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Susan Fruhman

Boost Your Bacteria, Protect Your Immune System

Posted by Susan Fruhman

510 Days Ago

Boost Your Bacteria, Protect Your Immune System

Posted 2nd November 2017 |  News

Last month we talked all about the health of the gut and I hope, having read the tips, you have managed to instigate some changes to improve your gut health. We now know that 70% of the immune system is located in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, so it is really important to look after your gut health to support immune function.


The balance of flora in your gut is key to supporting your immune system. Take steps to increase the good bacteria in your gut. Research has shown that diversity is healthy. This means eating a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables will contribute to greater diversity in the gut, allowing beneficial bacteria to increase.


Are you the type that tends to eat the same thing everyday?


Change your habits, try something new.


Natural ways to boost beneficial gut bacteria.


·   nat    If you enjoy yoghurt, choose a live natural variety such as YEO VALLEY and add your own fruit and flavour: blueberries, nuts, seeds, maple syrup, dates etc. Live yoghurt contains an abundance of beneficial gut bacteria.


Fermented foods contain natural probiotic (beneficial bacteria). Try these:


·       Kefir, This is a fermented milk that can be produced from cows milk, goats milk, coconut or even water. Sipping 100ml before breakfast everyday will gradually increase the good bacteria in your gut.


·       Kimchi & Sauerkraut are types of fermented vegetables full of good bacteria. They provide a flavoursome accompaniment to any meal. You can make your own or check out this website for excellent quality ready prepared varieties.


·       Kombucha, fermented tea is another pro-biotic boost.


·       Apple Pectin is another way to increase different types of gut bacteria (particularly lactobacillus & bifidobacterium).


Of course increasing vitamin C is essential too, so foods high in vitamin C such as elderberries and drinking green tea will provide enhanced immune support.

For a super boost try my Rosey Green Tea which contains Ross-hips and Hibiscus, rich in polyphenols and vitamin C. Watch my video for more information.


If you are feeling very adventurous you might want to try and make your own kimchi or kefir. Take a look at this great website for recipes and lots more useful information about your gut.

Boost your bacteria, Protect your immune system. Try something new today!


For more information and support in improving your gut health, get in touch now.

M: 07887880190

E: susanfruhman@nutrisential


Susan Fruhman

Article written by Susan Fruhman - Altrincham

My business and focus is all about helping you achieve optimum health and wellbeing through Nutritional Therapy; the science of identifying nutritional imbalances that prevent the attainment of good health.
As a graduate of Nutrition and Naturopathy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine, I am ideally placed to help, support and motivate... [read more]

Nutritional Therapy

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