Family Constellation

Constellations are a solution-focused healing approach that can help you reveal the hidden dynamics in your family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them, as well as it can be used for self exploration, to investigate and resolve difficult and seemingly intractable issues that seem resistant to change.

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Harriet Goudard

Harriet Goudard - Family Constellation Therapist

Harriet's work is based on the fundamentals of Family & Systemic Constellations, Shamanic Practices, Energy Mastery and the Gene Keys. As such, all of her containers support the organic and aligned development of the embodied Human spiritual experience - and all take place within the capacity of the nervous system. Working... [read more]

Family Constellation
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Ioana Veronica Mitrache

Ioana Veronica Mitrache - Family Constellation Therapist

I offer individual counselling within a safe, supportive and confidential environment helping people from any background, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, culture, ethnicity and age.
The vision I have about therapy is to gently challenge unhelpful thoughts and change unhelpful behaviours where they may be negatively influencing your mood.
My approach is flexible and... [read more]

Arts Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Family Constellation
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Petra Juhaszova

Petra Juhaszova - Family Constellation Therapist

I am a Holistic Practitioner helping clients with their well-being. I help them to reach a peaceful state with their experiences.

My aim is to assist you to create a shift within that helps with the forward movement in a compassionate and supportive way. The forward movement isn't only about the... [read more]

Emotional Freedom Technique
Family Constellation
Life Coaching
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Emma Pruen

Emma Pruen - Family Constellation Therapist

Over the last thirty years I have trained extensively in methods which support wholehearted living, starting in the early 1990s as a More To Life Licensed Facilitator teaching Self-Esteem Enhancement and a therapeutic Image Consultant as a partner with Carolyn Miller Associates. A trip to Tibet in 1994 and meeting the Dalai Lama the same... [read more]

Family Constellation
Life Coaching
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Lucy Ascham

Lucy Ascham - Family Constellation Therapist

Feeling Out of Kilter?
You're here because your physical, mental or spiritual health is affecting the way you move, think and feel, which is at best exhausting and at worst totally debilitating.

Your experiences, stresses and worries can manifest themselves as physical aches and pains, which over time can affect everything from... [read more]

Alexander Technique
Family Constellation
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Sarah Saatzer

Sarah Saatzer - Family Constellation Therapist

Hi there and welcome to this step of your journey:)

My approach, my priority, is to provide a space you can gradually relax into and feel free and safe to just explore your sense of who you are, your relationships, your background, or whatever it is that brings you to therapy.

My... [read more]

Family Constellation
Relationship Therapy
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Norina Shorter

Norina Shorter - Family Constellation Therapist

Norina is a healing practitioner with over 10 years experience using multiple disciplines to support individuals on their journeys toward healing and flourishing -from people in the prison system to artists, writers, charity fund directors and corporate executives. She has engaged with Family Constellations since 2014; however her spiritual path has... [read more]

Family Constellation
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Illi Adato

Illi Adato - Family Constellation Therapist

Illi Adato SQHP, Founder and Managing Director of London School of Systemic & Family Constellations. #LondonConstellations
Unique, Experiential, Therapeutic Journey with Systemic & Family Constellation.
Group Work and Private Sessions. Research, development and implementation of Systemic tools. Teaching and mentoring.

For the full list of workshops and other activities visit:

What Are Constellations... [read more]

Family Constellation
Relationship Therapy
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Verified Therapist


Rose C Jiggens

Rose C Jiggens - Family Constellation Therapist

I work in caring and collaborative ways, offering talk & somatic (embodied) therapies, supporting you towards insights and growth. I combine a pragmatic approach with transpersonal dimensions such as "soul" and "ancestry". People approaching me often seek something beyond talking therapy: "something more embodied" that welcomes whatever dimensions of self they... [read more]

Family Constellation
Tension and Trauma Releasing
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Verele Vorstman

Verele Vorstman - Family Constellation Therapist

I believe that every behaviour, however maladaptive and painful, is understandable. It always comes from somewhere and it generally is a creative but unhelpful way of dealing with difficult situations. So nothing is silly or stupid. I also believe that generally people seek help when the pros of that behaviour stop... [read more]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Family Constellation
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Constellations are a solution-focused healing approach that can help you reveal the hidden dynamics in your family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them, as well as it can be used for self exploration, to investigate and resolve difficult and seemingly intractable issues that seem resistant to change.

While traditional therapies typically focus only on the client, Constellations work with a whole picture of the individual as part of a larger set of systems. The Constellation approach considers that each of us belongs to a range of different groups or 'systems' - our family group, ethnic group, work group, etc. Therefore, when looking at your specific issue, from this perspective, we are trying to look at the whole picture. In a Constellation session we work with you and the different systems you had belonged to. This allows you to open up the view of the issue to a wider context.

Family Constellation can be experienced in one-to-one sessions or in group sessions, depending on your preference. A one-to-one session could last from one hour to one hour and a half.

The Constellation methodology uses spatial representation of the key elements of your proposed topic, so you can literally see before your very eyes a three-dimensional visual living map of previously unseen and unimagined elements.

The Systemic constellations approach was developed by the German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger in the mid-1990s. Family constellations therapy evolved out of nearly 50 years of studying and treating families which led to his observation of patterns of mental health, illness, negative emotions, and potentially destructive behaviours within families and groups.

This approach draws from a number of other modalities including: Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Virginia Satir's family Sculpting, Psychodynamics, Hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy, and the experience Hellinger had while living for sixteen years in South Africa near the Zulu community.