Michele Poulton

Finding Your Purpose

Posted by Michele Poulton Hypnotherapist 289 Days Ago

Would you like to know which direction your life should be taking ? The purpose that is mapped out for you?  so you can align yourself towards it, and take your life in a direction that feels like you’re on the right track ?

It is said that we each have a purpose for being on this planet, and to help us to succeed in that purpose, we are bestowed with certain talents and gifts.  We also face challenges of course, which we need to try and overcome. 

Finding your purpose is the path that will bring you the most satisfaction in life.  Like an overall plan and a guide towards a deeper understanding of yourself.

Would you like to have a structure and explanation for much of your life experience up to this point and beyond?  Would you like to enhance your spiritual connection and develop your intuitive abilities?

Your Soul Plan will help you discover your higher purpose and direction.  It also offers guidelines to help you release blocks, enabling you to realise your full potential.  When you start to understand yourself better, and see things in a new way in accordance with your Soul Plan, this can be very helpful, almost like shedding filters that have kept you stuck for years.

So What is My Soul Plan ?

Your Soul Plan is based on ancient numerology.  Your reading is calculated using the full name you were given at birth.  The reading becomes a ‘code’, revealing the secrets that manifest in your life.  Your name is fundamental to your relationship with the world, and your life path in it.

Your Reading is prepared in advance.  At the session, your Practitioner starts to work through the chart with you, revealing your Challenges and Talents. This opens a conversation.  The new perspective can start the process of Healing, as you experience your past with new eyes.  Your Spiritual Goals generally come into play as you reach mid-life (when you have learnt many of life’s practical lessons),  and with this your Soul Destiny .  As you reflect on your life’s journey so far; the difficult times, and the lessons you have learnt start to make sense.  A path forwards seems clearer, Healing is discussed, and your purpose defines your future, in ways only you can imagine.

Your reading can also be combined with your astrology chart, for additional insights into your character, strengths and weaknesses.

Your Soul Plan is a Healing experience, a revelation and also a comfort.