Cristina Popovici

Ancestral Healing and Past Lives

Posted by Cristina Popovici Hypnotherapist 127 Days Ago

I believe the topic of Ancestral Healing and Past Lives is extremely important when it comes to deep Healing, though it is a bit controversial or unorthodox for some people. In this article, I will explain the importance and the process of Ancentral Healing and Past Life Healing in therapy and how you can benefit from their effects even if you don't believe in past lives or ancestral trauma. 

When people come to me with various problems, most of them think that they know where these problems stem from - specific events in their childhood. While this may be true for some people, as we start to do Timeline Therapy and search for the original root of the trauma, I noticed that in over 80 percent of cases, the unconscious sends us to a time before this lifetime, whether inside the womb or before the womb, into a generational timeline or a past life.

A generational timeline can be the timeline of one of your parents or one of your more distant ancestors. We carry the trauma that our ancestors have experienced through our DNA and many fears, negative emotions and blocks come from there. I often see people who suffer from intense fears and phobias that are not related to any experience they had in this lifetime and that have simply been passed down through cellular memory from their ancestors. In other words, One of their ancestors experienced a traumatic event and the intense emotions stayed embedded in their cells and nervous system, being then passed down through the DNA to their children and their children's children. 

This is especially true with a mother's timeline who can pass on to her children directly certain fears and emotions while they are in the womb. However, in most cases I've encountered, the cause for certain fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs starts before the womb, through life experiences previous to conception that left a mark on that person.

If you think about it, the DNA is information about us and information is also what people call 'energy'. The cells in our bodies carry a specific type of information or energy and our bodies can shift and change according to this energy. If we eliminate the negative information, we change this energy and the trauma is released from both the body and the mind.

In Timeline Therapy, we work on the original source of the trauma and even if this trauma is not our own - even if it has been passed down from an ancestor- we process it through our own cells, nervous system and energy field until it no longer exists in us. 

What about past lives? What if you do not believe in a life before this one? What if you doubt the images that your unconscious brings to the surface during therapy, when it guides you to a place before birth?

I would first want to say that your unconscious knows best where the problem lies. Without permission from your unconscious, we would not be able to process and release trauma. When your unconscious resists, the inner conflict needs to be integrated first through parts work so that the processing work can be done. So trust that your unconscious is showing you those images for a reason and is taking you to a place before your birth for a reason.

Second of all, even if you do not believe that those scenes are real, think of it this way - your unconscious mind is showing you visual representations of your trauma so that you can heal it. It is as simple as that.

It is a bit like when we dream. Our subconscious creates images during our sleep with mixed information that we have gathered throughout the day, the week or throughout the years, putting into the mix also personal representations and emotions and information from our own consciousness. This is what dreams are. They are a mixture of information from both our subconscious and our unconscious. 

Therefore you can see Ancestral Healing and Past Life Healing as mere representations of your unconscious mind which knows what you need to see, feel and experience in order for the trauma to be released. So I advise people to go with it, allow the process to take them where it needs to take them and simply experience the deep beneficial Healing effects of this type of hypnosis.