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Gayle Joubert

Broken Hearts Can, And Do, Mend

Posted by Gayle Joubert

1188 Days Ago

If your relationship has left you hurt, bewildered, confused, bitter, disappointed, angry, rejected, broke, broken, or any or all of those, you may be feeling as if you will never get over it. You will, with a little help or a lot of time. Feeling as if your heart is broken is one of the hardest things to cope with, and the best thing you can do is reach out for help. Whether you are going through a divorce after many years, facing infidelity, feeling utterly rejected, blaming yourself or feeling guilty, or all of these things, your pain will eventually go away.

Right now you simply can't even imagine ever getting over it.  At some level you know that if you hang in for long enough, you will eventually recover. The question is how do you get by in the meantime? You could wait for time to heal all, or you could get some help.

Perhaps you feel it is a sign of weakness to get help, or that nobody will ever be able to help you. Neither are true. You will be able to trust again, everybody needs help from time to time and millions of people have been where you are now and gone on to a happy and peaceful life with wonderful relationships.

Relationship Break Ups, Healing a Broken Heart.Relationships are where we learn our hardest life lessons, so it is not surprising that they aren not the fairy tales that we are often led to expect! Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what we have learned, assimilate the lesson into our lives, and allow the whole experience to make us stronger.

The really tough part, though, is that if we don't do that, we are likely to keep repeating the same mistake over and over again! In some cases there are 'attachment issues' and very often inner child healing can deal with this.

For help in getting your life back on track after a relationship break up, or for help in discovering how to avoid going around the same relationship 'mountain' again and again, reach out to somebody who understands and has the ability to help you.

Recovering your self-worth and confidence is not as difficult as you think it is. In your pain you can't see the whole picture but there are a few things that can help you gain some perspective:

1. How do you think you will really feel in a year's time? Five year's time? ten year's time? 

2. Think of a time you were really hurt in your past. Have you recovered? If not, did you ask for help? Are you holding on to bitterness hoping that one day you will get revenge? Are you feeling like a victim when you would prefer to feel in control?

3. In your heart of hearts can you consider that what has happened may turn out to be for the best?

4. Are you worth more than this? Is the person you are heart-broken about really worth losing more of your precious life to?

5. Believe in yourself. Find your lost self, the real you. Who is that person? Who were you meant to be? 

You will be okay. I promise.

Gayle Joubert

Article written by Gayle Joubert - Woking

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