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Jenny Howell

Digestive problems and how osteopathy can help

Posted by Jenny Howell

1178 Days Ago

People usually associate osteopaths with backs and necks but these are not the only areas that osteopaths deal with. We can usually deal with any muscle, joint or ligament problem. However, we also deal with visceral problems which are concerned with the workings of the abdominal organs.

Digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea can be helped by osteopaths who can investigate the causes and try to remedy them. Bad posture could contribute if the person is hunched forward and therefore squashing the small and large intestine and preventing effective functioning. The osteopath could give treatment, postural advice and exercises and stretches to help alleviate the problem. If a person is very stressed, their body may behave as though they are in a “fight or flight” situation which reduces the actions of the digestive system. The osteopath may be able to help by relieving stress and tension by massaging and other techniques, including cranial osteopathy which can be relaxing. If the person has a very restricted back this can affect the nerves, which supply the relevant organs, by irritating them, and so reducing the effectiveness of those organs. The osteopath can use a variety of techniques to reduce restrictions and tension in the back to help remedy the problem.

Jenny Howell

Article written by Jenny Howell - London

I have always been interested in achieving good health naturally. I worked as a Welfare Rights Worker for many years but after having children I decided to go in a different direction. I took my baby son to see a cranial osteopath because he was suffering with glue ear. He responded... [read more]

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