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Avoid New Year's Resolutions: Get What You Really Want This Year Instead! - Part 2

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1068 Days Ago

Yesterday in Part 1, I talked about the importance of connecting with your heart and setting meaningful goals for yourself to really start making the changes in life that you really desire.

Today I will expand on this further with ideas and exercises on how to bring your goals to life.

Now that you have listened to your heart about what your intentions for the year, there is no rush to get there, enjoy the journey. You will succeed if you invest the time in developing a clear image of what that goal means for you and your life and break it down into small steps along the way. Each new step giving you the confidence to take the next. You have chosen to make meaningful life style changes which require a big commitment from you, take the time to nurture them and really embody them as part of you and your life. Start to think, speak and act in alignment with your highest vision of yourself and your life and make decisions based on how it contributes to your goals.

10 tips to bring your goal to life

1.  Realistic and achievable

  • Achieving one small goal will give you the confidence to set and achieve the next

2. Keep it in your control

  • Don’t choose something that depends on other people’s actions for it to be achieved or a goal that involves changing someone else. Choose that which requires your own power within. Be empowered and independent and thrive.

3. Keep it simple

4. State it positive

  • Remember Part 1, what do you want to gain not lose.

5. Be specific

  • Describe it in detail, visualize it, know exactly what it would be like to achieve it.

6. Understand the benefits of achieving it and not achieving it

  • Make a list of each, be aware of what it will mean for your life.

7. Understand any cost

  • Will achieving it effect any other areas of your life? Go into it with full awareness and you will be prepared for any changes that come.

8. Set a time frame and action plan

  • It’s great to be relaxed in your approach and changing your goal is fine if this is your conscious decision but it is important to set mini goals and targets for yourself towards the bigger picture to keep you focused. There’s some interesting research here on the importance of setting a clear intention to take action.

9. Check with your heart

  • Imagine achieving your goal and trust your instincts about your commitment and true desire. Re-visit the exercise in Part 1 if needed.

10. Take one small step every single day in the direction of your dream!

As an authentic teacher I realised I really must practice what I preach. Fed up of my old excuses e.g. ‘I’ll run when I find a running buddy’, last Sunday morning I resisted the temptation of my warm bed, braved the cold and went out on my first jog in years. The truth is I have everything I need right here, me and my own commitment to my goal. The pain in my chest and throat afterwards confirmed that I have neglected my physical fitness for long enough. The amazing feeling of taking my first step towards my goal of running the Leeds Half Marathon in May easily outweighed the pain. My 2 mile run feels quite a distance from the 13 miles I will need to run in May, but as with the achievement of any goal it starts with the first step. Giant leaps and life changes can feel overwhelming but one small step in the direction of that change are bigger than you think. The positive momentum from any action you take will help you flow effortlessly into knowing what your next step is and taking it with confidence.

What’s your first step?

Your commitment to take some action towards your goal is vital. If the commitment is missing it might be that you no longer want what you thought you did or the benefit of not changing right now outweighs your desire to change. That’s absolutely fine but it is far more beneficial to change your goal rather than staying stuck and giving your inner critic more ammunition. A new goal that you are committed to and that you do take action towards, however big or small, will give you the boost in confidence and self-belief you need to keep moving. The goal you choose is completely your choice but remember you are fully responsible and have the power to go out and get it!

The Angel Therapy Oracle Card (Doreen Virtue) I picked today was ‘Archangel Michael’ which is perfect for our focus on taking action towards our goals. The card guides us “Michael is the angel who eradicates the effects fear, provides protection for you and your loved ones, and lends his courage and backbone in the face of your taking intimidating actions. If you’re considering making life changes, such as leaving a job or a relationship, ask Michael for guidance and help in moving forward fearlessly.”

May we all take our first brave step towards making 2016 the year we hope it to be.

Who’s joining me?


Becky Rozanski

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I am an authentic and compassionate person and I truly love what I do. I am committed to my own personal and spiritual growth, believing in the importance of nurturing our own mind, body and spirit before we can effectively nurture others. I was brought to Angelic Reiki through my own... [read more]


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