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Nina Hodgson

Adrenal Health

Posted by Nina Hodgson

1297 Days Ago

The adrenal glands are two little walnut sized organs that sit on top of your kidneys. They might be small but they control the production of over 50 hormones in your body some of which are involved in blood sugar control; energy; blood pressure and immune responses along with many other bodily functions.

These little glands are responsible for the control of our fight or flight response. They instruct the body to slow down digestion and re-divert blood to the brain, heart and muscles. Back in the day of the cavemen this was the bodily response that we used to run from the bear. In today's modern life, the body responds in exactly the same manner but this response is invoked when we are coping with mental or emotional stressors or eating things that can cause stress to the body e.g. sugar / processed foods.

Due to the pressures of today’s busy lifestyle, our adrenal glands have to cope with far more than they were ever designed to. When the adrenal glands get overworked they might not respond as well as they should and you may experience things like difficulty getting up, 2nd wind in the evenings, difficulty sleeping, sugar cravings and many other symptoms.

If you want to keep your adrenal glands in tip top condition then you need to make sure you are eating plenty oily fish, include food sources of vitamin C in your diet (the adrenal glands love vitamin C) and ensure you include lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet along with nuts and seeds. Regular protein is essential as it contains something called tyrosine which is a pre-cursor to both adrenaline and nor-adrenaline.

Don't feel guilty for relaxing, relaxation is important and gives your adrenal glands a break. Find hobbies which allow you to rest and relax and give your body a chance to re-charge and re-balance. Eat your meals away from the TV / laptop so that your adrenal response is not engaged and your body can focus on the job of digestion. Finally, prioritise sleep, this is your bodies chance to recover from the day and gives your adrenal glands a chance to re-charge. Set an 11pm curfew and keep electronics away from the bedroom.

For more detailed advice and support get in touch with a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

Nina Hodgson

Article written by Nina Hodgson - Falkirk

I'm a registered nutritional therapist working in both Falkirk and Glasgow. It is my job to help you to make lifestyle and dietary changes which will support your overall health.

We're all bombarded by contradictory eating advice, fad diets, and a media full of confusing information about what we... [read more]

Nutritional Therapy

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