Ayesha Joshi

An Important Teaching of NLP is to Create Wholeness

Posted by Ayesha Joshi Over 1 Year Ago

We are born into this world butt naked, crying and completely whole. Our beautiful beings haven’t yet been tainted by the realities of the world. Once we are birthed all we require is safety, warmth, food and comfort. The basic necessities in life.

Slowly times ticks by, we are given a name, our identities are essentially chosen by the sex we are born. Thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are observed by us by those around us and are then absorbed by us. Our identities and beings are formed based on outer worldly experiences.

As more time ticks by we may have some adverse experiences in our lives or not. But each situation and interaction with humanity, will shape our beings and our beliefs and will ultimately shape how we view the world around us.

Our once whole being, then compartmentalises itself to be able to navigate itself through this messy world. ‘Parts’ of our being break off to either block or put up a ‘wall’ as a form of protection. By doing so we might find ourselves not being able to be fully open, find it difficult to find love, difficulty to trust others, constantly feeling like you have to justify yourself, being judgemental or critical towards others. All of these ‘parts’ present negative behaviours but essentially have a positive intention.

Each of those parts, are calling to be healed, to be acknowledged to be nurtured. To be called and be integrated back into wholeness again. To lean what their truest intention is and in turn change the behaviour that it is presenting it self as a positive one. Bringing yourself back to wholeness allows the light to shine in and love to come through. From yourself, to yourself.

One of the presuppositions of NLP is to bring you back to wholeness. To bring those ‘parts’ of you that are presenting these negative behaviours and bring them back into your being and system and give back to yourself what you feel like you might have lost.