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Acupuncture in Pregnancy: Natural Inductions, Breech, Nausea etc

Posted by Rebecca Geanty Acupuncturist Over 1 Year Ago

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Acupuncture is now widely accepted all over the world, it is a tried and tested system of traditional medicine that stems back thousands of years.

This safe and effective natural therapy is now very popular amongst all ages from babies to the retired. Its aim is to restore and maintain good health by the insertion of fine needles (like a strand of hair) into acu-points of the body.  Many clients worry that Acupuncture needles may hurt, but most simply feel a dull ache or tingling sensation.  Following this, most people find Acupuncture incredibly relaxing and great for stress relief.

In the Norwich Acupuncture Rooms (Norwich’s busiest affordable Acupuncture Clinic), we see people for all sorts of ailments, from muscular aches and pains to pregnancy related symptoms such as nausea.

What is Acupuncture useful for?

Acupuncture has now grown in popularity with some medical doctors and physiotherapists using it with Western medicine.

In the West, Acupuncture is well recognised for relieving pain and now the NICE guidelines are recommending Acupuncture for conditions such as chronic lower back pain and headaches.  

In our clinic we frequently see women who experience a wide range of conditions during pregnancy, including nausea, birth preparation and natural inductions.

Acupressure can also assist you in your labour for pain relief and enhances the natural process, alongside medical care. Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure during a treatment. This is a no needle treatment and is great for a partner to administer during labour too.

Pre-birth Treatment and Cervical Ripening

Research (1) has shown Acupuncture from week 36 helps to prepare your body for labour. Research (2) by expert acupuncturist Debra Betts concludes you are less likely to need medical intervention and pre-birth Acupuncture may also reduce labour time.


A randomised controlled trial (3), which used moxibustion (a traditional medicine technique on acu-point Bl 67- Zhi Yin; concluded that moxibustion was safe and effective in correcting non-vertex presentation when used between 33-35 weeks of gestation.

Acupuncture Induction

Acupuncture for labour induction is used to help promote labour naturally when a women is past her due date. You will need to check that your midwife is happy for you to commence Acupuncture treatment!


New mothers often choose to have treatment to help manage postnatal problems and to promote their physical and emotional wellbeing.

 In The Norwich Acupuncture Rooms all the acupuncturists are registered and insured and qualified at degree standard.  We use single-use sterile needles, which come in sealed packs, which are clinically disposed of. If you would like to know how Acupuncture can help you please contact us: Tel: 01603 880214 Website:

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