Jenny Tower

Jenny Tower

Though Field Therapy Practitioner in East Grinstead

Personal Performance/Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Youth Coach, Golf Psychology Coach, Thought Field Therapist, DISC Behavioural Profiling Practitioner, PDA Analyst, Personality Insights Behaviour Consultant, Laughter Yoga Leader, Clean Language Professional Clean Coach.

My career background has been in schools, education and sport. I have been a competitive sports performer at top County level. I now help clients to flourish in their own, unique way - whether on the golf course, at their sport, in a relationship, as a student, as a parent and as a human being in a constantly moving world.

I work one-to-one with athletes, golfers, young people and adults. I also deliver workshops to groups.

Sport is a microcosm of life (and work) giving me an understanding of goal setting, motivation, pressure, focus and concentration, discipline, team work, barriers to performance, positivity, mental toughness/resilience and personal excellence.

I spent 24 years in Education, most of this as a Director of Sport. I have guided and coached young people - a range of abilities, motivations and aspirations.

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Background & Qualifications

Performance/Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Professional Clean Coach, Disc Accredited Practitioner, Certified PDA Analyst, Personality Insights Behaviour Consultant, Thought Field Therapist (Callaghan Algorithm), Youth Coaching, Golf Psychology Coach PGAs of Europe approved education programme), Laughter Yoga Leader, Batchelor in Education (PE, 1st class with Merit), Sport Coaching qualifications and ongoing CPD (available on request)

My Specialisms

Sport mindset coaching, Clean Language,, psychometrics (personality profiling) & life coaching (youth and adult)

I am a life coach and sport mindset coach. Combining the two bring the meaning and joy into your sport. The perfect place to be in order to perform at your best. As Joseph O'Connor says "people compete with their mind, body and emotions".... I will help you to achieve more authentic outcomes when you nurture the person behind the athlete.

I am an NLP practitioner, a golf psychology coach, a behavioural profiling analyst and a thought field therapist. My broad set of skills and extensive tools range from traditional state management interventions to emotional freedom techniques and working in 'metaphor'. This helps me to cater for your uniqueness and your own specific challenges. Pursuing different/better outcomes require the athlete to 'think' differently.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I promote self-awareness, understanding and development through a wide skill-set and an interesting combination of 'tools'.

Whatever your 'arena', managing your 'state' is important. What is State Management? It is about thinking/feeling/behaving and how this impacts on outcomes, decision making and relationships (with yourself and others).

In order to be ‘effective' and ‘happy' (in sport, at work or home) you need to be balanced and congruent. Do you know what you want? Is it truly important? How are you going to get there? Understanding, accepting, making choices, changing, knowing your core values, and challenging the beliefs that might be limiting your performance (at work, at home, with family with sport etc) are part of the process.

Performance Coaching is ‘future orientated' - it works on the premise that you set goals because ‘you get what you focus on'. It is strategy based and action focused. It is not therapy or counselling. You buy-into the art of elegant and appropriate questioning. As Albert Einstein said:

"If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes."

My practical and theoretical approach embeds skills so that clients can enact change, remove un-resourceful habits and substitute resourceful behaviour. State Management gets to the basics - how to understand and manage yourself (self-awareness/self-management/relationship management). It is important to teach behaviour and not just ‘thinking'. Clients are given simple ‘take-away tools' that they understand and can use these to establish good habits or access them during times of pressure.

Clients can use these tools every day as part of leading a happy, healthy, positive and purposeful life. At the ‘tough end' clients can use State Management tools to respond to pressure events, in work, sport, public speaking, presentations, examinations, personal crisis, in relationships etc.

Key words: state management, self-awareness, outcomes, behavioural management, congruence, well-being, motivation, behavioural profiling, psychometrics, Clean Language, metaphor.

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
NLP In Person Please Call
Life Coaching In Person Please Call We have verified this therapists Life Coaching credentials!
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Sports Therapy In Person Please Call
Thought Field Therapy In Person Please Call We have verified this therapists Thought Field Therapy credentials!

Additional Rate Information

Most of my work can be conducted over skype if it is not possible to attend in person. (exemptions: phobia and trauma work). I can travel to you but this will incur additional transport and time costs. This is particularly relevant for serious athletes who would like me to attend competition.