Every client wants change

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Julie Modla

Every client wants change

Posted by Julie Modla 2123 Days Ago

Every client who picks up the phone, sends me an email or walks through my door, all want the same thing.

They may want to give up smoking, cut down on the glasses of wine a night that they are drinking, Rid themselves of the fears and phobias that are preventing them from leading the full life that they have always wanted. They may want more confidence to go for that dream job. Every client I see, are all looking for the same thing; change. All my clients want to change.

If it is an addiction, we need to look at the emotional relationship between the client and the substance. We can liken it to an abusive relationship. Looking at the doomed relationship with a charming and dangerous abuse; a person can abuse and threaten us in a relationship, for example, children who have grown up with abusive parents often claim that there were justifiable reasons for the abuse, even when crimes have been committed against them. They often defend their parents and refuse to testify against them. We can often love and cherish the very thing that hurts us. So the focus here is to promote change within that relationship. 

The client creates change during hypnotherapy. Hypnosis helps to change the way you feel, think and feel about yourself. It works by identifying how you can empower yourself and your thoughts and feelings. All behaviour is learned, usually with a positive intention behind it. This behaviour can become outdated. The good news is, what the mind creates it can uncreate. 

How we do it?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that we slip in and out of all day. We are both deeply relaxed and then highly focused and we are not even aware of it. Some people slip into a dreamy state and wonder where the time had gone. Time passes by because they were 'miles away'.

When we drive a car, we are suddenly aware that we have arrived at our destination and we do not recall part of the journey. Although we were driving in a highly focused and safe state, our mind had gone into 'autopilot'.

When we become totally absorbed in a good book, film or computer game, we become totally involved, the conscious mind knows that it is just a book, film or game, however, we can totally relate to the characters, feeling their pain, cry and laugh along with them.

It is the subconscious mind that controls all our automatic responses such as the stress response, addictive behaviour and phobic reactions. It is therefore the subconscious mind that has to be effectively reprogrammed to bring about lasting change.

It works fast and effectively to shift the way you look at challenges and helps you to find better ways of coping with difficult situations. It's most powerful results come with stress related problems. Hypnotherapy is now considered as the treatment of choice for IBS which is very difficult to treat conventionally. It is a safe treatment and has been approved by the BMA (British Medical Association) who evaluate any form of alternative treatment prior to declaring it safe and effective.