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Martin Collins
Shiatsu Practitioner in Brighton

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Martin is fully qualified MRSS Shiatsu massage practitioner with over 20 years of experience and the owner of Bliss Backrub, a corporate chair massage service provider.
After taking advanced chair massage training he joined a team of therapists working at various shops in the West end of London including Harrods, Selfridges and at the Walk-in Backrub's head office in Charlotte place. In 2006 he helped service a contact providing chair massage for the Sussex police. With 15 years experience in the financial services industry, Martin has first hand knowledge of the physical and emotional impact of long hours working in an office; especially when working at a desk or a computer.
Now Martin visits over a dozen different companies in and around London and the South. He loves giving and receiving Shiatsu and can't imagine a more rewarding profession.

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Background & Shiatsu Qualifications

• 2018 Emergency First Aid at work
• 2016 FHT Accredited, Seated Acupressure massage
• 2014 Heart of Shiatsu Masterclass with Michael Rose
• 2013 Direct First Aid, AOSM First aid for therapists.
• 2009 Seiki training with Shiatsu Master Akinobu Kishi
• 2009 Bristol School of Shiatsu Post Grad Year awarded MRSS
• 2008 Table Shiatsu course with Andrew Staib
• 2006-2005 Harrods & Selfridges store approved. Till training and Health and safety
• 2004 Walk-in Backrub on-site Kata training
• 1994-2004 Assisted Bristol school 3rd year residential Practitioner training
• 1999 Advance training in Shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki and Clifford Andrews.
• 1998 Awarded The Diploma in the Theory & Practice of Shiatsu
• 1994-1996 Assisted teaching Bristol School practitioners training,
• 1993 Advance training in Shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki and Clifford Andrews
• 1993 Trained with Kiku Zutrau-Miyazaki Level 1+2 Sotai
• 1990-1993 Training for Diploma - In the theory and practice of Shiatsu.
• 1989 Foundation course in Shiatsu

My Specialisms

I specialise in a dynamic style of seated Shiatsu I call office chair massage. The service I provide is particularly beneficial these days, with staff working long hours in front of a computer. This is often stressful especially when working to challenging deadlines. If left unattended a build-up of tension and repetitive strains can often lead to headaches, fatigue, stiff painful back, neck and shoulders. Addressing these problem areas in the workplace as part of a preventative care program is a wonderful way of maintaining a healthy balance and can help prevent more serious conditions arising. I have first-hand experience of working in similar conditions and developed this specialty to help improve the quality of my clients working life.

Approach to Shiatsu & How I Work

Each client is unique, which is why I believe no two treatments should be the same. Some clients need to be met with strong physical pressure, whilst others require the lightest of touch.
I maintain a flexible approach and use the style which will allow the client to relax, let go and ultimately help the healing process.
Working predominately in an office environment for the last ten years, I often have just twenty minutes to achieve a result, every minute has to count. If the treatment is ineffectual my clients won't re-book. I enjoy this challenge and love seeing how beneficial Shiatsu in the workplace can be.
If you would like to receive chair massage in your workplace please contact Martin.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Acupressure In Person £20 per 30 minutes
Shiatsu In Person £45 per 65 minutes


Jennifer Crowley on 08/02/2015

"Martin is now a favourite member of the extended Zone family such is his professionalism and skilful service.
Clearly skilled in the art of massage therapy, Martin also understands the dynamic of a busy London office environment. He has crafted a format that works for both the agency overall and for each client that he treats, guaranteeing them a little bit of calm and care in their day. I feel safe, relaxed and restored long after my appointments."

Tej Sahota on 08/02/2015

"I truly believe Martin has healing hands. He has the capability to de-stress you in minutes with his high quality massages. Its like he has power to rub out all your aches and pains and ensure you are soothed and relaxed in moments. He seems to instinctively know what you need and what to do and that is priceless."

Kevin McCann on 08/02/2015

"Martin comes to our office on a regular basis to give 20 minute massage session, everyone I know who goes thinks Martin has a great technique, and really understands each individual’s needs. I find the more I go and see him the better he gets as he listens to you, and concentrates on key areas that can be causing pain. I would definitely recommend Martin’s services, he also has a very nice way about him and makes you feel at ease. Thanks "

Alex on 08/02/2015

"I would highly recommend Martin after benefiting years of effective service from him. Very professional manner and attitude."

Suzy Hearn on 08/02/2015

"I have had many treatments from Martin over the years, both seated back rubs and more conventional shiatsu treatments (lying down). Without fail, I always feel so much better for the experience. Martin is a professional and highly expert practitioner who is very in tune with the needs of his clients. I would not hesitate to tecommend him."