Jenny Howell

Cranial Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Posted by Jenny Howell Over 1 Year Ago

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle form of osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths are trained to feel subtle movements present in the body. This is referred to as involuntary motion. The skull which is made up of 26 small interlocking bones changes shape slightly to allow for the involuntary movement occurring in the brain. These movements may be restricted if stresses and strains are present. The osteopath uses very light manipulative pressure to release them and help to restore the natural equilibrium.   It is very effective in people of all ages but as it is so gentle it is very suitable for treating babies and children.

The birth process is a very stressful time although the body has amazing ability to cope with it. In order to make the baby’s head smaller the soft bones in the skull overlap each other in order to pass through the birth canal and the bony pelvis. Some babies are born with odd shaped heads but this moulding is usually undone through the processes of feeding, crying and yawning. In some cases the moulding is retained and this can lead to a number of problems such as crying, feeding difficulties, sickness, colic and sleep disturbances. As the child grows the effect of this retained moulding can lead to ear infections, sinus problems, headaches and behavioural problems. Cranial Osteopathy can help by reducing the tensions in the body and relieving pressures on the nerves. Reactions to cranial Osteopathy can vary. The child can be very sleepy after the treatment or have a burst of energy often followed by a good night’s sleep. Some children may feel unsettled due to the fact that the process of releasing the stresses has not been completed.