At first I did not believe acupuncture could possibly work

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Dorothy Purnell

At first I did not believe acupuncture could possibly work

Posted by Dorothy Purnell 1525 Days Ago

I trained as an Osteopath first and as I developed Back problems myself I decided to look into other therapies that I could practice, that did not involve such physical work on patients. When I looked into Acupunctue I thought "how can having needles stuck into you possibly relieve pain"  and even 2 years into my Acupuncture course I could not really see how it worked. HOW WRONG I WAS. When I started treating patients at the college clinic, my first patient came for Migraine, (one of my specialities now) I was overjoyed when she improved after just 4 treatments so 'the proof of the pudding' as they say and from then on I have had the efficacy of Traditional Acupuncture shown to me over and over again. 

I treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems with, more often than not,  totally amazing results I never cease to be amazed at this wonderful treatment which has been around for thousands of years (again the proof of the pudding).  Most of my patients have been down the medical route first, seeing specialists and having tests and scans done before coming to me, and they are delighted and amazed when they get the relief they have so badly needed from just having a few  needles inserted and often cannot believe it themselves.

You have nothing to lose and no bad side effects from trying Acupuncture, be prepared to be amazed.

Make sure your Acupuncturist is fully qualified (The basic course is 3 years) and registered with the British Acupuncture Council.

Dorothy Purnell

Article written by Dorothy Purnell - Bury St Edmunds

I use Traditional acupuncture to treat a wide range of physical complaints and emotional stress. Hypnotherapy to eliminate smoking habit (only one session needed) and aid weight loss.
and Food allergy testing.
Cosmetic Acupuncture to tone skin and reduce lines and scarring. Even used and reccomended by Cosmetic surgeons


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