles! Everyone benefits from developing their health, healing, wellbeing, emotional/mental/spiritual/physical development, and using multiple ways to do this in ways to suit people, whatever's going on in their lives, is always useful.

People often say, "You do a lot!", but Kathy usually replies that by the time one reaches 60-something, one has accumulated many ways to get the job done! It's also very satisfying to see people realise goals and reach their high potentials.

Background & PsychK Qualifications

NLP Practitioner
Psych-K(r) Practitioner
Life Coach
PT (personal Fitness Instructor) and natural Dietary and healthy lifestyle guidance
Zumba Gold dance fitness Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master and Teacher
LLAM Hons. - Confidence & Presentation (Drama certified)

Fully insured for the above. Member of CHNC, INLPTA, FitPro, CIMSPA, Yoga Alliance, ZIN, UK Reiki Federation and Reiki Membership Association USA.
Ex-dance teacher- choreographer, jazz dance teacher, children's drama leader, secretary.

My Specialisms

Fast track belief and behaviour change techniques
Improving health, happiness and wellbeing.
Listening without judgement and with compassion
Stop fear of... (heights, water, public speaking etc.)
Increase self-belief and self-love
Improve relationships
Help change of career/home etc.
Getting people out of a rut,
stop bad habits and install better ones,
live life in better health and fitness,
dance your own dance,
be authentic, feel positive, successful and hopeful,
superheal and rejuvenate,
motivate, feel confident and be present,
live your dreams,
enjoy who you are, who you're with, what you're doing, where you're at and where you're going,
with love and light.
For your highest good, whatever that may be!

Approach to PsychK & How I Work

What a client needs and wants is what I am inspired and guided by.
In-person appointments in London SE24 (close to Herne Hill and Dulwich Village), and elsewhere by arrangement., including workplaces and homes in London, Surrey and the French Riviera. See for London and France.
Treat yourself, or at the very least be good to yourself!

Contact me and I'll be happy to hear your thoughts and wishes.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki In Person £65 per 60 minutes We have verified this therapists Reiki credentials!
Reiki Online/Telephone £65 per 60 minutes We have verified this therapists Reiki credentials!
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person £60 per 65 minutes
NLP In Person £85 per 90 minutes We have verified this therapists NLP credentials!
NLP Online/Telephone £110 per 120 minutes We have verified this therapists NLP credentials!
Life Coaching In Person £55 per 45 minutes
Life Coaching Online/Telephone £55 per 45 minutes
Life Coaching In Person Please Call
PsychK In Person £85 per 90 minutes We have verified this therapists PsychK credentials!
PsychK Online/Telephone £85 per 90 minutes We have verified this therapists PsychK credentials!
PsychK Online/Telephone £110 per 120 minutes We have verified this therapists PsychK credentials!
Healing In Person £65 per 65 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Rates are for my private practice in London SE24, Herne Hill/Dulwich area. Other areas can be arranged. All talking therapies (NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching) are available by zoom/phone. Reiki is also available any time, any place (Distance Healing), at your convenience - you can book a time to receive reiki for/at a future event, for example. I am also available in Golfe Juan in the south of France near Cannes, and at wellness retreats. Many clients combine NLP with Life Coaching, Psych-K(r) and EFT - see my website for more information - or Personal Fitness Training with habit change techniques and deeply relaxing Reiki. When we work together, our time is tailored to your needs. I teach Reiki attunement Courses in London and France for those that want to learn and become attuned to Reiki for helping self-healing and for friends and family, or to become a Reiki Practitioner or levels above. see for details, location map and Paypal options.


Jon Cheng on 31/07/2019

"I would highly recommend Kathy as a therapist to help you with your life, goals, problems, health & fitness.
After a session with Kathy you always leave feeling energised & motivated with a renewed positive enthusiasm towards life.

Kathy is the happiest most positive person I know, she exudes it. This of course gets passed onto you during the session. It's impossible to resist!

She uses a wide range of therapies & techniques depending on your needs at the time, including:

NLP, psych K, life coaching, visualisation, EFT, Reiki & Taylor made health & fitness coaching.

She also runs Reiki a sessions which is highly recommended .

She is brilliant at helping you organise your life, coaching you through tough times. She guides you to solving your problems by changing your perspective towards them, challenging your beliefs and replacing unhelpful thoughts with a new positive outlook. making your problems seem far less important to you, it feels like they disintegrate during the session.

After already feeling great after all this it's amazing to finish the session with a blast of Kathy's Holy Fire Reiki healing!
Leaving you feeling very calm and relaxed.

I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who would like help in their life for any issue big or small or for anyone who just wants a boost to feel even better!

Kathy is the best therapist I have ever known, a bright shining light and a friend to rely on.

Cheng "

Jacqueline Primavera on 31/07/2019

"Kathy has been a wonderful inspiration to me. I took Reiki 2 with her in a beautiful retreat in the south of France it was an all engaging experience which has been very beneficial to me and those I have had the privilege to practice on.
I have also had Reiki treatments from Kathy which have helped enormously and I am now benefiting from having personal training sessions with her. My sincere thanks to her for helping me move towards my goals."

Mel on 31/07/2019

"Over many years., Kathy has provided the perfect balance of challenge and support to ensure I reach my short term goals or maintain my well being. She is knowledgeable, insightful , thoughtful and authentically focused on what I need without letting me off the hook! Thank you Kathy!"