5 Simple Strategies to Re-Connect with Yourself and your Food

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Gillian Day

5 Simple Strategies to Re-Connect with Yourself and your Food

Posted by Gillian Day 1799 Days Ago

1. Make some space - Take 15 minutes per day and do something nice for yourself; read something you love, take a walk, phone or Skype an old friend (texting and whatsapp are not the same!), or soak in a warm bath (for a deep relaxation and detoxification epsom salt bath – click here).

If you are mindlessly going from 1 task to another throughout the day without any time to relax and reflect, then you may create extra stress in the body and in the mind. Creating leisure and space for your mind – is the key to relaxation and inner peace, which may improve stress levels and poor sleep patterns. This time for yourself doesn’t have to be hours – simply 15 or 20 minutes to be quiet and to be by yourself. See if you can commit to finding the still place inside yourself...try Headspace app – click here.

Food: The more we relax, the better we digest, absorb and metabolise or burn our food. Relax more with your meals, and your life.

Food: Just breathe! Take 5-10 long slow deep breaths before every meal. Oxygen is a key nutritional enhancer.

Food: Slow down! Take more time with meals and let go of the rush! Value your eating experience!

Food: Our body is always communicating with us. Food is not just carbohydrates, protein, fats and vitamins and minerals. Food is information. It speaks to us and has great messages to share. It offers insight into whether it’s thriving or just surviving. What information are you sharing with your body through food?

2. Get back into nature: sit with your flowers, your herbs, or in a park, go for a walk, go to the beach, walk barefoot on the grass, hug a tree or smile at the sun. Being present with nature and listening to the natural sounds of the world can help us feel grounded and put us in touch with our true selves.

Food/Nature: aim to get the food on your plate as close to nature as you can find with the means you have available. This means getting rid of processed or packaged foods as much as possible and including in season, locally sourced and organic produce.

3. Take control of your workplace, don’t let your workplace control you. Make your breaks and lunch time a priority and set aside your work.

Food: Be present! Whenever you eat, be aware of your meal. Give food the presence it deserves. Capture every eating moment and forget about multitasking. When you eat – just eat...

4. Don`t be so hard on yourself and find humor in your life.  Don`t be afraid to laugh at yourself or enjoy a good belly laugh with friends.

Food: Pleasure is a nutritional prerequisite and in general; makes life worth living. Pleasure helps us break down food more effectively. Welcome pleasure to your diet, your food and your table, always...

Food: Now that you’ve eaten, let go. Give all the worrying a rest. Let go of unkind thoughts about your weight, your body, and your meal. Food wants to remind you that you’re here to live, to enjoy, and to celebrate! Allow your meals to be a time when you can smile and affirm your beautiful life...

Food: Allow gratitude to be an essential ingredient in every piece of food you eat. Life has given us so much. It’s time to be grateful.

5. Turn perceived `wasted` time into enjoyable time.  For example, during the commute to work read a book/magazine you love, listen to an e-book or your favourite music, close your eyes and meditate if you ride the tube/train. You can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary inspiring ones.

Food: Feel nourished. Let food warm you, love you, feed you, and nourish you. Allow each meal to touch a place of satisfaction inside you that’s timeless and carefree. Feeling nourished is a most beautiful gift to yourself...