CRYSTAL HEALING: Some useful tips

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Gareth Thomas

CRYSTAL HEALING: Some useful tips

Posted by Gareth Thomas 697 Days Ago

Healing is a subtle energy therapy that works upon the human subtle energy systems, These, traditionally are often referred to as the chakra system and auric field. These subtle energies hold energetic patterns that affect how we experience life. 

These patterns of energy, affect how our whole energy system relates to itself and to the world around us, which is expressed as an overall fluctuating vibration. Some patterns may seem to be beneficial and others less so. 

The purpose of using crystals in healing is to address energy patterns that may be adversely affecting the flow or overall vibration of a person’s energy system. 

This works because the crystal kingdom contains so many different vibrations of crystals, that can be involved in shaping and focusing channelled healing energy according to each individual’s needs. The intent is to vibrationally lift the overall energy system, so that the flow of energy is optimised on all levels i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, which is a holistic approach.

This in turn acts as a beneficial way of supporting people through life’s many challenges. 

For example, many people may on occasion feel less centred, less practical and scattered. This may relate to the energy system needing a grounding or earthing energy. There are many crystals that can do this, but any choice of crystals should be carefully chosen to meet the needs of each person’s energy system. This is because we are all different and therefore have unique subtle energies, so that one grounding energy may suit one person but not another.

A simple way of choosing the right energy for oneself, is to put in mind what you need the crystal energy for and see what crystal you may be drawn to. The first intuitive choice tends to be the right one.

In addition, it is good to have some practical knowledge to back up your choice. In other words, for grounding crystals it would be good to know a variety of crystals that would do this and an outline of their energy, i.e. which are light, moderate or heavy grounders. 

Reading good books on the subject can be helpful in recognising different types of crystals and their basic energies. An excellent book as a recommendation, which has sound knowledge and nice pictures would be Crystals and Healing for Everyone, written by Henriette Maasdijk, which is available in both kindle and paperback form. It’s a great introduction into this therapy.

In relation to healing patterns that cause states that are not conducive to health, healing practitioners that use crystals to shape and focus subtle energies, firstly attune to higher healing energies or consciousness, then assess the client’s subtle energy systems to find out where to work and then choose the appropriate crystal energies to address any issues, before placing them in the correct place to focus the energies according to need. 

Crystals used in healing like this can unblock, clear, uplift, calm and transform parts of the subtle energy system. When a session is complete, the process continues over the coming days as the energetic imprint or memory is held in the client’s energy systems, which gradually changes the overall vibration with the help of the client’s innate ability to self-heal. 

During this period clients may sometimes feel like there has been a shift more commonly on the planes of thought or emotion, however, because these planes are interrelated to the physical and spiritual levels, clients may experience transformation on these levels too. 

Crystal are sometimes mistakenly said to heal specific diseases. This is too specific and doesn’t consider that each person is different through incarnation and life experiences and require different energies to address patterns that may be the cause of disease patterns. This is why training is advisably a minimum of two years, because it takes that long to develop the sensitivity, awareness and knowledge of many different crystals vibrations and how to assess the subtle energy systems.