Can't see the woods for the saplings!

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Steven Blake

Can't see the woods for the saplings!

Posted by Steven Blake 1647 Days Ago

An interesting and somewhat amusing insight came from a very innocent statement. My partner, Trudy, and I arrived on her driveway and before we got out of the car she spotted something of concern in the garden. She said “I really must cut those saplings”. There were 3 saplings from two to three feet high, weedy looking things, in a part of the garden that they really could be seen only from the driveway. It became obvious to me that In her mind the thought was that she would keep forgetting to do this, as once she went in the house other issues would take over and she would forget.  How did I know this? Well her next sentence was “because before you know it they will be that big!”. She nodded towards a mature tree about 30 foot high (10m).

This just cracked me up! It would take at least 20 years for these beech saplings to get that tall and yet here was Trudy in the urgency of having to remember to sort them out before they got to such a height that it would become a difficult job possibly needing chainsaws and scaffolding!

This is a prime example of how, when we have a lot of things on our mind, the current thought that comes to consciousness becomes more urgent and more important than it is in reality. Being aware of that does help in getting things in perspective! Sometimes just making a list can really take a lot off your mind!

Footnote: I cut the saplings down for her the next day.

Steven Blake

Article written by Steven Blake - Ruskington

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