Susan Lacroix Shiatsu

Susan Lacroix
Shiatsu Practitioner in Corsham

With three different therapies to offer, I hope that I can support you in working towards wellness. Anma shiatsu is a wonderful non diagnostic massage sequence of 75 minutes, which is designed to bring a feeling of relaxation and renewed energy. Suitable for all but pregnant women and those with active cancer, it is performed fully clothed and includes pressing , gentle stretching , rhythmic and percussive movements.
Counselling can be helpful in overcoming a current problem or in looking at long term conditions. I am an integrative counsellor using different theoretical approaches, but always person centred. I am a qualified practitioner in somatic experiencing, a way of working with trauma developed by Dr Peter Levine.
Homeopathy is a means of approaching physical complaints as the symptoms of a deeper malaise, working with both body and mind together. Remedies are made from many different substances and they usually work gently to address and correct imbalances.

I studied at Oxford University and then the London School of Economics where I gained a PhD. I have worked in RNIB ( visual handicap), substance abuse and organic farming.
I am a practitioner of a non combative martial art, shintaido, of which I teach a gentle form to enhance health and well being. I am a member of a research group to study how to present shintaido to older people or impaired.

Background & Shiatsu Qualifications

I am a registered and qualified homeopath, LBSH, MARH
a registered counsellor, with a diploma from bcpc
and anma shiatsu practitioner, with a diploma from Anma France and East West College
I am a registered Somatoc Experiencing practitioner
I am also a qualified Shintaido teacher

I have participated in and studied family systemic constellation work following Bert Hellinger.
I have trained in the CEASE method of homeopathy which is specially applicable to autism and ADHD and continue to study with international teachers.

My Specialisms

I am particularly interested in working with anxiety, depression, eating and substance abuse, as well as ADHD and ADD. and autism.

As a student of somatic experiencing trauma work, I include this approach in my work and can also offer it as a therapy at low cost and under supervision.

Approach to Shiatsu & How I Work

I am interested in understanding you as a person, and together looking at which approach would best serve you in the present moment.
The homeopathic consultation is about one and a half hours long and covers your presenting complaints as well as your history. I will prescribe a remedy and we will assess its action at a follow up. Homeopathy has an excellent track record in treating certain conditions. It can be used alongside allopathic medicine in chronic complaints.
Counselling can be short term or longer term but we will review regularly to ensure that it is addressing the issues in the way you want. Listening together and creating a relationship, enables new and old things to be seen and acknowledged; and over time our perspectives and ability to move forward can change.
Anma shiatsu can be a one off, for example after a stressful period or as a tonic; or some people like to book a series of treatments to create a feeling of baseline well being. Based on traditional oriental medicine, anma practice was once a prerequisite for medical students. It is said to be the oldest known form of massage. Receiving anma is an enjoyable experience. As it is non diagnostic, it is not designed to address specific complaints though these may improve with the treatments.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Homeopathy In Person £60 per 90 minutes
Shiatsu In Person £30 per 80 minutes
Counselling In Person £40 per 60 minutes