Face Up To A New Massage - the 3 dimensional massage system for therapists and YOU!

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Amanda Eskdale

Face Up To A New Massage - the 3 dimensional massage system for therapists and YOU!

Posted by Amanda Eskdale 412 Days Ago

Hydrotherm™ Massage is the latest massage modality to be added to the list of treatments currently offered by The Secret Therapist.  

Two warm water-filled cushions support every client in perfect spinal alignment and the Hydrotherm™ system is perfect for every phase of life too.  Expectant mums, baby massage, perfect for those who are physically active or who lead very busy lives and need time to relax away from everything.  Not forgotting those who are of a more mature age either as Hydrotherm™ can be experienced in your eighties, nineties and beyond.  For those who are undergoing treatment for cancer as well, Hydrotherm™ Massage is suitable for absolutely everyone!  And it doesn't stop there!

Hydrotherm™ can be added to any of our facial treatments.  Or, why not enjoy a floating reflexology treatment.  Be sure to ask us for more details when booking. 

Due to the astounding findings of this system, all 'conventional' massage treatments (with the exception of Hot Stone Massage, Hot Lava Shell Massage and Active Muscle Melt Massage) offered at The Secret Therapist are being phased out and replaced with Hydrotherm™ Massage.  You will soon no longer be able to book 'normal' massage treatments as you would know it.

Hydrotherm™ Massage offers numerous benefits to both therapist and client as the entire treatment is carried out with the client lain only upon their backs!  No uncomfortable face holes or cricked necks, no need to turn over during treatment either.  Just lay there and relax as your therapist gives you one of the best massage experiences in the world today.  Once you've experienced a Hydrotherm™ Massage you won't ever go back!